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Stress: How to Relieve Neck Pain?

Stiff neck, blocked cervical, pain radiating from the neck into the shoulders… who hasn’t suffered from neck tension? Neck pain is one of the many consequences of prolonged stress (chronic stress) and non-ergonomic postures.

Being responsible for supporting the head and shoulders, the muscles of the neck and shoulders are constantly engaged throughout the day. However, when stress is ever-present, we tend to clench our jaws and raise our shoulders, an automatic posture detrimental to our necks.

Why do we do this? In times of stress, our bodies are governed by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Its purpose is to trigger various physiological reactions aimed at preparing the body to act quickly. But these reactions also lead to muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. If stress becomes a habit, the tensions causing neck pain become constant.

Additionally, the time spent in front of screens contributes to poor posture, which generates reflex contractions. This protective mechanism of the body forces immobility in a joint area when threatened (such as when leaning the head over a mobile device for hours).

While it’s not always easy to slow down and relax, knowing how to manage stress is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies. So how can you regain a supple and relaxed neck? What are the recommended exercises when you have neck pain?

Restoring a Normal Cervical Lordosis

Cracking cervical vertebrae, stiff and painful neck… the origin of neck pain lies in poor posture that hasn’t respected the cervical lordosis, the natural curvature at the top of the spine, which can potentially lead to the development of kyphosis (commonly known as “rounded back”, “hunched back”).

Poor postures can bend cervical discs and strain the nerves sandwiched in between. These nerves send pain signals and generate reflex contractions to immobilize the area in order to protect it. The pain isn’t felt immediately but rather afterward (repercussion). Perhaps you’ve experienced nodding off with your head tilted during a train or plane ride? No problems at the time, but the awakening can be quite painful…

Poor posture can be linked to bad habits (tilting the head while using a screen vs. raised arms), inadequate equipment (for example, a sofa that’s too deep, not corrected by cushions), or psychological factors: stress that makes you retract your head into your shoulders, or even despondency that causes you to slouch (lose the lordosis)…

If one wishes to put an end to neck pain related to stress, it’s necessary to correct not only the symptoms (muscle contractions) but especially the cause (poor posture)

3 natural solutions to reduce neck pain caused by stress

1. Cervical Traction: to prevent, relieve and correct muscle tension

Cervical traction or cervical decompression aims to reduce pain and tension in the neck and shoulder region and to re-educate cervical lordosis (proprioception). It’s one of the recommended exercises for relieving neck pain.

coussin chauffant Climsom Flex pour douleurs cervicales stress

The Climsom Flex cervical traction device comes in the form of a heating cushion. It gently stretches the muscles and ligaments surrounding the cervical region and realigns the vertebrae in an appropriate median position, to prevent and relieve painful necks. Just 10 minutes a day are enough to reduce neck tension and regain relaxation and flexibility.

With each use, the Climsom Flex cervical decompression heating cushion:

  • reduces spinal pressure on the cervical spine,
  • decompresses the discs,
  • improves posture.

    = 3 actions to calm and prevent recurrent stiff necks and cervical pain.

Plus product: its heating cover helps to untangle muscle tension and soften the neck, facilitating cervical decompression. Thermotherapy is also indicated for relieving “reflex” contractions. And unlike many models on the market, the heating cover of the Climsom Flex cushion will spare you the cold contact of rigid foam on your neck. One less tension!

housse chauffante Climsom Flex pour douleurs cervicales stress

This product has been tested by François Stévignon, a physiotherapist for over 30 years, certified in osteopathy and vertebral therapy and author of the method “Ending Back Pain”. Here’s his opinion on the Climsom Flex heating cervical decompression cushion:

By encouraging the return to a physiological cervical lordosis, it allows decompression of the vertebrae, relieves cervical discs and the nervous system, putting an end to local and displaced pain. […]
The effectiveness of this device is increased thanks to its heating function. In addition to making the 10 minutes of practice even more comfortable and enjoyable, heat deeply relaxes and releases tense muscles in the neck, eliminating pain, tension, and reflex contractions. This perfect synergy thus offers a liberated neck, capable again of healthy and aesthetic postures.
In short, I highly recommend this cervical decompression device as long as your pain persists or whenever you feel the need or desire.

