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The CLIMSOM mattress topper cools or warms your bed at the temperature you desire.
Air conditioners and heaters allow you to choose the temperature of your room but not of your bed or the surface of your own body.

Bringing coolness or warmth to your body at night can relieve numerous troubles and give you a new feeling of well-being in many situations.

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» Benefits of CLIMSOM
» Why cooling or heating your bed?
Cooling particularly can help relieve heavy legs, restless legs syndrome, hot flushes, and night sweats.

Indeed, cold has
analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and vasoconstrictor effects. Dr. Tamburini, the phlebologist behind CLIMSOM, explains how the cool relieves his patients in search of restful sleep for the right amount of time.

Reversible at will, the device also can produce heat to prepare your bed in cold weather, to relieve spasms, aches, and lumbagos, to recover after heavy exercise, and to relax.

Dormez paisiblement avec Climsom As CLIMSOM offers the ideal temperature directly to the sleeper, the air conditioning or heating of the bedroom can be turned down or even switched off. CLIMSOM, which uses very little energy, is also economically and ecologically sound.

CLIMSOM is on the forefront of new ways of sleeping and looking at nocturnal well-being.
We spend a substantial part of our lives resting, and our sleep affects the quality of our days and our lives. But we often don't give it the attention and importance it deserves. We would gain a lot by considering this.

We all have experienced a few profoundly repairing and peaceful nights. It should no longer be the exception but the habit. Night time well-being is a state that we all deserve. CLIMSOM can help us get there.
How will you sleep tonight?

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