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» The testimonies of real CLIMSOM users
» A word from Dr. Tamburini, the vein specialist behind CLIMSOM

The testimonies of real CLIMSOM users

I would like to say that your product is truly fantastic and has ensured great nights of sleep for my wife and myself.
And I would recommend your product without any hesitation whatsoever !
Roger C., Ireland
I recently purchased a CLIMSOM topper and it has been one of the best investments I have made in my quest of achieving the most comfortable and temperature controlled sleeping environment!
I really suffer with getting too hot when I sleep and in the past I have tried all manner of new "innovations" on the market, such as special fibre "temperature control" sheets/duvets/pillows, cooling pads and electric blankets/duvets, but none have had anywhere near the success being able to regulate a comfortable sleeping temperature of my CLIMSOM!
The advantage of CLIMSOM is that you can set the temperature you prefer, and CLIMSOM will maintain that temperature for a long as you wish. Now there are many electric blankets/duvets on the market that also claim to do this, but, unlike CLIMSOM, they cannot cool your sleeping environment down to a really cool 18 degrees centigrade if required!
I haven't had the chance to try this amazing cooling effect in the Summer yet, but I am sure it will be wonderful, especially as like in most places in the UK, we don't have air-conditioning! Even so, after coming back from a “winter Sun” holiday and suffering the effects of some mild sunburn, I was able to set the CLIMSOM to a comfortable cooling temperature that was invaluable to making me feel most comfortable!
Because I have a memory-foam mattress and because of the nature of the memory-foam material, I have always got very hot very quickly, which obviously disturbed my sleep, but now with CLIMSOM it has finally made me fully appreciate the benefits of the memory-foam mattress!
I did have an issue with the remote control, but his was quickly remedied by the excellent customer service of the staff at CLIMSOM, who arranged for another unit to be sent to me by courier and even arranged for my old unit be collected!
I hope, if like me, you have been looking for the best product that actively regulates the temperature of your sleeping environment, that you may also have the confidence to choose CLIMSOM! I am sure you won’t be disappointed!
Geoff M., Birmingham UK
What a pleasure to have discovered this mattress topper! It is already a delight when it is warm and as effective for the body when it is cold outside.
Aside from the product, I would like to emphasize the great service provided by the CLIMSOM team. After we had placed the order, we discovered all the attention the customer receives from CLIMSOM. They answered all our questions and even called us to explain a slight delay of delivery – by only a few hours!
We hope that they can maintain this price, but CLIMSOM will still be a fabulous investment. It is so good to sleep well at night.
Pierre A., Lonay-Suisse
Suffering for several years from deep venous insufficiency aggravated by frequent phlebitis in my legs, I avoid intensive heat that only makes my situation worse as much as possible. I take care of myself with medicine, cold showers, gels on my legs, swimming pools, and cycling, but nights are not restful, especially in summer.
By chance, my husband discovered CLIMSOM while watching the French TV program Télématin. He immediately suggested ordering it, given that we were going on vacation on the Dalmatian coast, where the temperatures are high. It was with a bit of doubt that I agreed on buying this cooling mattress topper that I quickly received after a very nice phone call from CLIMSOM about the delivery.
I’m using the mattress programmed at 20° C since August, and I can assure you that it has changed my sleep for the better. It gives a very pleasant and restful sensation of freshness, not chill, makes it easier to fall asleep, and allows me to relax both during naps and at night. From the first night of use, I noticed that I did not perspire any more: the end of the inconvenience of night sweats.
The deferred programming is very useful as is the ability to choose from a variety of temperatures. You do not feel CLIMSOM while sleeping; placed well under the mattress protector, it does not move. Occupying the space of only one person, it does not bother the sleep of my partner. My husband wants to test higher temperatures in winter. I am very happy with my purchase and grateful to the phlebologist who had the idea. I have even told my friends about CLIMSOM. I also want to highlight the kind, effective communications of the company by phone and e-mail. Thank you!
