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Experiencing a stiff and painful neck? Consider cervical traction!

Dealing with chronic neck pain, sore shoulders, pinched nerves, headaches… it would seem that your neck is being put to the test!

Naturally, you can apply a heat source to relax the area when the pain is too great. In fact, that’s all most people do.

Regrettably, simply placing a hot water bottle on your neck won’t be enough to solve the cause of your pain. And you know they’ll come back to ruin your life.

Because neck pain is linked to bad posture, whether conscious or unconscious, repeated over and over again!

Therefore, rather than applying a bandage, address the root cause.
Cervical traction is an interesting solution for providing lasting relief from neck pain and correcting posture.

With the right equipment, tested and recommended by a health professional, caring for your neck becomes child’s play.

When is it appropriate to use a cervical traction cushion?

If you experience chronic neck pain such as a stiff neck: stiff neck, torticollis, “crunchy” cervical vertebrae, “grains of sand” in the back of your neck, etc.

If you suffer from regular headaches (tension headaches) or migraines…

If you feel you’ve lost mobility in the back of your neck…

If your posture starts to slump, your back arches (kyphosis)…

Don’t wait any longer to take things in hand before the situation gets worse.
Act on the cause of the pain!

Cervical pain occurs when the cervical lordosis, the natural curvature of the neck, is not respected.

Working all day sitting down, spending a lot of time on your phone, tablet or in front of the television… These repeated bad postures over the long term will bend the cervical discs and abuse the nerves sandwiched between them, which will then send a pain signal and generate reflex contractures to immobilise the area in order to protect it.


Poor posture isn’t solely attributed to bad habits. It can also be linked to poor equipment (a sofa that’s too deep, for example) or psychological factors such as stress, which causes the head to sink into the shoulders, or despondency, which causes the head to arch (delordosis)…

With cervical traction, 10 minutes a day is enough to correct the harmful effects of poor posture and resolve neck pain.

A (good) cervical traction device (or cervical decompression) will help restore the natural curve of your neck. From a slumped posture, you will regain a slender, dynamic posture. Regaining this natural curve or lordosis will put an end to your neck pain.

How delightful it is to regain the full mobility of your neck, as well as an elegant, aesthetically pleasing head carriage!

The human body is an incredible piece of machinery if we take care of it: that’s what you’re going to do with the cervical traction cushion. Stretch the cervical area and release tension to improve mobility and correct postural imbalances.

The Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion is the solution for lasting relief from stiff and painful neck muscles. Imagine being able to sleep again without pain, having an open and relaxed posture, regaining lost mobility, no longer being constantly distracted by pain…

Let’s examine the unique features of the Climsom Flex…

Let’s take a look at the Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion:


The black cover you see here has an important feature that is often missing from other models on the market. And that’s a shame, because this feature enhances the effectiveness of the device!

Curious about this feature?

Soft, enveloping warmth for the back of your neck, thanks to an integral heated cover.

Using a remote control, you can choose between 3 intensities to make this moment even more pleasant and comfortable. Beyond the pleasure you feel, the warmth of this neck cushion helps to deeply relax the contracted muscles of the nape of the neck, eliminating tension and reflex contractures. The warmth also boosts blood flow, allowing toxins to be eliminated more easily and providing a better supply of nutrients, helping to heal the tissues.


Beneath its cover, Climsom Flex comprises firm foam, ensuring its effectiveness, with a C-shaped curvature. A unique shape optimised for :

  • stretch and relax tense neck muscles
  • ensure decompression of intervertebral discs
  • provide lasting relief for pinched nerves.

3 actions which, repeated day after day for 10 minutes a day, will considerably improve the mobility of your neck and your posture, as well as providing immediate relief during and after the session. A natural solution to neck pain, shoulder stiffness and tension headaches.

This is the remarkable advantage of Climsom Flex: it doesn’t just soothe the pain, it acts on the cause of the pain by correcting postural imbalances. Think of Climsom Flex as your personal chiropractor at home, available whenever you need it!

Additionally, it’s remarkably easy to use: just lie down on it and let it do its work. The device does the work, not you. Admit it, it’s better than a long series of stretching exercises!

Tested and recommended by François Stévignon, physiotherapist for over 30 years

We consulted François Stévignon, a physiotherapist for over 30 years, qualified in osteopathy and vertebrotherapy and author of the method “En finir avec le mal de dos” (Putting an end to back pain) to test the Climsom Flex and give us his opinion. Here’s his feedback:


« With over 30 years’ professional experience, I have seen the harmful effects of musculoskeletal disorders in my patients, often caused by a failure to respect physiological curvatures, lumbar and cervical lordosis.

Apparently innocuous habits, like the growing dependence on screens, reading or deep sofas, can upset these curves and cause unbearable pain.

That’s where this cervical traction device comes in. By encouraging a return to a physiological cervical lordosis, it decompresses the vertebrae, relieving the cervical discs and the nervous system, putting an end to local and off-set pain.

It also helps to raise awareness (proprioception) of the importance of good cervical curvature, for optimal posture in all circumstances.

The effectiveness of this device is enhanced by its heating function.

As well as making the 10 minutes of practice even more comfortable and enjoyable, the heat helps to deeply relax and loosen the tense muscles in the neck, eliminating pain, tension and reflex contractures.

This perfect synergy frees up the neck, making it capable of healthy, aesthetically pleasing postures once again.

All in all, I highly recommend this cervical decompression device for as long as your pain persists or whenever you feel the need or desire.

It’s an effective and pleasant solution for relieving pain and encouraging an average, healthy and physiological posture for a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

What sets the Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion apart?

Not every cervical decompression cushion are created equal.
Here is a summary of the Climsom Flex’s strengths compared with other models on the market:

Heated function to help relax and loosen neck musclesA foam cushion and that’s it
Integral heated coverSingle heating strip, not integrated, not fixed
Soft protective cover to avoid direct contact with the coldNo protection, the cold material doesn’t help you relax
Good firmness for effective tractionLow-quality foam, not very long-lasting
Recommended by François Stévignon, physiotherapist for 30 yearsNo medical deposit
Odourless, no risk of allergyUnpleasant odour, materials that can cause skin irritation
English and French instructions included, with video adviceNo instructions or instructions in exotic languages
A recognised brand specialising in heat therapy for 14 yearsAnonymous sellers

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