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CLIMSOM calms restless legs syndrome at night.

By choosing your most comfortable temperature on the CLIMSOM mattress topper, you act both on spasms and on falling asleep.

Restless legs syndrome is still not fully understood, but it nonetheless concerns 8 percent of the population.
Climsom apaise les jambes sans repos
Sufferers feel an irresistible and even painful need to move, especially at the end of the day when it is time to rest. It particularly concerns the lower limbs but can also affect the arms and pelvis.

Dr. Pérémarty, a sleep specialist and graduate of the French Society of Sleep Research and Medicine, mentions the CLIMSOM non-medicinal cooling thermotherapy under "Impatiences and restless legs" on his site (French) "Sleep and general medicine". He says: "A system of air-conditioning the bed by means of a mattress topper connected to a small electric device offers an interesting and totally safe alternative to medicinal treatments by a natural process of water circulation". Looking forward to the first studies quantifying these results, Dr. Pérémarty adds, "The cooling of the bed seems to bring real relief both in terms of the quality of falling asleep and of leg movements that are often associated with restless legs syndrome."

More and more users are realizing CLIMSOM's benefits for these two complaints.
How will you sleep tonight?
Daniel L., Stenay

I am 61 years old. I bike (3,500-4,000 km a year), but it does not prevent me from suffering from restless legs syndrome to the point that I dreaded going to bed.
Awoken several times a night and in perpetual search for cool zones, my sleep was not restful.
My wife suffers from hot flashes due to menopause, which did not ease my search.
As my surgeon did not see the necessity of an operation, I decided, upon the advice of my angiologist, to buy a CLIMSOM mattress topper. From the first night, I found true comfort. I adjust the temperature between 24 and 26° C, and finally my nights are restful. Soon, my wife is going to test CLIMSOM for her hot flashes, but I admit that I don't want to part with my CLIMSOM!

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