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Heavy legs? CLIMSOM helps all night, every night

Do you suffer from heavy legs? For the first time, an innovative product cools the place where you sleep: the surface of the mattress where you stretch out every evening.
The coolness will immediately provide long-lasting relief for your heavy legs.

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Venous insufficiency and heavy legs
The human body constantly works to bring several liters of blood from our feet toward our heart via our network of veins.

It sometimes happens – and is increasingly common – that this venous return fails. This leads to venous insufficiency or heavy legs, which manifest themselves through various symptoms: a heavy feeling in the lower limbs, stabbing pains, cramps, restlessness, and swollen feet.

Climsom apaise les jambes lourdes One out of three persons is affected by heavy legs. Heavy legs concern both men and women, but women are three times as likely to be affected. The complications connected to heavy legs can begin in adolescence.

Often, patients suffering from heavy legs mention legs feeling like stakes, lead, or wood and the whole rhythm of life being affected: difficulty getting out of bed, waking up in the middle of the night, difficulty kneeling or going up staircases, stress, nervousness, irritability, etc.

Heavy legs can gradually lead to painful and unsightly situations, such as varicose veins. Thus it is advisable to consult a specialist and to modify your lifestyle.
If you suffer from heavy legs at night, CLIMSOM can help you like nothing has before.
CLIMSOM and heavy legs, see next page: CLIMSOM for comfort at night.
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