2. Acupressure: to eliminate daily tensions and reduce neck pain

Acupressure is a 100% natural method. While the acupressure mat is generally the most known, the acupressure cushion is best suited to effectively target the neck. The pressure exerted by the acupressure spikes against the skin acts in 3 different ways:

  • it releases endorphins and oxytocin, two hormones with analgesic properties (pain relievers), and leads to a decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone
  • it loosens muscular tensions that accumulate day after day through self-massage
  • it boosts blood circulation, eliminates toxins, re-oxygenates the blood, and provides all the nutrients that muscles, tissues, and organs need to repair themselves.

Like the Climsom Flex, the acupressure cushion allows correction of cervical posture provided its filling is firm enough and flexible at the same time, the idea being to choose filling made of cereal balls and not synthetic foams.

coussin d'acupression Climsom Zen bleu pour soulager douleurs cervicales stress

Why choose the Climsom Zen acupressure cushion?

For the quality of its components: the Climsom Zen acupressure cushion is made with healthy, long-lasting materials totally adapted to “neck relief” use.

  • a 100% organic cotton cover with acupressure points made of non-recycled plastic (more resistant over time) and hypoallergenic

  • a 100% organic cushion made in a French workshop that can be microwaved to enhance the relaxation sensation

  • filling with organic vegetable balls to choose from millet, the softest, or spelt, the firmest.

To relieve neck pain caused by stress, we recommend the millet filling in a lying position, which will perfectly mold to the shape of the neck and promote a physiological position. But if you prefer firmer support, then spelt is what you need.

Whichever filling you choose, the acupressure cushion will hold your head in the desired position allowing total relaxation of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, thus promoting their good blood circulation, further stimulated by the spikes.

What do users say?

« Excellent for relieving cervical vertebrae and relaxing in general. » Eric

« Very good product of good quality. I use it every night before going to bed with my acupressure mat. It relaxes me and I have much less neck pain. Sometimes I put it under my knees to relieve my leg pain. I am very satisfied. » Sand

3. Heart Rate Coherence: for better stress management at the root of the pain

Recommended by the French Cardiology Federation for stress management, heart rate coherence consists of inhaling through the nose for 5 seconds and exhaling through the mouth for 5 seconds. Breathing should be abdominal: when inhaling, inflate the abdomen and when exhaling, contract the abdomen. You can place a hand on your stomach to feel the movement and use a breathing guide like the Zenspire. Guided by vibration, light, or sound, you are certain to benefit from the benefits of heart rate coherence.

zenspire pour pratiquer la coherence cardiaque et maitriser son stress
According to an effectiveness test conducted at the University Hospital of Grenoble, 96% of participants consider that the Zenspire helps with muscle relaxation.

This breathing technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) whose mission is to slow down the body after a stressful situation. It therefore promotes relaxation and releases muscular tensions, at the origin of neck stiffness. From the first breaths, cortisol, the stress hormone, drops. It can therefore be very interesting to use the Zenspire during your cervical traction or acupressure session. The more relaxed you are, the more effective these devices will be.

The benefits of a 5-minute heart coherence session can be felt for up to 4 to 5 hours. Practiced regularly, three times a day, heart coherence contributes to better sleep, improved digestion, a stronger immune system… and a gradual reduction in stiffness in the neck!

To activate the parasympathetic system and promote muscle relaxation, it is also possible to practice slow, abdominal, and deep breathing with an “empty apnea,” meaning a brief suspension of breathing after exhaling. This results in the following breathing cycle: inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, suspend breathing for 2 to 5 seconds.

Regardless of the solution you choose, and even though each one provides immediate comfort, we recommend regular practice to fully enjoy the benefits of each on the neck. Especially in the following situations: prolonged sitting, excessive use of smartphones, carrying heavy loads, poor sleeping posture… Another common point among these 3 solutions: they are quick and easy to implement on a daily basis!

  • 10 minutes a day for the Climsom Flex heated cervical decompression cushion. For the first uses, it’s best to start with shorter sessions (3 minutes) to get used to the sensations.

  • 10 to 15 minutes per day for the Climsom Zen acupressure cushion. If you have never practiced acupressure before, start with 5-minute sessions to get familiar with the sensations.

  • 5 minutes 1 to 3 times a day for heart coherence. Portable and fun, the Zenspire will help you keep up the pace wherever you are. Used during your Climsom Flex or acupressure session, it will promote deep relaxation essential for effective posture correction and neck pain relief.

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