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Eye Massage: Health and Beauty Benefits

Between dark circles, puffiness, itchy eyes, and eye fatigue, our eyes endure a lot on a daily basis, and the increasingly frequent and intense use of screens is not helping! All the more reason to take special care of them, especially since the eye area is very delicate.

Whether you suffer from dry eyes or are looking to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles, eye massage and massage around the eyes are solutions to seriously consider… in addition to providing immediate well-being.

Rest assured: we won’t explain how to practice self-eye massage because we know from experience that the fear of not doing the right movements adds to the abandonment and demotivation when results don’t appear quickly…

Fortunately, there are now some massage devices that do this perfectly and whose benefits go far beyond this scope! But beware, they’re not all equal… Introducing your personal masseur at home: the Eye Massager Climsom Zen.

Reducing Dry Eyes with the Eye Massager

Burning eyes, dry and irritated eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes… There’s no doubt, your eyes are suffering from dryness. While the reasons are multiple (environment, age, wearing contact lenses, prolonged screen exposure…), the Eye Massager will relieve these unpleasant symptoms.

Comfortably settled, all you have to do is enjoy…

Thanks to its targeted action on the eye contour and temples, this massager device immerses you in a bubble of well-being from the first seconds. And above all, it relieves your eyes thanks to one of its innovations… integrated heating pads and air pressure diffusing a beneficial warmth between 38° and 42°C.

Dry eye occurs when the eyes do not produce enough natural tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. Heat is thus recommended for the following reasons:

  • It helps to unclog the Meibomian glands (which normally secrete a protective oily substance).
  • By doing so, it prevents the evaporation of tears.
  • It helps the eyes to rest.
  • It provides immediate relief.

The Climsom Zen eye massager will help relieve your dry eyes if you are in at least one of the following situations:

– You suffer from visual fatigue (eye twitching, trembling eyes, or even headaches) due to prolonged exposure to a screen (mobile, tablet, computer…).
– You wear contact lenses.
– With age, you notice that your lacrimal system is less efficient than before.
– You suffer from dysfunction of the Meibomian glands: the mechanical action (massage by air pressure) combined with the thermal action (heating pads) will help liquefy the meibum, the oily substance that blocks them.

Unlike self-massage, where you’re so focused on the gestures that you can’t let go, using the Climsom Zen eye massager helps you relax while addressing the root of the problem.

Reducing dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness with an eye contour massage

The Climsom Zen eye massager offers you 3 massage techniques: in addition to the heating pads, it features 6 intelligent circulation airbags (air pressure massage) and also provides vibration massage (targeting reflex zones around the eyes and temples).

Laura Tanguy, former Miss France, uses mode #1, combining air pressure massage, heat, and vibration.

These 3 massage modes will allow:

  • stimulate blood microcirculation: heat activates microcirculation and provides better irrigation while nourishing the skin tissues..

  • boost collagen production: thanks to the air pressure massage of the Eye Massager combined with the heating pads, you will benefit from a localized and gentle massage that will stimulate the epidermis in its production of collagen. Brighter and rejuvenated eyes await you!

  • improve skin elasticity: as a result of the first two points, the Eye Massager will have a beneficial effect in preventing natural loss of skin firmness and, thanks to its ultra-relaxing effect, will reduce expression lines related to stress in just a few sessions.

  • eliminate toxins: the Eye Massager gently stimulates the energy points of the eye contour area to rebalance them. It thus offers a draining treatment by decongesting and revitalizing the tissues to facilitate the evacuation of pigment deposits.

An Eye Massager session lasts 15 minutes: used daily, it will significantly improve the appearance of your eye contour while providing deep relaxation!

Premium Massager: Effectiveness, Comfort, and Elegance with Luxury Finishes

In addition to being beneficial for your eyes, the Climsom Zen Eye Massager will be your ally to:

  • relax thanks to its 5 massage modes and 3 soothing soundscapes conducive to escape: a great way to release tension and bid farewell to the day’s stress!
  • improve your sleep quality: indulge in a 15-minute session just before bedtime, and you’ll see the difference it makes in your night’s rest!
  • relieve headaches: the Eye Massager targets reflex zones around the eyes and temples to soothe tension (based on the principle of ocular reflexology).

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