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Acupressure: A Natural Solution for Headaches

Tension headaches – we all know them. That feeling of being in a vise, the band above your eyes… What if acupressure could bring us relief?

The answer is yes, but how? There are different types of acupressure that can alleviate migraines: digital acupressure, acupressure with a practitioner, and self-massage acupressure with spiked accessories.

Which one should you choose? All of them, because they complement each other!


Different forms of acupressure to combat headaches

Digital acupressure

It is possible to relieve migraines with a self-massage using just your fingertips, known as digital acupressure. To practice this, you massage the energy points used in acupuncture, but without needles, using only your fingers. You apply gentle pressure to the targeted area.

There are several points on different areas of the body and head that can help relieve migraines.

One of the most effective points for headaches is called LI4, located in the Hoku area, a key point in acupuncture. It is found in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. To apply pressure, use the thumb of your other hand to press this point for 30 seconds while holding your hand in a relaxed position. Be sure to breathe calmly and keep your hand relaxed. (Note: Do not use this technique if you are pregnant.)

This practice has its limitations since it requires you to be able to do it on your own.

Acupressure with a practitioner

For this type of acupressure, you’ll need to book an appointment with a certified practitioner.

Headaches can stem from various causes. This approach is beneficial because the professional can tailor the massage to address your specific issues and needs, providing you with a personalized session. Naturally, this practice requires scheduling an appointment and can be quite costly.

Acupressure with mats and pillows

For this last type of acupressure, you can use accessories like acupressure mats and pillows. These items, with their spikes, stimulate all the areas of your body they come into contact with.

You can enjoy acupressure sessions at home, on your couch while watching TV, or in your bed before going to sleep. This means relaxation is guaranteed, as the chosen moment is inherently a time for unwinding. The stimulation from the spikes will envelop you in a general sense of well-being. The release of endorphins and oxytocin, the feel-good hormones, will lead to deep relaxation. Additionally, this will stimulate blood circulation, helping to regulate energy and optimize your metabolism.

For headaches, the acupressure pillow is the most suitable accessory. More information about the acupressure pillow and headache relief can be found below.

Acupressure: to relieve headaches

In the case of tension headaches, an acupressure session on the mat can relieve a “band-like” pain. Place a folded towel under the mat where you will rest your neck; the goal is for the skin of your neck to be in direct contact with the acupressure points.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend using the Climsom Zen acupressure and thermotherapy pillow for three reasons:

Unwind your muscle tensions with the acupressure and thermotherapy pillow
  • The millet filling, which is softer than spelt, helps the pillow perfectly conform to the shape of your neck, ensuring the necessary contact for effective acupressure. However, if you prefer a firmer contact, opt for the spelt filling instead.

  • The Climsom Zen acupressure and thermotherapy pillow has the advantage of being memory foam: the pillow adapts to you, not the other way around.

  • With this pillow, you also benefit from thermotherapy: it can be heated in the microwave (without the spiked cover) to provide warmth in just three minutes. By placing it in a plastic bag, you can also cool it in the refrigerator or freezer to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy.

Benefits of thermotherapy for headaches and migraines

If the pain is located in your forehead and temples, think cold. Well known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties, the cold from your acupressure and thermotherapy pillow will help combat this persistent headache.

If the pain is more towards the back of your head, it might be related to an issue with your neck. In this case, opt for warmth and treat yourself to an acupressure session with your heated pillow to relieve the muscles at the base of your skull.

Before, during, and after, acupressure can help you combat those overwhelming headaches. While easing our tension, acupressure mats and pillows provide our bodies with an essential and often overlooked moment of relaxation. So, give yourself this time: you’ll be surprised by the short- and long-term benefits of this practice!

Acupressure: to prevent headaches

In direct contact with your skin, the spikes of acupressure pillows and mats contribute to the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone, and promote the secretion of endorphins and oxytocin. These two feel-good hormones will then bring you optimal relaxation.

Unlock the feel-good hormones with your acupressure pack!

Used daily, the acupressure pillow and mat also help relieve the muscle tension that accumulates in the neck and shoulders, thus reducing the overall stress that could be causing your recurring headaches. Acupressure, this age-old practice with numerous benefits, can thus play a preventive role in the onset of headaches and certain migraines. Before and after each session, remember to hydrate by drinking a large glass of water.

Headache or migraine?

Headaches and migraines are often confused, but they are actually two distinct conditions.

If you experience headaches on both sides of your head (the infamous “vice” or “helmet” sensation), you are likely dealing with tension headaches. These headaches come on suddenly and are sometimes accompanied by neck pain.

Conversely, if the pain is localized on one side and feels like throbbing, it’s probably a migraine. Unlike tension headaches, migraine pain builds up gradually, reaching a crescendo that can disrupt your daily life. Walking, climbing stairs, and even talking… the slightest physical effort becomes a real challenge. Additionally, migraines are often accompanied by nausea or vomiting and increased sensitivity to light or noise. When a migraine strikes, you have no choice but to retreat to your room and immerse yourself in darkness and silence.

Why do I have a headache?

Tension headaches, as the name suggests, are a sign of psychological tension. Stress, overwork, fatigue: our bodies are asking us to slow down and inviting us to take the time necessary for relaxation.

Another possible cause is dehydration. Drinking a large glass of water can help relieve your headache. Make it a habit to always have a water bottle nearby and remember to drink regularly throughout the day.

Some headaches are directly linked to pain originating in the neck but eventually radiating throughout the head. In this case, addressing the root cause by eliminating neck pain, muscle tension, and neuralgia is necessary to eliminate headaches. Acupressure is particularly recommended in this scenario.

As for migraines, it’s more complicated to pinpoint since the causes of migraines unfortunately remain largely unknown. However, we do know triggering factors, among which are stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. These are three factors that acupressure can potentially address.

If these factors trigger your migraines, eliminating them could then reduce the frequency of your attacks.

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