I shall, however, give a bit of advice for the transport of this mattress topper: If, like me, you have to move your on mattress to various places (during vacation, for example), drain CLIMSOM thoroughly, and air it before folding it. Don't cover it with a plastic cover that would confine it.
Roselyne D., Faches-Thumesnil
For many years now, I have felt been concerned about my wife’s bad nights with heavy legs and hot flashes due to menopause. She would feel as tired when she woke up as she did before going to bed.
I discovered CLIMSOM on a morning TV show, and as I had tried about everything, I decided to get it, hoping at the most for a small improvement. I ordered it for her birthday.
It has been two weeks since my wife started sleeping on CLIMSOM, and I am not exaggerating when I say that her life is transformed! No more hot flashes, finally some rest, a rejuvenating sleep. What a shame to have learned so late about this device!
Bonus: At the moment, of course, CLIMSOM cools her at night, but in a few months, it should be of use to me. I don't like having to warm her feet, which is an ordeal in wintertime. I deeply recommend this purchase to anyone who might still hesitate. It is the best buy that I have made in years.
I would like to add that I was in contact on the phone with the sales team. I was received with courtesy and kindness. Beyond the benefits brought by their product, I would like to thank them here.
Richard L., Lens
I received CLIMSOM. I installed it at once on top of the mattress, and I tested it that very evening. I live in Provence, and at the moment, our nights are quite hot. For the first time in a while, I was able to sleep without sweating. I recommend your device to all those like me who cannot sleep on summer nights.
You might want to let people know how to keep CLIMSOM on your mattress if you move around a lot at night. Once again, thank you for this product.
Daniel P., Lagnes
CLIMSOM's advice : The mattress topper is normally kept in position if it is placed under a fitted sheet. If this is not sufficient, a solution is to add a draw sheet. Even if you move around a lot, the mattress topper will stay put.
At night, I move around a lot, looking for a cool place for my legs. Naturally, it becomes impossible to find. Depending on the day, it could be a bit inconvenient, a real discomfort, or downright unbearable to the point where I had to get out of bed to put cool water on my legs.
When I tried CLIMSOM for the first time, I found it very pleasant and very practical. Today, after having used it for a few weeks, I find it brilliant. My first reflex before going to bed is to start CLIMSOM. Sometimes, I postpone the beginning of the cooling mechanism for an hour or two. I sleep better, and I feel more rested in the morning. Furthermore, I appreciate the little bonus of the cool pillow.
Claudine M., Paris
No more pains. Thank you, CLIMSOM! No more abrupt leg movements. Thank you, CLIMSOM! No more allergies due to mites. Thank you, CLIMSOM! No more excessive sweating. Thank you, CLIMSOM!
But it is not a sale that I would like to make here. I testify to a radical change of my nights.
In spite of operations on both legs due to vein problems, the pain and the sudden movements in my legs continued because of the standing that my job requires. I rarely slept more than three hours a night, with physical as well as mental consequences.
As painkillers, cold showers, and ointments made no differences, I saw in CLIMSOM a different way.
I didn't expect results, but the problems disappeared, and my nights are full of sleep.
Also, my excessive perspiration due to a thyroid problem is not an embarrassment for me anymore because I now sleep at 27° C instead of 37° C.
I complete my letter to you by mentioning my acarid allergy. The bedroom had to be treated every two months with insecticide, but this is unhealthy, noxious, and environmentally unsafe. For the past five months, though, this has not been necessary, and I have not had any allergic reactions. I waited to write to you until I saw the effects of this device in the long term. I can only say one thing: I cannot be without CLIMSOM, and I sincerely thank the doctor who developed this concept.
Fabienne C., Villers La Montagne
I have just tried CLIMSOM, and I have finally managed to feel comfortable in bed.
I have thyroid problems, and sometimes I am very hot. This forces me to open all the windows even in the middle of winter, and sometimes I shiver in the dog days of summer. It is very unpleasant, and my nights were interrupted by dressing and undressing.
