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Aches, muscle spasms, back pain? CLIMSOM, the cooling and warming mattress topper, offers you total relaxation.

If you suffer from back pain, muscle spasms, or aches, you know how a warm bath, hot-water bottle, or heating pad can help. You can take advantage of this feeling all over your body for as long as you wish simply by lying down.

The application of heat on the lumbar region is part of physical therapy programs for lower back pain.

Near half the people suffer from back problems, and more than a third have had lumbago during the past 12 months.

Heat increases blood flow and helps eliminate toxins. It also allows muscular, physical, and mental relaxation, which help to stave off stiffness and numbness.

Climsom sur-matelas réchauffant contre courbatures et mal de dos CLIMSOM will allow you to apply a constant warm temperature to the entire painful zone for as long as you like while lying down on your bed.

Athletes can use CLIMSOM to improve their muscular recovery

Some will choose a moderate heat all night long, others a more intense heat for a shorter duration before returning to a moderate temperature. It's like a dry, warm bath.

Some CLIMSOM customers like that the mattress pad allows them to sleep with their windows open, even in winter, while staying nice and warm in their beds.
How will you sleep tonight?
Virginie M., Paris

Because of an accident, for more than a year I have recurring muscular problems in my back. They force me to lie down several times a day and to take painkillers and myorelaxants. Since I use CLIMSOM during the day for an hour or two (at 48° C) and three hours at night (at 41° C), not only I do have rejuvenating sleep and nights that are restful and relxaing, but I have also managed to lower my dependency on medication.
Regular use of CLIMSOM allowed me first of all to lower the dose of medicines I was taking. This change was not made in two days but in some weeks.
The effect of nights with repairing sleep were immediate, and I felt the general improvement gradually.
Thank you, CLIMSOM!

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