Hydrogen water: the overlooked youth serum

An essential component of Asian beauty-health routines, hydrogen water remains relatively unknown in Europe. However, its beneficial properties for the body and skin, highlighted by numerous studies and scientific research, warrant attention! We delve deeper into this mysterious ingredient that could become your ultimate ally…

Hydrogen water: What is it?

Hydrogen is the most abundant gas on Earth, primarily in its liquid state. Water, in fact, consists of one oxygen molecule for every two hydrogen molecules: H2O. So why do we talk about hydrogenated water when water already naturally contains hydrogen?

Hydrogenated water, or molecular hydrogen water, is water enriched with hydrogen. It simply contains more H+ ions (hydron) than water found in nature.

What are the benefits of hydrogen water?

Highly utilized in Asian beauty and health routines, hydrogen water alleviates numerous conditions and boosts the immune system.
In this regard, it is well-known in the form of a drinkable solution!

Did you know?
Continuing the emphasis on preserving your health, washing fruits and vegetables with hydrogen water is an excellent method to remove all traces of pesticides!

While oxygen is vital to all living beings, it contributes to the production of free radicals. When produced in excess, these molecules accelerate skin aging. Thanks to its targeting ability, hydrogen effectively neutralizes harmful free radicals for the body and skin! (1)

hydrogen water skincare Serum H2J

The hydrogen molecule, infinitesimally small, can penetrate directly into the nucleus of skin cells. (2) Therefore, when sprayed directly onto the skin, hydrogen promotes natural skin hydration.
Hydrogenated water then works to prevent premature skin aging. (3)

The benefits of hydrogen water for the skin

  • Hydrating: the hydrogen in the water penetrates the skin down to the nucleus of cells.
  • Powerful and natural antioxidant, it protects the skin from oxidative stress.
  • Anti-aging: hydrogenated water tones the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Anti-acne and anti-imperfections: hydrogenated water possesses sterilizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reduces skin pigmentation disorders.
  • Protects from sun rays, soothes sunburns (note: does not replace sunscreen!) and increases collagen synthesis, contributing to the regeneration of epidermal tissues.

Hydrogen water: how to get it?

To charge water with hydrogen, you need to use a hydrogen water generator with an electrolysis system. Electrolysis allows the decomposition of the elements of a substance through the effect of an electric current.

To hydrogenate water, Climsom has developed a hydrogen water spray: the Serum H2J!

The Serum H2J allows for enriching water with hydrogen through an electrolysis system, in just 2 minutes.
Equipped with a PEM membrane (proton exchange membrane), the H2J Serum is as effective as a fixed generator, while being compact and aesthetically pleasing! This PEM membrane isolates chlorine and ozone, ensuring high purity water.
In fact, the H2J Serum is the only device on the French-speaking market to have such a membrane!

Reviews on Serum H2J hydrogen water generator

It’s very enjoyable to be able to experience the benefits that nature offers us with such simplicity. Thank you for this invention that’s easy to take anywhere!

I’ve been using it morning and evening before applying moisturizer for about 3 months now. The sensation is pleasant, and I feel like my skin is lifted. Fine lines are visibly reduced. In parallel, every morning, I’ve been spraying an orchid plant that was nearing the end of its life, and to my surprise, it’s now growing new leaves and roots.

A powerful 100% natural antioxidant for the skin, the H2J Serum reinvents the use of hydrogenated water and offers you a genuine skincare solution!
Thanks to its compact size, the H2J Serum accompanies you every day in all your travels!

(1) Y HONG, S CHEN AND J-M ZHANG, 2010. Hydrogen as a Selective Antioxidant: a Review of Clinical and Experimental Studies. Multiple studies have been conducted to demonstrate that hydrogen indeed possesses the antioxidant properties discovered by Japanese scientists: this meta-analysis dating back to 2010, conducted at a Chinese university, reaffirms that hydrogen retains its therapeutic properties in the form of water enriched with hydrogen.

(2) Brandon J Dixon, Jiping Tang and John H Zhang, 2013. The evolution of molecular hydrogen: a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance. As one of the smallest existing atoms, hydrogen can penetrate most cell organelles, which are normally inaccessible. These atoms can then enter cells and bind to “free radicals” to halt their propagation.

(3) A Lum Han, Seong-Hoon Park, Mi Sung Park, 2017. Hydrogen Treatment Protects against Cell Death and Senescence Induced by Oxidative Damage. This study confirms the antioxidant effect of the hydrogen molecule and emphasizes its potential use as a therapy against cell aging.

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