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» The testimonies of real CLIMSOM users
» A word from Dr. Tamburini, the vein specialist behind CLIMSOM

Dr Philippe Tamburini I have been a vein specialist and angiologist for about 25 years.
Between the months of April and September, about half of all consultations in my practice concerns disrupted sleep problems caused by pain in the lower limbs in patients suffering from venous insufficiency. This can involve difficulty in falling asleep because of pain in the legs or waking up several times a night due to these pains.

Each patient asks the same question : "Doctor, what do you suggest in order to relieve the pain at night?"
When you have exhausted the traditional and effective but insufficient treatments to find comfort at night and when have you adopted the lifestyle recommendations, you are left with the “good old remedies" such as cold showers or menthol gel. We know that cold provides quick relief due to its longstanding properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and vasoconstriction.

I thus dreamt of a system with an "water-conditioned" mattress topper that is simple to install, affordable, and universal. After years of experimentation, I met two businessmen who specialize in innovative products and were sensitive to the potential of the project as well as its human dimension. The project gradually became reality. The CLIMSOM mattress topper is simple and effective and does not require you to change bedding.

I now receive testimonials from users who start having nights of restful sleep and “come alive again.” It is a true pleasure for a healthcare professional. I am also delighted to see that this product goes beyond my profession and expectations because the thermoregulation that powers CLIMSOM helps us discover new uses in many situations in addition to patients with venous insufficiency.

Moreover, I myself have a moderate case of restless legs syndrome. During flare-ups, CLIMSOM is particularly helpful for me. I think that science will gain from studying this device as well as thermoregulation of the sleep environment.

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