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Cooling travel cushion for dogs


Cooling travel cushion for dogs

The refreshing travel cushion keeps your dog cool and prevents him from getting hot while travelling. A practical travel size that provides thermal and joint comfort.
The travel size of the refreshing mat!
A cool cushion to take anywhere
Comfort, softness, freshness
K&H Coolin’Pet Pad


The Cooling Pet works like the Cool Bed III, it's just designed so you can take it anywhere and keep your dog cool in any situation: at home, in the car, on the balcony...

In the summer, when temperatures are scorching, it's easy for your dog to become overheated.
Thanks to your cooling cushion, protect your dog from heat stroke by offering him a comfortable and soft cushion.

The Cooling Pet Pad is designed to keep your dog cool. The interior is made of foam that absorbs water to become soft and cool.
You only need to fill your canine cushion once with water so that it is absorbed by the foam. The Cooling Pet Pad then cools itself in the open air.
The difference between the temperature of your dog and the temperature of the pad makes it feel cool.


coussin rafraichissant de voyage pour chien

  • Thermal comfort

By absorbing excess heat, Cooling Pet Pad provides your dog with coolness both in summer when temperatures and the risk of heat stroke are high, and in winter in an often overheated home.
Cooling Pet Pad thus allows your pet to find thermal comfort in all seasons.

  • Physical and articular comfort

The softness of the cooling canine mat will bring comfort and well-being to all dogs and especially to those suffering from joint problems, muscular pain, pelvic pain or skin problems (the cooling effect is anti-inflammatory and anti-pain).

Cooling Pet Pad for dogs measures 38x51cm (15x20") and is suitable for all sizes of dogs.
Its small size makes it practical and very easy to carry. It has to be filled with 4 litres of water, so it weighs only 4kg (9lbs).


Simply add the quantities of water indicated in the instructions, let the foam absorb the water and then vacuum the air.
Your canine mat is fresh and ready!
You can empty it and leave it to dry when not in use so that it can be stored without difficulty.

Tip (optional):
Put a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in the water each time you refill your Cooling Pet Pad and in the foam when you have emptied your mat before putting it away (and when the foam is dry).
This oil is naturally anti-bacterial and non-toxic. You can use other essential oils such as lavender or tea tree (a few drops are sufficient).


The Cooling Pet is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, easy to care for and provides your dog with a cool, soft and comfortable place for his comfort and well-being!

Remember that heat stroke in dogs can be fatal.
Don't leave your dog in the sun in the back of your car, even with a cooling dog bed.

Size38x51cm / 15x20"
CompositionFoam and hypoallergenic and non-toxic medical plastic
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Customer Reviews
tres bien pour les voyages posted the 24/09/2017 by axelle
tapis de voyage bien pratique pour mon cocker. en le mettant sur le siège arrière de ma voiture, il n'y a pas photo, mon chien se met dessus et il tire moins la langue. Ca fait 3 fois qu'on part en vacances avec et pas de problème, ça tient. Du coup j'ai aussi acheté la version pour la maison et mon chien s'y met aussi souvent

Agréable pour le chien mais malheureusement peu solide posted the 19/06/2017 by Laurence L
Ce tapis est très agréable pour le chien, contrairement au canine cooler elles viennent se mettre toute seule dessus, la matière ressemble plus à du tissus et doit leur paraître plus agréable. J'ai 2 carlins qui adorent les coussins. Par contre comme le canine coller ça se "perce" vraiment rapidement et c'est très dommage. J'en ai acheté 2 en septembre 2016 et même pas au bout d'un an et sans utilisation excessive ils fuient .. je suis très déçue sur ce point. J'avais Read moreacheté un canine cooler l'année d'avant qui n'avait pas non plus durer 1 an , la couture s'était ouverte. Je vais tout de même en racheter 2 pour cet été parce que mes chiens sont fragiles et j'en ai besoin mais du coup vu la faible qualité je trouve le prix excessif. Peut être prévoir des rustines?

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