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Coolpad Crystal - Firm cooling pillow


Coolpad Crystal - Firm cooling pillow

An innovative cooling pillow that reduces nighttime sweating and aids in falling asleep: discover the Coolpad Crystal, a self-cooling cushion thanks to its 100% natural mini-crystals.
Refreshing pillow with mini crystals
Foldable, light and transportable
Firm and supple


The Coolpad Crystal pillow uses a new technology based on mini- crystals. In solid form originally mini crystals will gradually and slowly become liquid by absorbing body heat and refresh the user.

This new technology can absorb 25 times more heat than the same amount of water could. The crystals used are of exceptional quality : cut very thin, they are even more effective and comfortable.




Used with your regular pillow, Coolpad Crystal has to be placed on or under your pillow.

You can use the Crystal Coolpad directly against your skin or place it in a pillowcase. Make sure to lay it flat for a good distribution of crystals.

  • Excessive heat : Fresh and local delivery solution, the Coolpad Crystal can be used on the skin or in a pillowcase. An effective solution against hot pillows.
  • Hot flashes : Rapid thermal sensation of relief.
  • Headaches and migraines : Natural analgesic property of freshness.
  • Fever : Rapid and effective response to changing temperature.
  • Sleep : A cool temperature improves sleep.
  • Irritated skin : The cold calm inflammation, relieves eczema, allergies ...
  • Heavy legs and restless legs : Localized freshness for immediate relief.
  • Localized pain and sunburn : Fresh and immediate pain relief

For an extra cooling effect you can place your Coolpad Crystal in refrigerator for 2 hours.

Size45 x 45 cm
Weight1.6 kg / 2.2 pounds
NormsHypoalergenic, non toxic crystals
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Customer Reviews
Bouffées de chaleur et jambes sans repos posted the 01/05/2024 by MAUFAY Sylvie
Très efficace pour moi, car j'ai des bouffées de chaleur la nuit et cela me permet de retrouver le sommeil plus rapidement. J'en ai offert à ma soeur qui souffre des jambes sans repos et elle trouve que ça la soulage beaucoup !

très bon produit posted the 15/09/2023 by Meunier
quand il y a la canicule , impossible de dormir car j'ai chaud à la tête, ce matelas permet en un instant d'avoir une bonne sensation de fraîcheur, et sa matière est supportable , et la fraîcheur dure au moins 1H 30 à 2 H.

Enfin contente !!! posted the 14/09/2023 by Marie-Claude
Quelle différence avec le premier coolpad que j'ai eu ! Adieu les problèmes de répartition du gel rencontrés auparavant : la formule paillettes plutôt que gel c'est une avancée que j'apprécie tous les jours

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