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Buffalo hump: how can I reduce the hump in my upper back?

Head bowed, shoulders hunched forward, excessive neck curvature: the buffalo hump in the neck can be the result of bad postural habits repeated over and over again, usually unconsciously and painlessly.

How can we get back to a head carriage and posture that respect physiological lordosis, our natural curvature?

What natural treatment is there to correct this sometimes painful, uncomfortable and unsightly hump?

What exercises are recommended to reduce the hump?

Cervical traction or cervical decompression is one of the solutions recommended by the medical profession to correct buffalo hump caused by poor posture.

The good news is that it can be carried out at home, in just 10 minutes a day, thanks to an easy-to-use, space-saving device that has been professionally validated.
It’s a device that will bring you immediate relief and progressive correction with practice.

What is a buffalo hump?

Located at the junction of the cervical and dorsal vertebrae, the buffalo hump is linked to an accumulation of fat. This accumulation of fat can be caused by a hormonal disorder or poor posture. In the latter case, it is known as a bony hump.

Be careful not to confuse buffalo hump with kyphosis, an excessive rounding of the upper spine that makes the back convex (arched), i.e. hump-shaped.

While both can give the appearance of a hump in the back, buffalo hump refers primarily to a fatty or muscular protrusion at the back of the neck, while kyphosis is an excessive curvature of the spine that can lead to a hump in the back.

As well as being embarrassing and damaging to self-esteem, buffalo hump is accompanied by other symptoms linked to MSDs or musculoskeletal disorders:

  • headaches and tension headaches
  • back and shoulder pain
  • stiff neck, loss of mobility
  • difficulty finding sleeping position
  • rolled shoulders, slumped posture, enlarged neck curvature, etc.

If spinal deformity is at the root of this excess fat in the cervical region, improving your posture will help to reduce the fatty mass and relieve the associated symptoms.

For 10 minutes a day, the Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion can help.

Bony buffalo hump: what is bad posture?

Our daily lives are full of situations that put our bodies at risk!

When you’re tapping away on your phone for hours on end (“text-neck” syndrome)…

When you work all day on a computer and the screen is not adjusted to your eye level…

When you read for hours on end…

When you spend the evening sunken into your sofa watching series…

posture correcte et mauvaise posture

Maintained over the long term, these bad habits have serious consequences for our body and our posture! Little by little, we end up with neck pain, a hunched back, drooping shoulders, a neck that’s too far forward, postural deformation of the neck (kyphosis) and, in the longer term, the appearance of a painful “buffalo hump”. This excess cervico-dorsal fat located between the nape of the neck and the upper back, when linked to poor cervical posture, can be reduced by cervical traction.

As a preventive or corrective measure, using a cervical traction cushion will enable you to regain an upright, healthy posture.

How do I get rid of a buffalo hump with Climsom Flex?

How does Climsom Flex work?


Climsom Flex is a firm cushion designed to stretch the neck and relieve neck and back pain.

By creating space between the vertebrae, it relieves compression and encourages muscle relaxation.

In other words, it relieves neck pain while correcting posture.

Recommended by a professional physiotherapist, this cervical decompression device is simple to use, safe and takes up very little space. All you have to do is lie back with your neck in the curved part and breathe deeply. It’s a fairly simple exercise, but it’s no less effective if you do it regularly.


The great strength of Climsom Flex to make buffalo hump disappear

The Climsom Flex posture corrector has a number of advantages:

  • a specific design, with a C-shaped curvature optimised for cervical decompression
  • firm foam, a guarantee of its effectiveness, so that the nape of the neck and the head are perfectly supported
  • healthy, odour-free materials that stand the test of time
  • instructions in French and English included, with advice on how to practise safely
  • the assurance of a product tested and validated by a musculoskeletal disorders professional, physiotherapist François Stévignon…

But its BIG strength lies elsewhere…

When you lie down on Climsom Flex, you’ll enjoy soft, enveloping warmth. All you have to do is choose the intensity using the included remote control.

Climsom Flex is not just another cervical traction cushion: its integral heated cover will make all the difference to your cervical traction practice!

Why is warmth essential for optimising cervical traction?

There are many cervical traction devices on the market.

In our search for the best cervical cushion, we’ve had the opportunity to test a number of them, but each time we’ve been disappointed.

And why is that? Because our first instinct when we lay down on these very cold models was to… contract the back of our neck! In other words, the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with neck traction…

The Climsom Flex’s integral heated cover contributes fully to the effectiveness of the device because it amplifies the relaxation and therefore the release of the nape of the neck.

For cervical traction to work at its best, you need to be relaxed.

What better way to do this than with heat?

The application of heat will also boost blood flow for better elimination of toxins and a more effective supply of nutrients. The result is better healing of tissues damaged by non-physiological postures.

As a recognised brand that has specialised in heat therapy for 14 years, it seemed inconceivable to us to offer this product without this function!

Visible results in just 10 minutes a day

get rid of buffalo hump

Just imagine…

Less neck pain and tension…

A more harmonious head carriage, a straighter posture…

Better breathing, as your ribcage is no longer compressed by a stooped posture…

Increased confidence as you see that buffalo hump reduce over time…

And the positive physiological effects of your new “posture of power”!

By practising cervical traction for 10 minutes a day, you can achieve these results!

The only cervical decompression cushion recommended by a physiotherapist

When we developed the Climsom Flex heated cervical decompression cushion, we were keen to get feedback from a professional.

Here, then, is the opinion of Dr François Stévignon, a physiotherapist in Paris for over thirty years and a graduate in osteopathy and vertebrotherapy, following his test of the Climsom Flex cushion:

By encouraging a return to a physiological cervical lordosis, it decompresses the vertebrae, relieving the cervical discs and the nervous system, putting an end to local and off-set pain.
It also helps to raise awareness (proprioception) of the importance of good cervical curvature, for optimal posture in all circumstances.

The effectiveness of this neck support is enhanced by its heating function.

As well as making the 10 minutes of practice even more comfortable and enjoyable, the heat helps to deeply relax and release the tense muscles in the neck, eliminating pain, tension and reflex contractures.
This perfect synergy results in a freed neck, once again capable of healthy, aesthetically pleasing postures.

All in all, I highly recommend this cervical decompression device for as long as your pain persists or whenever you feel the need or desire.
It’s an effective and pleasant solution for relieving pain and encouraging an average, healthy and physiological posture for a more comfortable and fulfilling life.


Read the full opinion of Dr François Stévignon, physiotherapist and author of “En finir avec le mal de dos” method (Putting an end to back pain), here.

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