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Menopause and hot flashes?
The CLIMSOM mattress topper adapts the temperature of your bed for your comfort.

For the first time, this innovative product allows you to cool the place where you sleep: the surface of the mattress on which you sleep at night.

Menopause often comes with hot flashes, which are particularly difficult to bear at night. Menopause concerns approximately one out of three women, and about half face hot flashes and episodes of night sweating.

Climsom sur-matelas rafraichissant apaise les bouffées de chaleur Beyond hormonal treatments, you look for natural ways to live better. For nighttime, CLIMSOM is an ideal solution.

According to your state, you can choose a cool temperature that is comfortable for you, and you will feel the benefits directly on your body. The coolness will have a calming and long-lasting effect on you at once.
How will you sleep tonight?
Armelle T., Viterne (gynécologue)

I have gone through menopause, and in spite of a hormonal treatment, I still sometimes have hot flashes at night that wake me up.
Besides, I always liked sleeping in cool sheets. I tried CLIMSOM. I adjust at 24° C with a start deferred by two hours.
Since then, I do not wake up at night anymore, and I do not have to look for cool zones in my bed during the night!

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