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Summer heat wave? CLIMSOM is the first localized air conditioning

For the first time, this innovative product allows you to cool the place where you sleep: the surface of your mattress.

In summer, the heat of the air in the bedroom added to that of the human body often makes sleeping difficult.

Do you search for cool zones in your bed or turned your pillow to the cooler side?
Then you, like most sleepers, have experienced "thermal discomfort".
This thermal discomfort slows down your falling asleep, provokes frequent waking, and increases night sweating, which creates agitation and difficulty waking up in the morning.

Before CLIMSOM, the solutions were imperfect or incomplete:
  • A fan is only blows hot air.
  • An air conditioner effectively cools the bedroom but not the bed or anyone in it.
  • Certain mattress brands offer innovative fibers that retain or evacuate physical heat to allow a certain thermoregulation, but it doesn't bringing a additional, exterior source of coolness, which is nevertheless the key to relief and well-being.

  • Climsom sur-matelas rafraichissant contre la canicule Beyond these notions of pleasure and comfort, when we know that several thousand people die from the heat every summer, a solution needs to be offered, especially to the most fragile of us. CLIMSOM allows continuous thermal control during sleep..

    You will use your CLIMSOM in every season to correct a temperature that is too cool or too warm because of numerous factors, such as outside temperature and heating but also health, stress, and more.
    How will you sleep tonight?

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