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Zenspire+ V2 - Cardiac coherence

Zenspire+ V2

Zenspire+ V2 - Cardiac coherence

Zenspire+ V2
Practice cardiac coherence easily with Zenspire+!
Let light, vibration or sound guide your breathing to help you control stress and get back to sleep.
Scientifically recognised natural anti-stress and pro-sleep solution
3 breathing programmes + 3 bonuses
Vibration mode: massaging and relaxing effect
Nomad: rechargeable battery
Not connected: no wifi or Bluetooth, no need for a smartphone or mobile app


Find calm and well-being in just 5 minutes with Zenspire +

Feeling stressed, anxious or nervous?

Cardiac coherence is the simplest, quickest and most effective approach to reduce your stress.
Neuroscientists have been saying this for decades.

And the Zenspire+ is the simplest, quickest and most effective way of practising cardiac coherence.

Regain control of your emotions and physiology with Zenspire+ and breathe to the rhythm of this small device.
Guided by the pulses of light and vibration or sound, your breathing gains in amplitude and soothes your heart and mind.

In just 5 minutes, stress, anxiety and anger fade away. You regain calm and control.
Immediately your cortisol (stress hormone) levels fall and your DHEA (youth hormone) levels rise.
And the effects last for 5 to 6 hours after each session. That's why 5 minutes 3 times a day is ideal.


Tired of thinking at night?

Even though you're tired and your whole body is crying out for sleep, you still can't fall asleep.
You keep running over the to-do list in your head, thinking about that problem at work, wondering if you've turned off the light in the corridor... It's time to put an end to this mental outburst!

Lying down in bed, place the Zenspire+ in the palm of your hands and breathe into the rhythm of the vibrations. Inhale on the first beat, exhale on the second... the longer the session goes on, the quieter your mind becomes. At the end of the session, the device stops automatically while you are already in the arms of Morpheus or about to succumb to it...

As the Zenspire is made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, there's no risk of you or your child falling asleep in it.

Cardiac coherence: calm the heart to calm the mind

Discovered by American researchers and popularised by Dr David Servan-Schreiber, cardiac coherence aims to calm the heart in order to calm the emotional brain. It's a powerful stress-reliever with long-term benefits: better emotional management, boosted cognitive capacity, improved concentration, enhanced immunity...

But to do that, you need to adopt the right breathing rhythm!
At rest, we breathe 12 to 15 times per minute, whereas cardiac coherence corresponds to 6 breaths per minute.
Zenspire+ is the solution for extending your breathing and achieving cardiac coherence effortlessly, because all you have to do is follow the rhythm given to you by Zenspire.

With practice, entering cardiac coherence will become more and more natural and you'll be able to do it at any time, with or without Zenspire.



In his 2003 book "Healing stress, anxiety and depression without medication or psychoanalysis", Dr David Servan-Shreiber first mentioned the benefits of cardiac coherence:

"The results obtained by men and women who have discovered coherence and practise it regularly are almost too good to be true. Controlling anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, increasing DHEA levels, stimulating the immune system: it's not just a question of slowing down the ageing process, but of truly rejuvenating the physiology!
However, the amplitude of the results corresponds to the amplitude of the physical and psychological damage linked to stress: if stress can do so much harm, it only half surprises me that its inner control can do so much good".

The impact of heart activity on brain function has been clinically proven by scientists at the HeartMath Institute in the United States. The signals sent by an irregular heartbeat (when under stress, for example) interfere with our ability to think clearly, memorise, learn and make effective decisions. Conversely, a stable heart rate has a positive effect on the way we perceive, think and act.

In fact, cardiac coherence is one of the main recommendations of the French Federation of Cardiology for reducing stress.



By facilitating the practice of cardiac coherence, Zenspire+ helps to :

- reduce cortisol, the stress hormone
- increase DHEA, the youth hormone
- improve emotional management
- reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety
- lower blood pressure
- improved weight management
- improve immunity
- increase energy and resilience
- increase intellectual and creative capacities
- improve concentration and alertness.


