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Pack Rapid Sleep: Sleep Quickly and Well!


Pack Rapid Sleep: Sleep Quickly and Well!

Falling asleep quickly and naturally? It's possible by combining the relaxation of Climsom Zen acupressure with plant-based melatonin Herbatonin2, the sleep hormone!
1 Climsom Zen acupressure mat + 1 box of plant-based melatonin
Speeds up falling asleep for restorative sleep
Acupressure mat with 100% organic textiles, Oeko-Tex certified
Natural and plant-based melatonin: 60 capsules of 1.95g = 60 days
Acupressure mat: 3 colors to choose from!

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A complete pack for quickly sleeping well!

Vegetal Melatonin Herbatonin2

Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in the absence of light. It sends the signal for falling asleep!
Its production is slowed down by artificial lights, especially blue lights.

Melatonin plays an essential role in the sleep cycle!
With age, its production decreases and can lead to sleep disorders.
However, everyone can have difficulty sleeping well at any age for various reasons!

As sleep specialists, we have selected the best natural and vegetal melatonin dietary supplement to help you sleep early and well.

Not sure which melatonin on the market to choose?

Pay attention to the origin of melatonin. It can be synthetic, natural from animal origin (usually pork), or natural from plant origin as is the case here.
Also, be vigilant about the composition of the products you find: some, especially on marketplaces like Amazon, contain toxic components like Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, croscarmellose sodium, or unhealthy components like sorbitol.
We guarantee that Herbatonin2 melatonin is 100% natural, 100% vegetal, and 100% free from any undesirable component.


Organic Acupressure Mat Climsom Zen

Acupressure releases endorphins and oxytocin: these two hormones of well-being will bring you an immediate sense of well-being, gradually leading you to an optimal state of relaxation.
Sessions on your acupressure mat will also quickly relieve your pain and reduce your stress, two elements that cause sleep disturbances.
By freeing yourself from them, you will fall asleep faster and enjoy a restorative sleep!
According to a survey conducted among our acupressure users, a quarter have equipped themselves with an acupressure mat to improve their sleep, with a satisfaction rate of 97%! For a third, the effects were felt from the first session, and within a few days for nearly half!

The Climsom Zen acupressure mat allows you to enjoy all the benefits of acupressure with a 100% organic cotton cover and a 100% organic coconut fiber mat. 

The Climsom Zen acupressure mat includes 210 discs of 33 acupressure points, totaling 6930 points.
The number of points, their shape, and the spacing between the discs make up a more important harmonious whole than the numbers themselves.
Thus, it is important not to have too few or too many points.
Indeed, too few points will make the experience painful, while too many points will make it less effective because each individual point will exert less pressure, necessary for the effectiveness of acupressure.



Do you have sleep problems or insomnia?

Acupressure is suitable for everyone, young and old alike. Completely natural and without any side effects, acupressure is like yoga, a discipline that helps maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body and can be practiced year-round for preventive effects and daily well-being!

By releasing endorphins and relaxing muscles, acupressure will help you relax. Improving blood circulation will bring a comforting warmth throughout your body, gradually leading you to an optimal state of relaxation.

Natural and plant-based melatonin will help you fall asleep quickly, taking effect within 30 minutes!
It will also improve the quality of your sleep by preventing unwanted awakenings.
If you work irregular hours or travel, Herbatonin2 helps regulate your biological clock by initiating sleep at the desired time.



Acupressure Mat:

To prepare for sleep, we recommend performing your acupressure session in the evening to maximize relaxation after your day. You can even place the acupressure mat directly on your bed to easily move it aside when you feel sleep approaching.

The Climsom Zen mat comes with detailed instructions and a carrying bag for easy transport everywhere!
It uses a unique, safe, and completely natural method recognized by medicine.



How much to take?
Take one capsule daily, 30 minutes before bedtime, ideally just before your acupressure session.
Herbatonin2 is a natural extended-release supplement.

