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The CLIMSOM mattress topper cools or warms your bed at the temperature you desire.
Air conditioners and heaters allow you to choose the temperature of your room but not of your bed or the surface of your own body.

Bringing coolness or warmth to your body at night can relieve numerous troubles and give you a new feeling of well-being in many situations.

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» Benefits of CLIMSOM
» Why cooling or heating your bed?

Climsom: a cooling solution when you have...

Sleep disorders
Studies show sleeping in a cool bed can help you fall asleep more easily, sleep better and more deeply, and wake up more well-rested... (read more...)
Heavy legs and venous insufficiency
Cold is a natural, effective remedy for heavy legs with a triple effect: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and vasoconstricting ... (read more...)
Menopause and hot flashes
Menopause often brings hot flashes, which can be unbearable at night.
Beyond hormonal treatments, Climsom is a natural way to live better during this time of your life... (read more...)
Summertime heat wave
Do you search for cool zones in your bed or flip your pillow to the cooler side when it gets hot?
Then you, like most sleepers, have experienced thermal discomfort. See how Climsom goes beyond conventional solutions like fans and air conditioning... (read more...)
Pregnant women must be careful to avoid extremes.
Hot flashes and night sweating are temporary, normal phenomena that the Climsom mattress topper can help reduce... (read more...)
Night sweats
Sweating happens when your body tries to thermoregulate itself. The water circulation of the Climsom mattress topper carries away that excess heat... (read more...)
Restless legs syndrome
The non-medicinal cooling thermotherapy from Climsom "seems to bring real relief both in terms of the quality of falling asleep and of leg movements that are often associated with restless legs syndrome." ... (read more...)
To survive and multiply, acarids and mites need heat and humidity. By cooling the mattress and limiting your night sweats, the Climsom mattress topper fights mites naturally... (read more...)
Alternative to air conditioning
Air conditioning systems are quickly becoming less and less traditional. See how Climsom can be an alternative or supplement to AC... (read more...)
Weight issues
People who are overweight or obese are particularly sensitive to excess heat at night.
Climsom can help you finally feel comfortable again... (read more...)
Thyroid and thermal discomfort
Thyroid and hormonal disturbances may be responsible for difficulty regulating body temperature.
Climsom, a thermoregulated mattress topper, can help... (read more...)
Cellulite and frigitherapy
Thanks to Climsom, you can benefit from frigitherapy in your own home, simply and as often as you wish... (read more...)

Climsom: a warming solution when you have...

Back pain
Climsom applies a constant warm temperature to the entire painful zone for as long as you like while you're lying on your bed... (read more...)
Cold feet in the wintertime
Heat your bed in advance with Climsom to get warm quickly once you're under the covers. The mattress pad will warm your bed in just a few minutes... (read more...)
Alternative to Electric blankets & water bottles
See why Climsom is an alternative to traditional warming blankets or hot water bottles and is a safe, efficient, and constant new-generation bed heater...(read more...)
How will you sleep tonight?

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