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Heavy legs (CVI) and restless legs (RLS): how can they be relieved?

A common path to relief for very different ailments…

Feeling of heaviness in the legs, swollen calves… Heavy legs, caused by venous disorders, are well known and widespread, especially among women.
They account for around 80% of the 18 million people affected by chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis Ekbom disease, is a neurological ailment.

Two ailments which both affect the legs but which must be clearly distinguished in terms of their causes (venous or neurological), symptoms and most remedies… Find all our explanations at the bottom of the page.

Both conditions affect the legs, but the causes (venous or neurological), symptoms and most remedies must be clearly distinguished… Find all our explanations at the bottom of the page.

However, there is one thing we all know can help relieve heavy legs and restless legs… This article tells you all about it!

A common way to relieve leg pain

Despite their differences, we can give you a few tips to relieve both heavy legs and restless legs:

  • As sufferers of Restless Legs Syndrome know, movement and physical activity relieve impatience!
    And the same goes for heavy legs: as a sedentary lifestyle is a factor in venous insufficiency, we advise you to get up and walk around as much as possible during the day.

  • A quick and simple tip: avoid stimulants!
    Forget coffee and, in the case of venous insufficiency, swap it for red vine infusions, reputed for their veinotonic properties!

  • Wear compression stockings during the day or on long journeys!
    A phlebologist will advise you to use compression stockings first and foremost in cases of chronic venous insufficiency (the main cause of heavy legs).
    On the other hand, the benefits of compression stockings seem limited in cases of impatience linked to Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), since RLS is a neurological disorder and not a venous one.
    However, the symptoms may be cumulative. A person suffering from impatience AND heavy legs can therefore be relieved by wearing compression stockings.

  • According to numerous testimonials, this is a proven solution for relieving both heavy legs and impatience… THE COLD! And there are innovations in the field!
    Walking barefoot on tiled floors, running your legs under cold water… These are homemade solutions that have become commonplace for those who suffer the most!
    This is also the second piece of advice you will receive from a phlebotomist to boost blood circulation and relieve heavy legs.

As we all know, cold is an important way of relieving leg pain.

However, getting up every night and even several times a night to run a jet of cold water over your legs is not ideal…
Both Restless Leg Syndrome and heavy legs can cause sleep problems.
Every day of the following day is then affected by these sleep deprivations…

The Climsom Intense air-conditioned mattress topper: a constant source of freshness

Designed over 10 years ago in collaboration with phlebologist Dr Tamburini, the Climsom Intense air-conditioned mattress topper lets you control the temperature of your bed.

Adjustable between 15°C and 48°C thanks to its thermocontroller, it’s your new source of diffuse freshness for restless legs or heavy legs!

Climsom Intense - sur-matelas climatisé Climsom

Cold to relieve restless legs

Many people suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome testify to the effectiveness of cold in relieving impatience and easing pain. It even works in 75% of cases!
So it’s the analgesic properties of cold that have an effect on RLS!

A study carried out on the Climsom mattress topper by Professor Damien Léger of the Hôtel Dieu Sleep and Vigilance Centre revealed that the mattress topper improves the quality of sleep by reducing nocturnal movements by 24.5%.


« I’m 37 and I’ve been suffering from severe restless legs syndrome for about ten years. There’s no medication on the market that really gives me long-lasting relief. One desperate day, after a series of very bad nights and accumulated fatigue, I surfed the net and came across the CLIMSON concept! A revolution in my life! I’ve had it for about 1 year now. I use the mattress at its coldest temperature (18°C) 365 days a year. However, to avoid freezing, I only use half of the mattress to cool my legs. The other half is carefully folded under the mattress. Obviously, my syndrome hasn’t disappeared, but I can say that the quality of my nights has improved considerably. The treatment I’m currently taking (Rivotril) gives me around 40% relief, and Climson has improved my sleep by around 30%… The result: my nights are 70% perfect! »

« I have ‘restless legs’ or impatience in my legs, especially when I’m lying down. So I use it on my legs at a very cold temperature and it allows me to sleep properly without all the discomfort. It’s quite simply changed my life! »

Cold for heavy legs

When it comes to heavy legs, cold is an effective vasoconstrictor!
It will boost blood circulation and encourage venous return to the upper part of the body.
The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the cold will soothe swelling and pain in your feet and calves.