With this mattress topper, I choose the temperature adapted to my state, and I finally get to sleep well. It is a benefit I have not had for a long time. I slept very poorly at night, so I was unpleasant during the day. I believe that CLIMSOM is the solution.
Monique P., Longwy
Because of an accident, for more than a year I have recurring muscular problems in my back. They force me to lie down several times a day and to take painkillers and myorelaxants. Since I use CLIMSOM during the day for an hour or two (at 48° C) and three hours at night (at 41° C), not only I do have rejuvenating sleep and nights that are restful and relxaing, but I have also managed to lower my dependency on medication.
Regular use of CLIMSOM allowed me first of all to lower the dose of medicines I was taking. This change was not made in two days but in some weeks.
The effect of nights with repairing sleep were immediate, and I felt the general improvement gradually.
Thank you, CLIMSOM!
Virginie M., Paris
I am 61 years old. I bike (3,500-4,000 km a year), but it does not prevent me from suffering from restless legs syndrome to the point that I dreaded going to bed.
Awoken several times a night and in perpetual search for cool zones, my sleep was not restful.
My wife suffers from hot flashes due to menopause, which did not ease my search.
As my surgeon did not see the necessity of an operation, I decided, upon the advice of my angiologist, to buy a CLIMSOM mattress topper. From the first night, I found true comfort. I adjust the temperature between 24 and 26° C, and finally my nights are restful. Soon, my wife is going to test CLIMSOM for her hot flashes, but I admit that I don't want to part with my CLIMSOM!
Daniel L., Stenay
I have gone through menopause, and in spite of a hormonal treatment, I still sometimes have hot flashes at night that wake me up.
Besides, I always liked sleeping in cool sheets. I tried CLIMSOM. I adjust at 24° C with a start deferred by two hours. Since then, I do not wake up at night anymore, and I do not have to look for cool zones in my bed during the night!
Armelle T., Viterne (gynecologist)
Personally, I have a minor case of restless legs syndrom that appears at night with twitches in my legs and arms.
Thanks to the coolness of CLIMSOM programmed at 22° C, I fall asleep easily. The cold has a calming and soothing effect. I thus succeed in getting a full night's sleep even when I'm under stress. Now I'm used to sleeping every night at this temperature!
Jeanne L., Nancy
Even though I have no medical difficulties, I tried CLIMSOM out of curiosity.
My troubles during my sleep are the ones that everyone might expect: I constantly look for cool zones of the bed with my legs, juggle between being on top of or underneath my duvet, or turn my pillow several times a night to keep my head cool.
This cooling mattress topper remedied all my complaints and allowed me to have sound, pleasant sleep. I realized it was even more effective when I had to lend it to the other members of my family to try!
Hugo T., Longwy
Since my menopause, I sleep very poorly because of my hot flashes.
I tested CLIMSOM, and my nights have been peaceful ever since. Before, I would sometimes have to get changed twice a night, drenched in sweat by those cursed hot flashes. Now I adapt the temperature of the mattress topper to my physical temperature, and I finally have restful nights.
Véronique P., Luxembourg
My mother tested CLIMSOM some weeks ago and made me want to try it. I am 18 years old and have no particular problems; sometimes I would just be too warm or too cold in my bed. With CLIMSOM, I slept very well at the temperature I asked for.
Antoine H., Luxembourg
My phlebologist diagnosed me with a venous insufficiency.
I suffer from pains and intense heat in both legs, sometimes associated with cramps at night that disrupted my sleep. I was able to try CLIMSOM for a short period. It radically modified my sleep, making it deeper. My symptoms disappeared thanks to the cool brought by the mattress topper. After speaking with my doctor, he explained to me the analgesic effects of the cold and the effects of vasoconstriction on the veins. I plan to purchase CLIMSOM for myself very soon.
François V., Thionville
I have only used the CLIMSOM mattress topper for a few weeks, and I cannot do without it! Since I started using it, I spend my nights in peace.
It is convenient for me to be able to adjust the temperature. I do not toss and turn at night anymore, so my sleep is deeper.
Maryline D., Longwy
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