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The CLIMSOM mattress topper cools or warms your bed at the temperature you desire.
Air conditioners and heaters allow you to choose the temperature of your room but not of your bed or the surface of your own body.

Bringing coolness or warmth to your body at night can relieve numerous troubles and give you a new feeling of well-being in many situations.

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Study "CLIMSOM & Quality of Sleep"

Professor Damien Leger, from the Sleep and Vigilance Center of the Hotel Dieu in Paris conducted the first pilot study focusing on the relationship between sleep quality and temperature in the immediate sleeping environment: the bed.
The CLIMSOM mattress topper, whose temperature is adjustable to the exact degree, helped conduct this study and learn more about what can improve sleep quality...

Improvement of the quality of night: + 34%
Whether it is the delay in falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings or quality of awakening, the quality of the nights on the refreshing CLIMSOM mattress topper increased by 34% compared to nights without CLIMSOM.
Also, "the dynamism in the morning" has been improved by 48%. .

Improvement of the quality of day: + 19%
French Sleep Day 2011 has particularly insisted on problems of daytime sleepiness experienced by one person out of 5 at least 3 times per day.
States of sleepiness decreased significantly (-33%) among study subjects who used the thermoregulation bed device.
This improvement in daytime vigilance has a direct impact on improving overall quality of the day of 19% for these same subjects.

Quieter/ Calmer nights: -24,5% of nocturnal movement
The L5 is an indicator that reveals the calmest time of the night and corresponds to the most relaxing 5 hours. There was a decrease in nocturnal movements during L5 of 24.5% for the nights with CLIMSOM mattress pad.

Increase of sleep time: +23 minutes
The total sleep time is longer by 23 minutes in those who slept on the mattress CLIMSOM..
What Professor Léger says about CLIMSOM
"We know that for a good sleep, we must lose a degree of body temperature, and that, at this minimum temperature at night (between 2 and 5 am) corresponds the maximum recovering sleep. Facilitating the reduction of temperature could improve sleep and quality of sleep in some subjects.
This is precisely how CLIMSOM acts. In this preliminary study, we have been marked by the well-being felt by the majority of subjects during the night, with an increase of conductive sleep time, but also by the quality of awakening and vigilance. Although this pilot study shall be consolidated by a larger study, the recording of sleep by actigraphy shows a trend that indicates an improvement in the amount of sleep with CLIMSOM"

Professor Damien Léger

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