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Heavy Legs and Compression Stockings in summer: what other solutions?

Heavy and painful legs, swollen calves and feet: symptoms that have surely motivated you to try compression stockings! And you were right, because they help the stagnant blood in the legs to flow back towards the upper body! But you probably know that the sensation of heavy legs is accentuated in summer because the veins dilate due to the heat (vasodilation). However, compression stockings themselves can be warm and are not suitable for all situations!

To fight against heavy legs AND heat, Climsom offers you two refreshing solutions!

Compression and vasoconstriction against heavy legs

Compression stockings and refreshing solutions for relieving the sensation of heavy legs: what’s the connection?

Heavy legs are caused by venous insufficiency, meaning difficulty in circulating blood from the lower to the upper body. Blood then stagnates in the feet and legs, causing discomfort, even pain and swelling.

In this case, compression stockings or socks may be recommended (or prescribed!) to apply mechanical pressure or compression to the lower body. (Some even call them compression socks.)
Compression stockings will then have the effect of a pump on the legs, like pressure applied to an open bottle of water, for example!

Cold, on the other hand, will have a similar effect but will act directly on the veins by tightening them. This is what we call vasoconstriction.
Here, the effect will be similar to that of the bottle, but on the scale of a straw representing the vein. At the same time, it will reduce pain and swelling thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

What refreshing solutions to relieve heavy legs?

Although effective against heavy legs, compression stockings are not ideal when it’s too hot or during the night. That’s why Climsom offers you two solutions today to fight against heavy legs when compression stockings are no longer suitable:

The Coolpad XL Gel when compression stockings feel hot during the day…

One of the main drawbacks of compression stockings is that they feel hot!
So, it’s when you need them the most, when it’s hot, that they are the most difficult to bear!

For long journeys or prolonged sitting, we recommend opting for the Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow!
Foldable in 2 or 4, and not requiring a refrigerator to emit cold, it is ideal for relieving your heavy legs even while traveling!
Although originally designed to improve sleep, its large size, 50x65cm, allows it to wrap around and apply coolness all around the legs, along the calves.

The Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow is also available in a pack of 2. You can then wrap both legs at the same time, or alternate them if you only want to place your legs on them!

Furthermore, wearing compression stockings and using the Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow can be done simultaneously! You will thus achieve double effectiveness against heavy legs and eliminate the inconvenience of the warmth from compression stockings!

The large Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow is ready to use! But for even more freshness, you can place it in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes before using it.


“Purchased two months ago and used several times during intense heat for my legs. Soothing and refreshing. Very good product.” NAT

“THE solution to calm the fire, impatience, and pain of heavy legs. A Coolpad XL gel that envelops each leg. When I suffer a lot, I leave them in the fridge for a while, then I keep them on for 45 minutes to 1 hour, and at bedtime I feel the coolness deep in my legs so I sleep peacefully. THANK YOU to CLIMSOM (reputable brand).” ÉLISE

The Climsom Intense mattress to avoid wearing compression stockings at night…

Unless specifically medically indicated, it is not advisable to sleep with compression stockings. Prolonged wear of compression stockings can have side effects such as itching. Also, consider your comfort for the night!

This is where the Climson Intense cooling mattress pad comes in to improve your sleep and wake up with light legs!

Designed in collaboration with Dr. Tamburini, a phlebologist, its main purpose is to relieve patients suffering from leg issues: heavy legs, restlessness, Restless Leg Syndrome…
Its size, 70x100cm, ensures optimal and targeted effectiveness right where you need it most: on your legs!

By applying intense cooling, up to 15°C, directly under the legs, the Climsom Intense air-conditioned mattress pad provides you with all the benefits of cold throughout the night! It effectively relieves the sensation of heavy legs, as well as any pains that may persist during the night while lying down!

To do this, simply place it at the level of your legs between your fitted sheet and your mattress, or directly against your skin, and connect it to its thermoregulator with the provided hose. This device will allow you to control the temperature of the mattress pad by sending water at the temperature you desire into the mattress pad. You can choose your comfort temperature using the remote control provided directly from your bed!

The Climsom Intense air-conditioned mattress pad comes with a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. So take the time to test it without risk!


“With my CLIMSOM, I no longer suffer from circulatory pain. For years, I have suffered from circulatory problems, feeling of heavy legs, swollen feet, and pain when walking as soon as the weather gets warm.
I tried compression stockings (even in hot weather) and many oral and topical treatments during warm periods but also continuously throughout the year. All without success, I still had to get up at night to immerse my legs in very cold water, my only effective source of relief.
I acquired a CLIMSOM a few weeks ago and since then, I have noticed a very clear improvement with almost complete disappearance of my symptoms. I no longer have to get up at night and furthermore, I feel better throughout the day. I sleep much better and finally enjoy the arrival of sunny days.” VINCA

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