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8 Good Reasons to Sleep with a Silk Sleep Mask

Do you think a silk sleep mask is just a nighttime accessory? Think again! Its benefits go far beyond its primary function of immersing you in darkness. Your skin, your eyes, your complexion, and your sleep will thank you. Let’s discover together the lesser-known benefits of this sleep essential!

1. To dive into complete darkness and fall asleep faster

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed, only to realize that the room isn’t completely dark? Once your attention is drawn to those little points of light in the room, it’s game over. Falling asleep becomes impossible!

But why is it so important to sleep in complete darkness?

Because the absence of light stimulates the production of melatonin through the pineal gland. This sleep hormone decreases blood pressure and body temperature for better quality sleep and signals the body to fall asleep.

And the benefits of melatonin don’t stop there! As a powerful antioxidant, this hormone also helps boost the immune system. By plunging you into total darkness, a silk sleep mask helps you fall asleep and keep you in good shape!

Bonus: it represents a much less expensive alternative to blackout curtains!

Did you know?

If you suffer from sleep disorders, melatonin – the sleep hormone – is available as a dietary supplement and helps to reset your sleep cycle. Made in France and without addictive effects, our natural and plant-based Melatonin promotes falling asleep in 30 minutes!

2. To respect natural day/night cycles and have better quality sleep

Electric light, blue light… artificial lights disrupt our sleep when it’s time to go to bed. By disturbing the production of melatonin, they further delay sleep. That’s why it’s recommended not to check your phone in the half-hour before bedtime.

Beware, blue light disrupts sleep!

According to a study published in 2012, a simple LED light left on at night in a bedroom can lead to depressive states! And this, even with closed eyelids: their thickness is too thin to block the light.

The silk sleep mask protects you from the undesirable effects of artificial light by restoring the natural day/night cycle.

3. To cut out all external distractions and reduce the risk of insomnia

Who hasn’t experienced this? Watching, minute by minute, the progress of the hour on their alarm clock and delaying the time of falling asleep by counting the remaining hours of sleep!

Break free from this vicious circle: the silk sleep mask helps you block out all external distractions. Once your eyes are covered, you won’t be tempted to look right, left, down, and up. You’ll fall asleep more quickly.

The silk sleep mask is a non-medicated alternative based on scientific principles. A sleep mask sends the signal of falling asleep to the brain, programmed since ancient times to associate darkness with sleep. Resist the temptation of sleeping pills and try the silk sleep mask!

4. To protect your eyes from irritation

VMC, air conditioning, and fans blow throughout the night and can irritate the eyes by sending dry air and dust particles.

To counter skin inflammations and itching, the silk sleep mask for the eyes provides a protective barrier. Well-covering, it will reduce the risk of irritation and dryness thanks to the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties of silk.

5. To take care of the eye area

Silk is the ideal material for taking care of your skin! Non-absorbent, it does not dehydrate the delicate skin around your eyes. You can even apply your eye contour treatment before going to bed without it being absorbed by your sleep mask! And better yet: your silk eye mask will amplify its effects!

Rich in proteins and amino acids, silk keeps the skin healthy and retains its hydration. Reducing the risk of friction, the silk sleep mask is a true night treatment for the precious area around your eyes. Especially since we know that the skin regenerates at night!

Are you afraid of feeling hot under your silk mask? Silk is thermoregulating: you will not sweat under your sleep mask, and moreover, the contact of your eyes with the natural coolness of silk will be a real pleasure.

6. To wake up every morning with a fresh complexion

Say goodbye to pillow creases around the eyes! The silk sleep mask limits the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes thanks to the 18 amino acids contained in silk! A true fountain of youth that works night after night for a brighter and more radiant look upon waking up.

7. To indulge in a restorative nap even during the day

Feeling a bit sleep-deprived from last night?

Give yourself a power nap on the couch after lunch. Put on your silk sleep mask. Enjoy the gentle embrace of silk against your eyes and its calming effect. Then, dive into sleep for a restorative nap that will recharge your batteries. No need to close the shutters or filter the light with just any pillow! The silk sleep mask instantly immerses you in a bubble of nocturnal softness, regardless of the level of external brightness.

8. To sleep better while traveling or during transportation

Just as useful at home as it is on the go, the silk sleep mask is a must-have for travelers. Whether by train, plane, at a friend’s house, or in a hotel, it will accompany you everywhere, providing comfort and darkness. Its small size and low profile make it essential to slip into your luggage. Have you never been able to sleep well on a plane? Try using a silk sleep mask!

While traveling, the silk sleep mask provides the darkness you need to fall asleep peacefully and easily slips into your bag.

Silk Sleep Mask: Prioritize Quality!

Convinced of the numerous benefits of silk sleep masks for both sleep and skin, we have designed the Climsom Silk sleep mask. It’s a 100% mulberry silk night mask, known for its highest quality. Beware of “silk satin” night masks with very (too!) attractive prices: they are actually synthetic and won’t offer you the many advantages of silk!

The Climsom Silk sleep mask will meet your expectations:

  • Complete coverage due to its 100% mulberry silk padding, its deep black color for optimal light blocking, and its dimensions tailored to cover your eyes and their contour. Safely nestled under your mask, light won’t disturb your sleep!

  • Luxurious softness thanks to the 100% mulberry silk shell: hypoallergenic and antibacterial, the Climsom Silk sleep mask offers maximum comfort.

  • An adjustable elastic band, covered with silk, allowing the night mask to fit all face shapes.

  • Natural mulberry silk 19 mommes, both inside and outside, and an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification ensuring a quality mask for enjoying all the benefits of silk!

  • An unbeatable quality/price ratio: the Climsom Silk eye mask is available for €21.90. At this price, it would be a shame to miss out on an essential not only for your sleep but also for your skin! Sleeping faster, sleeping better, taking care of the skin around your eyes, protecting your eyes from dryness, reducing the risk of insomnia, sleeping wherever you are… These benefits are now within your reach!

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