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Climsom: innovative & quality products

CLIMSOM is a business, but above all it’s the coming together of a team of enthusiasts whose aim is to make quality products available to everyone to improve everyday life and treat everyday ailments.

This blog is an extension of what brings us together and drives us. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with people and share our experiences and advice with them!

We offer you quality, unique and innovative products that we test ourselves and in which we believe!
From air-conditioned mattress toppers, cushions and acupressure mats to silk pillowcases, CLIMSOM offers you a whole range of products for wellness, sleep and beauty.

Heavy legs, restless legs, backache, migraines, sleep disorders, insomnia, hot flushes… So many little everyday aches and pains that can ruin your life!
Discover all our products at

The aim of this blog is to give you all our advice, tips and innovative products for relieving those little aches and pains that can be relieved or even eliminated!

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