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How do I choose the best migraine cap?

When you suffer from migraines or severe headaches, the localised application of cold via an anti-migraine cap can help relieve the migraine or even put an end to it.

As well as being a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory, cold is also a vasoconstrictor, helping to narrow blood vessels and boost microcirculation. These effects are comparable to those of ergotamines or triptans, medicinal remedies such as rizatriptan, almotriptan or zolmitriptan, prescribed for the treatment of migraine, but without the side effects.

The anti-migraine cap makes it easy to apply cold to painful areas (temples, forehead, eye contour, etc.). Much more practical than an ice pack that leaks and has to be held constantly, this reusable thermal cap has been enjoying a boom for some time now, but beware of quality! Here are some points to bear in mind when choosing your migraine cap.

4 criteria to consider when choosing the best anti-migraine hat

1. Thermal efficiency: long-lasting cold

One of the first criteria to consider when choosing a migraine cap is thermal efficiency.

When you’re plagued by a horrible headache, you need the coolness to last long enough for the headache to be considerably reduced. All the more so in the case of a nocturnal migraine! To combat fatigue and insomnia, the cold can make it easier to fall asleep by lowering brain temperature.

However, 10 minutes in the cold is not enough to relieve a migraine attack, with or without aura! And yet that’s the time offered by many models that don’t have enough thermal capacity to diffuse the coolness over time…

You also need to cool the entire skull, and even the face, as this area is highly vascularised. However, some models only contain cooling gel on the front of the hat, which means that the cooling effect is less long-lasting and less effective than a cooling hat with 360°C gel.

It’s important to look at the weight of the product: if it’s too light (300/400 grams), the cooling time is likely to be reached quickly…

Some models are suitable for use in both cold and hot modes. In this case, the anti-migraine cap can be stored in the fridge or heated in the microwave. It’s always a useful extra for vascularising eye areas or relaxing the back of the neck and the base of the skull. If you’re prone to stress, warmth will be an ally in preventing tension headaches. So make sure you choose a warm, cold migraine cap.


2. Ergonomics: a cold hat that stands up on its own

Another key point is to check the fastening system on the migraine cap.

A Velcro fastening that’s too wide means less space for the cooling gel.
But a Velcro fastening that’s too narrow means you can’t adjust the size of your head!

That’s why there are now ‘bandeau’ anti-migraine caps that can be slipped on over the head to fit around the skull. Long hair appreciates the fact that there are no velcro fastenings (who wants to have their hair pulled during a migraine? Certainly no one!) But once again, be careful with the quality of the product, as there’s a risk that the cooling cap won’t stay in place and will slip off…

A good anti-migraine hat also offers gentle pressure to relieve tension without the need to hold it, a bit like a cold headband but much wider. It should be very comfortable to wear. When you put it on, you should feel an immediate sensation of relief. Even when frozen, the gel hat should remain flexible. It should provide extreme cold without being uncomfortable or burning the skin! Finally, it’s worth noting that good pressure also ensures that the coolness is spread more evenly, and so, here again, good thermal efficiency.

3. Quality: no unpleasant odour

If you have a migraine, you may be more sensitive to smells. As a general rule, the migraine cap comes with a storage bag so you can put it in the freezer or fridge. This prevents it from absorbing food odours.

Also beware of the anti-migraine gel hat with an unpleasant odour embedded in the fabric… If you don’t want to have to put up with a nauseating smell during your migraine, take a good look at the materials used and avoid cheap (first price) cooling hats. A low-quality hat won’t last over time either (leaks, loss of effectiveness, fabric stretching…).

And make sure it has a silky feel for a tactile pleasure that contributes to comfort.

4. Blackout power: complete black


Another point to bear in mind: the height of the hat!

Migraines are often accompanied by sensitivity to light (photophobia) or even sound (phonophobia). As soon as the first symptoms appear (pulsating pain in the temples, on one side or over one eye, blurred vision, nausea, heightened sensitivity, etc.), chronic migraine specialists recommend lying down in the dark and in peace and quiet. So it’s best to choose a black-out cooling cap that’s high enough to cover both the top of the head and the eyes!

Avoid light colours, prefer black and look at the thickness of the cap. Make sure there’s a notch for the nose, otherwise light will inevitably pass underneath.

Why choose the Climsom Migraine cold cap?

  • For its diffuse cooling effect on the skull (very useful when migraines only affect one side of the skull and not just the face). The cooling gel is present at 360°C.
  • For its dimensions: quite high, this special headache cap can be worn only on the top of the head like a migraine helmet, or it can also cover the eyes. If you’re in a lot of pain, you’ll appreciate the blackout effect (total light blockage + material that moulds to the shape of your head + notch for the nose = a cold migraine mask with guaranteed effectiveness). Otherwise, you can wear it up to your eyebrows and continue working at the same time.
  • For its quality: made from tough, odour-free materials, the Climsom anti-migraine mask is comfortable and feels really good. It can even “kill” a migraine attack if used in time. Its stretch material adapts to the shape of your head, providing gentle but effective pressure that relaxes.
Climsom Migraine HatOther migraine hats

Medical-grade gel at 360°C for enveloping freshness
No gel at the back of the head, only at the front

High thermal capacity: 617g, up to 1 hour freshness
5 to 20 minutes of freshness on average

Covers the whole head and adapts to every body shape thanks to its stretch elastane fabric (head circumference from 42 to 66 cm)
Velcro fastening, only one headband adjustment possible or cap that doesn’t fit properly, slips off

Large enough (17 cm) to cover the top of the head and the eyes, black-out cap (3 cm thick + opaque black colour)
Eyes cannot be covered / light passes through the cap (light colours)

Nose notch, protective ear seams
No notch for the nose (light passes underneath), too cold for the ears

Comfortable, soft and cuddly: pleasant to wear on the skin, cocooning.
Smell when it opens, which permeates the cap and does not inspire confidence…

Bag included for storing the anti-migraine cap in the fridge or freezer
No bag

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