Results from the 1st session:

Zenspire has also been tested for effectiveness at Grenoble University Hospital (France). Here are the results obtained after just 5 minutes of cardiac coherence:

  • 75% of participants felt a sense of well-being
  • 85% noted a reduction in their stress levels
  • 96% said Zenspire helped relax their muscles
  • 94% said Zenspire helped them fall asleep.



The strength of Zenspire+ lies in its simplicity: you don't have to do anything except relax and follow the rhythm of a light accompanied by a sound or vibration for a few minutes.

In practical terms :

- choose your programme (the different breathing rhythms and their effects are specified in the user manual) and the type of indication (light/sound/vibration) you want Zenspire to give you.
- breathe in and out as Zenspire tells you (Zenspire stops itself when the session is over).

And that's it!

And because stress never warns, Zenspire+ has been designed to go everywhere with you.

Thanks to its small size (8.5 cm diameter half-sphere) and hard carrying case, Zenspire+ is there when you need it most.

Your breathing coach will find its place:

  • in your bag to recharge your energy wherever you are
  • on your desk to take the pressure off when you're feeling stressed
  • on your bedside table to help you fall asleep.

2 stress self-assessment rulers are included with each Zenspire+ so you can see the immediate benefits of the session on your well-being.



To experience the full benefits of cardiac coherence, we recommend practising at least 2 times a day and ideally 3 times a day:

  • first thing in the morning, to get your day off to a good start
  • in the middle of the day to boost your vitality
  • in the early evening after your day's work to "come down" and enjoy the effect throughout the evening
  • and/or, as required, at bedtime to ease the transition to sleep


Helps you fall asleep

  • Place the Zenspire + on your abdomen and breathe to the rhythm of the vibration. Belly massage + deep breathing = guaranteed relaxation!

  • Are you used to falling asleep on your stomach? Zenspire + can be used in any sleeping position with your eyes closed.
    Choose the Sleep programme and Vibration mode, then breathe while holding Zenspire+ in your hand.

  • Wake up at night? The programme you used at bedtime will remain in your memory, so it's easy to restart a cardiac coherence session to get back to sleep.


KIDS program from age 5

Is your child having trouble falling asleep? Having trouble concentrating?

Zenspire has a KIDS programme (from the age of 5) to help them calm down.

From early childhood to adolescence, to discover relaxation or control the stress of exams, Zenspire accompanies the whole family on a daily basis.

The kit includes 2 stress self-assessment rulers that can be used before and after a session.


Works without batteries or connection. No electromagnetic waves. No blue light.
No need for a smartphone or mobile application. No screen, microphone, Bluetooth or WiFi.
3 support modes to choose from depending on your sensitivity: light only, light and vibration, light and sound.

Zenspire dimensions8.5 cm diameter half-sphere / 3.4'
Weight150 g / 0.3 lbs
MaterialHypoallergenic silicone
What's in the box?Hard case made from recycled materials, USB C charging cable, user manual with lots of exercises, 2 stress self-assessment rulers, eye mask.
UseSingle ON/OFF button with memory function, automatic stop at end of program, no wifi or Bluetooth
Battery1200mAh - 3.7V lithium battery with charge indicator
Battery autonomy12 hours
Breathing programsRelax, Sleep, Kids + 3 bonus : Balance, Energy, Concentration
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Customer Reviews
Détente posted the 07/04/2023 by Florence Freitas
Le Zenspire est très efficace contre mes crises d'angoisse, il m'aide un peu moins à m'endormir, mais il m'aide à me calmer

zenspire posted the 28/12/2022
très bonne idée . facile à utiliser .

Satisfaite du Zenspire+ posted the 23/12/2022 by Mary
Le Zenspire+ me permet de pratiquer la cohérence cardiaque plus facilement. J'aime l'utiliser en mode vibrations.

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