When to take it?
Take it when needed:
- Lingering fatigue: Take advantage of a lie-in morning to enjoy deep and restorative sleep!
- Persistent sleep disorders due to age, certain health conditions, or poor habits...
- Periods of intense stress: Moving, exams, work...
- Rotating work schedules: Professions with shift work such as 2x8 or 3x8 shifts.
- Seasonal changes: The infamous switch to daylight saving time that costs us 1 hour of sleep!
- Change of place or bedding: Some people only sleep well at home!
- Jet lag: Especially when traveling eastward, your biological clock is disrupted. It's midnight in Sydney, but it's still 2 PM for you! Vegetal melatonin helps adjust to this new schedule.

Acupressure mat size and weight72x42cm // 28.3"x16.5" - 950g // 1.5lbs
Number of acupressure discs210
Number of acupressure spikes33 per disc, 6930 spikes in total
External compositionOrganic cotton cover. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic plastics.
Internal composition100% organic coconut fiber, healthy and non-allergenic
Acupressure contraindicationsNot recommended in case of pregnancy, haemophilia, taking anti-coagulant drugs, thrombosis or phlebitis. In general, in case of medical situation, ask your doctor for advice.
StandardCE standard
Supplied witha detailed accompanying booklet and a carry bag
Herbatonin2 : quantity of melatonin1.95 mg of plant-based melatonin per capsule - 117 mg per bottle
Number of capsules60 capsules of 390 mg, packaged in a bottle
Composition per 1 capsuleHerbatonin (100:1): rice extract (oryza sativa), alfalfa extract (medicago sativa), and Chlorella pyrenoidosa extract (totaling 195 mg for these 3 elements), Filling agent: organic rice starch (120 mg)
100% vegetable capsulesPullulan capsules (100% vegetable with a manufacturing process that requires no chemical agents) 1 capsule per day 30 minutes before bedtime
Directions for use1 capsule per day 30 minutes before bedtime
Precautions for useIf you are taking medication or have lymphoproliferative disorder, consult your doctor. Due to the presence of alfalfa extract, we are required in France to add the mention "not recommended for women with personal or family history of breast cancer," although melatonin appears to have the opposite effect. Not applicable in other countries.
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Customer Reviews
Excellent posted the 10/08/2023 by Brigitte
J utilise mon tapis tous les soirs pour m endormir, je l emmene partout, m a permis de retroyver le sommeil apaisé sans avoir recours au somnifere que je prenais tous les jours, et que j ai supprimé progressivement, et maintenant depuis plusieurs mois je dors vraiment bien, je reste environ 30 a 45 mn, je lis, et des que je sens le sommeil arrivé, je range mon tapis, et je m endors rapidement, je vais en commander un pour mon mari qui ne Read moredort qu avec des somniferes

Tapis de fleurs posted the 09/08/2023 by Isabelle
Dispositif vivement recommandé par mon kinésithérapeute ... Les premières séances sont courtes et très inconfortables, comme prévu ... Mais la régularité et la persévérance font des merveilles: un vrai bien-être commence à se faire sentir !

Conquise ! posted the 28/04/2023 by Pascale B
Je n'avais jamais entendu parler du tapis d'acupression jusqu'à ce que ma kiné m'invite à en faire l'achat, et je dois dire qu'elle a dû s'y reprendre en plusieurs fois car je n'aime pas les gadgets. Dès le premier essai j'ai été conquise : passé les premières minutes de picotement, je ressens une douce chaleur et un sentiment de détente jusqu'à l'endormissement. C'est vraiment bluffant ! Certes le moment où je m'allonger et celui où je me relève restent désagréables, mais entre ces 2 Read moretemps c'est la détente parfaite. Je l'utilise quotidiennement le soir, dans mon lit et sans vêtements, sous la partie haute du dos jusqu'aux cervicales et parfois aussi sous les jambes pour calmer les impatiences. Mon époux l'utilise également, au moment de la sieste et en tee shirt. Je trouve ce tapis merveilleux car le dos est une zone difficile d'accès pour les massages, alors que beaucoup de tensions s'y concentrent. Du point de vue thérapeutique, je ne peux cependant pas dire à ce jour que cela ait diminué ma contraction dans les trapèzes et mes douleurs d'épaules. J'ai un point d'amélioration à suggérer quant au sac de transport en lin, que je trouve peu adapté à la forme du tapis. Dommage car je voyage beaucoup et je souhaite l'emporter avec moi dans ma vie de nomade.

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