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Frequent Asked Questions

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  • How do I clean CLIMSOM?
  • What is 'Water-Conditioning' ?
  • How can CLIMSOM help heavy legs?
  • What are the contraindications and precautions?
  • What is the weight limit?
  • Is CLIMSOM easy to install?
  • How durable is the CLIMSOM mattress topper?
  • Is the mattress topper comfortable?
  • Can I feel the pipes inside the mattress topper?
  • Is CLIMSOM compatible with memory foam mattresses?
  • Is CLIMSOM suitable for adjustable beds?
  • Why a mattress topper of 190 x 70 cm?
  • Why a mattress topper of 190 x 140cm?
  • Can CLIMSOM be used in a boat, a camper, an RV, or a truck?
  • Can I put CLIMSOM under a draw sheet?
  • How does the mattress topper need to be positioned on my mattress?
  • Is CLIMSOM easy to use?
  • What temperature(s) should I choose?
  • How much time is necessary to obtain the desired temperature?
  • How can I see the current temperature of the mattress topper?
  • Is CLIMSOM quiet?
  • Are the pipes likely to be punctured by cats claws?
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