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Heavy legs? CLIMSOM helps all night, every night

Do you suffer from heavy legs? For the first time, an innovative product cools the place where you sleep: the surface of the mattress where you stretch out every evening.
The coolness will immediately provide long-lasting relief for your heavy legs.
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CLIMSOM: nighttime comfort for heavy legs
If you suffer from night pains connected to heavy legs, you know that the existing solutions are restrictive and limited: cold showers and menthol gel. But they do have something in common: Cold relieves heavy legs.

Dr. Tamburini, the phlebologist, imagined applying this concept through localized air conditioning via CLIMSOM to relieve heavy legs.

Climsom et jambes lourdes - le triple effet du froid If you face heavy legs, CLIMSOM offers unprecedented comfort with a triple effect:

Analgesic: Cold is one of the best natural painkillers. Take, for example, cooling sprays used by athletes on muscle injuries. The relief is immediate and long-lasting as long as the sensation of coolness is present on your heavy legs.

Anti-inflammatory: Cold acts on the four main signs of inflammation connected to heavy legs: redness, heat, swelling, and pain. It also limits bruises and edema.

Vasoconstriction: Cold has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation by slightly reducing the width of the blood vessels. It keeps the blood from stagnating by revitalizing the venous network in your legs.

CLIMSOM is an effective and easy solution for the comfort of your heavy legs. It requires very little effort: Choose a comfortably cool temperature, and let the soothing effect take place. The CLIMSOM mattress topper is at the same time useful for more active uses such as massage and physical exercise and treatments against heavy legs, such as phlebotonics.
How will you sleep tonight?
François V., Thionville

My phlebologist diagnosed me with a venous incapacity.
I suffer from pains and intense heat in both legs, sometimes associated with cramps at night that disrupted my sleep. I was able to try CLIMSOM for a short period. It radically modified my sleep, making it deeper. My symptoms disappeared thanks to the cool brought by the mattress topper. After speaking with my doctor, he explained to me the analgesic effects of the cold and the effects of vasoconstriction on the veins. I plan to purchase CLIMSOM for myself very soon.

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