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You have a physical shop or an online store?
You sell at trade fairs or on works councils?

You are interested in CLIMSOM products and would you like to sell them?

Neo Factory, specialised in the management of inventions on its own behalf and on behalf of third parties, is behind the creation of unique, innovative and mostly proprietary wellness products. The company has been developing this activity since 2009 under the CLIMSOM brand.

Thanks to our knowledge of our clients' needs and our experience and expertise in innovation, new products are created every year.

Supported by online and offline communication efforts, including press relations, with our agency Dakota Communication, CLIMSOM receives, in France, a lot of media coverage and counts several hundred media appearances annually!

Why are Climsom products an opportunity for you?

  • Innovative products, often unique on the European market
  • New products every year
  • Fast shipping, as soon as the order is validated, with a reactive after-sales service
  • Excellent value for money and good margins
  • Free shipping according to volume ordered
  • Provision of resources to promote the products (sales literature, user surveys, Opinion Way studies, etc.)
  • A passionate, responsive team that listens to you and adapts to your situation and needs

We are also open to grant territorial exclusivity on (part of) our catalogue depending on volumes and/or marketing efforts in the territory.

As a Climsom reseller :

  • You benefit from discount rates ranging from 25% to 55% depending on the product.
    You can already consult the list of our products offered for resale.

  • You build up and manage your own stock.
    Each order is placed by email and processed within the day.

  • Each reseller is free to use the images, videos, arguments and resources found on the Climsom website (without copying and pasting them, as this practice is detrimental to Google SEO).


How to become a reseller?

It’s easy !

  1. You send us the completed form below.

  2. Upon receipt, we will take note of all your information and send you a list of our prices offered for resale.
    We will also ask you for some information necessary to create a distributor account (company name, billing address, etc.)

  3. We create a distributor account for you quickly and free.

  4. You are ready to place your orders!
    To do this, send us an e-mail with the list of products you want.
    If your order is placed in the morning, we will do our best to dispatch it the same day!

You are interested?
Or you would like to have more informations?

Fill in the form below!
We will get back to you very soon.

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Free delivery after 150€ purchase

Delivery from 4 to 5 days

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