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Need to lose weight?

The CLIMSOM mattress topper can help you sleep better and recover faster and will help you take control of your appetite and your weight.

Overweight and obese people are particularly sensitive to excess heat at night. Between 30-50% of people are overweight, and 10-20% are obese. Thermal assistance during the night is then valuable for finding comfort that often has not been available for some time.

Furthermore, a cool temperature will naturally limit your night sweating for better well-being and hygiene (clearer skin, fewer acarids).

Climsom sur-matelas rafraichissant Numerous studies have connected poor sleep with obesity. Sleeping too little or too restlessly statistically increases the risk of being overweight and obese in adults and children.
Restful nights of sleep naturally regulate appetite.

When you are well-rested, you are better able to manage your eating habits and engage in more physical activity.
How will you sleep tonight?

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