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Benefit from heavy legs and cellulite treatment with CLIMSOM!

Frigitherapy is a cellulite and heavy legs treatment practices in spas and beauty centers.
With CLIMSOM, enjoy a frigitherapy treatment in your own home.

Frigitherapy and cellulite
Three principal factors are at the origin of the problems of cellulite: overweight, hormonal (some contraceptive pills for example) and vascular (poor circulation).
Aqueous cellulite due to poor circulation accounts for one-third of all cellulite cases.

One treatment for cellulite caused by poor circulation is frigitherapy, or cold wrap which is generally practices in spas and beauty centers.

Traditionally, it consists of wrapping the affected area (usually in the lower body) with bands soaked in a cooling solution, which generally contains camphor or menthol and is kept at approximately 15° C (59° F) approximately.
The cold associated with vasoconstriction supports blood circulation, helps fight against circulatory insufficiencies, such as varicose veins and aqueous cellulite, tones, and firms.
By helping blood circulation, frigitherapy helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.
A session generally lasts 30 minutes.

CLIMSOM: frigitherapy in your own home
Climsom est un soin anti-cellulite et anti-jambes lourdes Thanks to CLIMSOM, you can benefit from frigitherapy in your own home very simply and as often as you wish:

  • Program your CLIMSOM at 18° C (64° F) before lying down on the mattress topper.
  • Apply a mentholated gel to the problem areas (hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc.). This gel will work with the CLIMSOM for optimal results.
  • Lie on your stomach and on your back for 15 minutes each. You can even remain longer, simply enjoying the comfort of your bed and profiting from the many beneficial effects of CLIMSOM. You can carry out these sessions before going to sleep and then, just before sleeping, apply a more moderate temperature (23-25° C, 73-77° F) in order to benefit from heavy legs and cellulite treatment all night.
    Keep in mind that your body temperature is about 35° C (95° F) at night and it is the temperature differential that causes the cool feeling.

    With CLIMSOM, discover an easy way to improve your figure and get lighter, firmer legs.
    Make the results even more dramatic and long-lasting by combining CLIMSOM with exercise and a balanced diet.

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