Take our users’ testimonials as an indication…


« A few months ago I bought two Climsom mattresses for my wife and me, and I have to say we’ve been blown away. Summer and winter alike, my problems with heavy legs have been solved, and the comfort, maintenance and above all the effectiveness of this mattress have led me to talk about it and promote it in my town, among my friends, shopkeepers and associations. Well done CLIMSOM! »

« With my CLIMSOM, I no longer suffer from circulation problems. For years, I’ve suffered from circulation problems, heavy legs, swollen feet and pain when walking as soon as the heat set in. I’ve tried compression stockings (even when it’s very hot) and numerous oral and local treatments during hot spells, but also continuously throughout the year. All to no avail, and I always had to get up at night to bathe my legs in very cold water, my only source of effective relief. I bought a CLIMSOM a few weeks ago and since then I’ve felt a marked improvement, with my problems disappearing almost completely. I no longer have to get up at night and, what’s more, I feel better all day long. I’m sleeping much better and I’m finally enjoying the warmer weather. »

How it works

The Climsom Intense mattress topper is smaller than the other Climsom mattress topper models, but the volume of water flowing through it is proportionately greater!
Its limited size (70 x 100 cm) and its silicone material allow intense, localised application of cold to the legs.

It’s easy to install and use, fits all types of bedding and can be controlled directly from your bed using its remote control!

You can also programme your thermocontroller so you can slip straight into cool sheets.
A real treat for your legs, but also for the quality of your sleep, especially in hot weather!

Pack content:

Pack Intense Climsom

1 Intense mattress topper (70 x 100 cm)
1 thermocontroller and remote control (batteries included)
1 1.50 metre hose to connect the mattress topper to the thermocontroller
1 instruction leaflet


When you buy an Intense Pack, you benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee.
So, when you buy a pack, you have 30 days to test the product.
If it doesn’t suit you, contact us to take advantage of this guarantee!

Heavy legs and restless legs: two very different issues

Distinct causes

The sensation of heavy legs is a sign of circulatory problems. Blood ‘stagnates’ in the legs, and venous return is insufficient to send this influx to the upper part of the body.
This is known as venous insufficiency.

The causes of Restless Legs Syndrome are still very unclear.
This nerve disorder could be due to an iron deficiency in the brain, or a lack of dopamine in the brain and spinal cord. The latter plays a role in controlling movement, and could therefore explain impatience.

To sum up, it can only be said that heavy legs are a phlebological condition, whereas Willis Ekbom disease is a neurological condition.

Symptoms vary, but are sometimes cumulative

Different origins, different symptoms!
But that doesn’t mean we can’t find common symptoms in the same person…

Heavy legs

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Sensations of heaviness and discomfort in the legs
  • Pain and swelling in the feet and calves
  • Varicose veins

Restless legs

  • Impatience, shaking in the legs, but also in the pelvis and sometimes in the arms.
  • Tingling, pins and needles, itching
  • Burning sensation

Although these two conditions have their own symptoms, some of them can also be cumulative.
There are three possible cases:

Case 1: It is possible to suffer from circulatory problems without being impatient.
Case 2: It is possible to have impatience without circulatory problems.
Case 3: It is quite possible to have both blood circulation problems and impatience.

In the case of venous insufficiency, you may be prescribed venotonics (cream or oral) or compression therapy (stockings, socks or tights) to relieve the symptoms.
In the case of RLS, painkillers may be prescribed to relieve pain, and dopamine agonists to relieve nocturnal leg movements (such as ropinirole (ADARTREL), pramipexole (SIFROL) or rotigotine (NEUPRO)). These treatments are also prescribed for Parkinson’s disease.

Le froid pour soulager jambes lourdes et jambes sans repos

Climson Intense seen in the French media…

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