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Quit Smoking: Are anti-smoking magnets effective?

Anti-smoking magnets
and exclusive Climsom mini storage and transport case

This time, nothing will stop you: the decision to quit smoking is made, and you intend to stick to it! Did you know that anti-smoking magnets can help you with your resolution? Let’s take a closer look at this completely natural method that will facilitate your smoking cessation!

Quit Smoking Without Suffering

We all wish for it, don’t we? A good majority of smokers, at least. If only it were easy…

We know full well the harmful effects of tobacco on our health, yet that knowledge alone isn’t enough to kick the habit that becomes an obsession. Despite our best efforts, the craving persists, unwavering.

sevrage tabagique aimants anti-tabac

So, what can you do to quit smoking without torturing yourself?

Quitting smoking is a tough decision to make and stick to. Succeeding in breaking this habit partly relies on willpower, and for that, nothing beats strong motivation. So, take stock of your expectations and keep in mind the benefits of quitting smoking:

  • Improved health: Indeed, a very compelling argument!
  • Saving money: It’s time to think about what you’ll do with all that extra cash!
  • Gaining time: It’s amazing how much time we spend smoking!
  • No more stress or searching for an open tobacco shop on a Sunday.
  • No more ashtrays to empty.
  • Being able to climb stairs without feeling like your lungs are about to burst.
  • It’s up to you to add to this list with your own motivations!
homme heureux qui a réussi à arrêter de fumer
You too, can succeed in quitting smoking!

There’s no “miracle” method; willpower and desire will be key. And the benefits of quitting smoking will be felt as early as the first week:

  • 20 minutes after stubbing out your last cigarette: blood pressure and heart rate return to normal
  • 8 hours after: carbon monoxide levels in your blood decrease by half
  • 48 hours after: taste and smell improve
  • 72 hours after: breathing becomes easier
femme qui respire mieux après arrêt tabac
Better health: the number one motivation to quit smoking!

A natural smoking cessation method has proven effective and garnered many positive reviews. It utilizes magnet therapy and acupressure for this purpose.

The anti-smoking magnets: how do they work?

You’re probably wondering how a simple magnet can help you quit smoking, right? Let us explain everything!

oreille avec aimants anti tabac
Two magnets, one ear, and astonishing results!

Recognized by the World Health Organization, auriculotherapy is at the heart of the Zerosmoke C method. It involves two therapeutic magnets to be placed on one of your ears, one in front and the other behind, to stimulate a specific acupressure point. This acupuncture technique to quit smoking stimulates the production and release of endorphins essential for your well-being.

A natural and painless method, auricular anti-smoking magnets help you relax and assist your body in more easily accepting the lack of nicotine intake. Anxiety and stress related to smoking cessation vanish: therefore, you won’t feel the need to compensate with food.

The Zerosmoke magnets should be worn for 2 to 3 hours a day (it is possible to wear them for up to a maximum of 4 hours, but it should remain comfortable for you). You can choose the time that suits you, especially since wearing the magnets is compatible with your other activities. For more effectiveness, we recommend quitting smoking after the 7th day of therapy. Quitting will be easier and you will tolerate it better. Then continue to wear the Zerosmoke magnets for 20 to 25 days.

During use, you may feel tingling and warmth in your ear. No worries: you are experiencing the real effects of acupressure point stimulation. Your ear is working to facilitate your smoking cessation!

What are the benefits of anti-smoking magnets?

The advantages of quit smoking magnets are numerous compared to other smoking cessation solutions:

  • Autonomy: You conduct your therapy at home, at your own pace, and are not dependent on external appointments.
  • Discreet and convenient: The anti-smoking magnets can be worn discreetly during the day and are compatible with your activities. There’s no fixed moment: you decide when to wear them.
  • Natural and painless: With this method, you don’t ingest nicotine or take medication. You use your own resources and maintain control over your cessation.
  • Cost-effective: Anti-smoking magnets are valid for life; they don’t expire or run out. Once purchased, they’re yours. For life.
  • Easy to use, the anti-smoking magnets go with you everywhere. There’s no risk of losing them thanks to their mini-case.
The Climsom anti-smoking magnets come with a magnetic mini case with a mirror included.

The mini case was designed to be practical, small, and attractive for daily use of these magnets, with at least two manipulations per day. Needless to say, with such small objects, it’s very easy to lose them!

The Mini case allows you to handle them anywhere, thanks to its magnetic interior and exterior, as well as its magnetized mirror!

Where can I find anti-smoking magnets?

You can find your anti-smoking magnets primarily through mail order.

But beware of scams: many websites offer low-quality magnets without a protective coating, leading to allergic reactions.

Be cautious of cheap magnets! They may not be of good quality and suitable for this use. Opt for versions with instructions in your language, for example, which will help you use your magnets correctly and provide you with quality service.

At Climsom, we’ve thought of everything and created a complete kit with:

  • 2 magnets with hypoallergenic coating
  • an instruction manual that explains how to position your magnets
  • a small magnetic case with an integrated mirror to facilitate positioning wherever you are

BONUS: Stack the Odds in Your Favor!

The must-have to maximize magnet effectiveness and stack the odds in your favor: acupressure mat sessions at home.

The acupressure mat: to release tension and facilitate falling asleep

Practical, the acupressure mat offers you relaxation sessions achievable at home and simply! just lie down on your acupressure mat and… do nothing: admit that it’s quite easy!


At Climsom, we believe in the benefits of acupressure, and the survey conducted among users has clearly confirmed this idea! Just imagine: with a satisfaction rate of 97%, acupressure mats prove their benefits for relieving back pain, muscle and joint pain, as well as combating stress and sleep disorders. It is precisely these last two points that interest us during smoking cessation.

Why is it effective?

  • When you lie down on your acupressure mat, the pressure exerted by your back on the acupressure points will release endorphins and oxytocin. These feel-good hormones then spread throughout your body, resulting in a gentle feeling of relaxation and relief!
  • The release of endorphins and oxytocin also leads to a decrease in cortisol. Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol starts to decrease while your well-being increases.
  • Finally, acupressure induces muscle relaxation conducive to falling asleep. We know that smoking cessation is a period of nervous fatigue, a kind of constant struggle between the desire to quit and the desire to smoke, which can lead to sleep disturbances. That’s why we recommend practicing in the evening to facilitate falling asleep.

You’ve made the decision to quit, so stack the odds in your favor! Finally succeed in your smoking cessation journey with:

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