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QVC Live TV - Climsom on QVC

Climson Warm/Cool Temperature Control Mattress Topper was featured on QVC Live TV on August 2011
[Août 2011]
Huffington Post UK - 20 ways to get a good night's sleep tonight

When we sleep, our body temperature drops and if the environment doesn't correspond to this, the body struggles to achieve its desired temperature...
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[Juillet 2011]
Yours - Put your sleepless nights to rest

...One in four people suffer from insomnia which can be caused by geting too hot or too cold at night...
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[Juillet 2011] - More couples sleeping in separate Sealy beds?
An increasing number of couples may be choosing to sleep in separate Sealy beds in order to get a more peaceful night's kip...
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[Juillet 2011]
Running Free - Best Temperature Control

The Climsom mattress topper is perfect if you suffer from night sweats or aches and pains...
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[Juin 2011] - Climsom

The Climsom mattress topper cools or warms your bed at the temperature you desire. Air conditioners and heaters allow you to choose the temperature of your room but not of your bed or the surface of your own body!...
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[Juin 2011]
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    [Janvier 2011]

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