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Migraine Mask: Migraine Hat or Cooling Headband?

Which Migraine Mask is Right for You?

When it comes to migraines and headaches, applying cold is recommended for its pain-relieving, vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. There are many cooling migraine masks available, but which solution is the best?

The cooling headband for localized coolness on the forehead and temples? Or the cooling gel cap that covers the entire skull? Gel or ice? Lightweight or heavy?

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know which migraine mask to choose, we’re here to help you see clearly in this showdown between the Headache Hat cooling headband and the Climsom Migraine gel cap, the two best migraine masks in their category.

Let’s start by introducing the contenders…

On my left, the Headache Hat cooling headband for migraines

headache hat masque anti migraine bandeau

A best-seller in the United States, the Headache Hat has already built a strong reputation across the Atlantic. Designed by a migraine sufferer, this cold pack in the form of a headband has numerous advantages:

24 removable ice packs to adjust the cooling to your needs. Ice rather than gel is chosen here. If you’re looking for an ice cap for migraines, this is the model to go for!

Its large size – 60 cm long, 14 cm wide: this migraine mask covers the forehead, temples, and even the eyes.

Its weight (506 grams): the Headache Hat acts like a weighted headband, and it’s possible to adjust the pressure with the Velcro to reduce pain during severe headaches and increase or decrease the feeling of coolness.

Reversible, this anti-migraine headband offers up to 2 hours of cooling!

Headache hat-bandeau-et-sac-avec-cubes-de-glace

A great alternative to ice packs that may or may not stay in place, end up dripping on you as they warm up, and are also noisy to handle (not ideal when migraines make you very sensitive to sound!).

On the right, we have the Climsom Migraine gel cap


With its medical-grade gel maintaining a soothing, enveloping coolness, or providing comforting warmth, the Climsom Migraine gel cap is incredibly straightforward to use. Unlike the ice packs of the Headache Hat, the gel in this migraine relief cap remains flexible and soft, ensuring a gentle cooling effect even at room temperature.

Some of its key features include:

Its medical-grade gel capable of maintaining a comforting coolness at 360°, or providing warmth for various uses. This dual functionality makes it equally valuable when used warm, such as to alleviate tension headaches caused by stress, improve blood circulation around the eyes after prolonged screen time, or placed on the neck to relax the muscles.

The stretchable elastane fabric, which conforms to individual head shapes and sizes, making it comfortable for wearers, particularly those with long hair who may prefer a product without Velcro straps.

Its opaque black color and 3 cm thickness ensure effective light-blocking, with a nose cutout preventing light from passing through underneath if worn over the eyes.

The plush, comfortable material provides both cooling relief and overall comfort during migraines.

With a weight of 617 grams (1.36 pound), it offers good thermal inertia and a reassuring sensation on the skull and face, aiding in migraine relief. (Note: Lightweight caps may not provide the same level of relief.)


The Climsom Migraine cap is particularly convenient for nighttime migraine relief: conforming to the contours of your head, you can easily fall asleep with this cooling migraine mask, without any discomfort.

HEADACHE HAT migraine headband VS CLIMSOM MIGRAINE Gel Cap: The Showdown

And the Winner is…

It’s up to you to let us know in the comments! Which one is your favorite?

Regardless of the model you choose, you’re certain to benefit from:

  • An effective and more convenient alternative to the ice pack.
  • A quality product proven to be effective against migraines, with minimal space required in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • A product with sufficient weight (506 and 617 grams) to ensure good support and thermal inertia!
  • Instant relief thanks to the cooling effect.
  • A tested and validated product, meeting European standards.
  • Customer service located in France (Nantes), reachable by phone and email.
  • A refreshing solution that will not only relieve migraines and headaches but also fever, eye strain, inflammatory pain, sunstroke, heatstroke, sinus pressure… and insomnia!

Cold for Easier Falling Asleep
To fall asleep, your brain needs to drop by about 1°C.
Easily find sleep by wrapping your head in cold!

Post-Match: The Reconciliation

femme avec masque anti migraine bandeau froid et homme avec bonnet gel rafraichissant

Our take is that everyone can legitimately have a preference for either model.

The Headache Hat is probably preferable for those seeking the strongest intensity of cold and who want to be able to tighten the headband more firmly.

The Climsom Migraine, on the other hand, is more suitable for those who want effective but not as intense cold and more coverage.

Thus, for those who suffer from recurrent migraines, it may be wise to equip themselves with both models: the Headache Hat for the most intense migraine attacks, the Climsom Migraine for quicker and softer uses.

And during migraine attacks, our sensations change, our sensitivity becomes more acute: so being able to choose one or the other approach could allow you to discover what is most effective and enjoyable for you.

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