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Bottle blender: the essential for lump-free feeding… and without the hassle!

It’s all very well preparing the bottle before the cries.
Keep your fingers crossed when it’s time for the ultimate test.
There’s ALWAYS a lump that dashes all your hopes!

Despite the howling in the background, you take the bottle back, remove the lump responsible and try again. You’re dreading the arrival of another gr…

Oh dear! Your composure is clearly shaken: another lump gets stuck in the teat. You remove the second disturbing lump. And there you go again.

With your eyes riveted on your baby, you’re anything but relaxed.

Third stubborn lump. Wincing/crying/whimpering… when will it stop?

This time, you’ve had to remove 8 lumps before the bottle is finally finished.
Your baby is as exhausted as you are and clearly, on a scale of 1 to 10, the mood is -25.

Bloody lumps: without them, your life would be so much better!

That’s precisely why we’ve developed the bottle blender. A must-have for dissolving lumps in the milk before they even form!

What is a bottle blender?

The bottle blender is a kind of mechanised whisk. This electric milk mixer uses a rotating mechanism to mix the milk powder and water thoroughly and obtain a homogeneous result. But pay attention to performance!
This feeding bottle accessory needs to tick several boxes to be of real use to you:

  • easy to use: just press the ON button.

  • quick: preparing the bottle should take less than a minute.

  • efficient: it considerably reduces the formation of lumps and does not add air to the mixture (beware of “milk frothers”).

  • safe: it must meet safety standards and not let you down when you need it most.

  • easy to clean: since you’ll be using it several times a day, cleaning it shouldn’t be daunting!

  • space-saving: the blender should be conveniently located next to your bottle set for multiple uses.

  • economical: not only when you buy it, but also when you use it… beware of battery-draining mixers!

Why this product will save your life?

Well, maybe not that far, but it’ll certainly make it easier!
Feeding your baby shouldn’t have to be a nerve-wracking ordeal!

You’d prefer everything to go smoothly, without having to use yet another piece of equipment.
After all, your friends, neighbours and relatives manage to make lump-free bottles, so why shouldn’t you? And why doesn’t their advice work when you try it?

You don’t know it, but don’t miss this opportunity to make your life easier! Save time and energy with this bottle-feeding accessory, which will quickly become a must-have, particularly for the following situations:

  • if you use thickened milk, AR milk (anti-reflux milk or anti-regurgitation milk)

  • if you add cereal powder to the bottle

  • if you are used to giving your baby a cold bottle.

All these situations are particularly conducive to the formation of lumps that clog the teat and make bottle-feeding a real ordeal!

No more lumpy bottles! The bottle mix will enable you to quickly and easily obtain a lump-free bottle with a homogenous consistency. Why deprive yourself?

Which bottle blender should you choose?

The best bottle blender is the one that adapts to your specific needs!
After studying what was available on the market, we developed our bottle blender taking into account all the negative reviews. We’ve put it all together to bring you a bottle blender that’s stylish, efficient and affordable.

Here are its strengths compared with other anti-clog mixers on the market:

USB rechargeable: 1 charge = 900 usesBattery-operated: needs changing… far too often
3 speeds including 1 low speed (3,300 RPM – rotations per minute) to avoid splashing on start-upStart-up speed too high (over 4,000 RPM), causing the liquid to fly out of the bottle
Durability: quality materials, 404 stainless steel shaft, complies with safety standards (CE certification)Stem detaches from bottle after several uses, device stops working after 2 months…
Simple to use: just 1 rod to attach to the base on first useSeveral rods no longer fit on the base because they have been changed so often
Stands upright. Easy to carry and store when you’re on the move, ergonomic design.Requires support or does not stand upright
Takes up very little space. Easy to clean: just turn it on immediately after use in a glass of water with a little washing-up liquid!Beater too massive. Stems detach creating premature wear… and stems that end up falling into the bottle.
English and French instructions included, with video adviceNo instructions or instructions in exotic languages

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