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Eye Massager Climsom Zen

Climsom Zen

Eye Massager Climsom Zen

Climsom Zen
Take care of your eyes and relax with the Eye Massager Climsom Zen! It relieves eye strain, migraines, helps get rid of dark circle and eye bags, reduces stress and helps you fall asleep.
Action on the eyes contour and temples
Premium Massager : efficient, comfortable, elegant with luxury finishes
5 massage modes / 3 sound atmospheres / Bluetooth mode
Fits all facial shapes
30-day Money Back Guarantee!


Aggressive lights, computer or phone screens: our eyes are over-solicited day after day!
The result: dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, dullness, dark circles and bags under the eyes... 

Thanks to its targeted action around the eyes and temples, the Eye Massager Climsom Zen provides an ultra-relaxing effect to relieve eye strain and headaches, improving the quality of your sleep while taking care of your eye area. 

And, to top it all off, a session with this massager is a pure moment of relaxation and happiness!




5 massage modes: choose your



The Eye Massager Climsom Zen offers 5 massage modes combining air pressure massage, heat diffusion and vibration massage:

1. Tonic massage : air pressure + heat diffusion + vibration
2. Eye contour beauty massage : air pressure + heat diffusion
3. Eye care massage : air pressure + vibration
4. Massage for sleep : heat diffusion
5. Relaxing massage : air pressure





Create your own music atmosphere


The Eye Massage includes 3 music atmospheres to relax and escape just a moment: ”seaside”, “nature” and “zen”.
You can also listen to your own music thanks to the Bluetooth mode. 

If you prefer enjoying your massage without any sound or music, just turn it off easily!




Bring it everywhere with you!

Home, office, parks... With its rechargeable battery and its 2-hours autonomy (8 massage sessions!), take the Eye Massage wherever you want!
It also folds up to 180°C, making it easy to carry with you.

No wires or bulky remote control!


High quality for a long-lasting device

Behind the marketing speeches of many sites, a good way to spot the low quality of products is to look at their level of finishes... The Climsom Zen Eye Massager guarantees efficiency, comfort and elegance thanks to its careful and long-lasting finishes.

With its neutral colours that invite you to relax, the Eye Massager offers an elegant and ergonomic design. The inner surface (the one directly in contact with your eyes) is made of a comfortable, breathable and easy-to-clean leatherette.

User-friendly and intuitive, the Eye Massager has only 3 control buttons: a first one to turn on the device and choose the desired massage mode, a second one to choose the sound atmosphere and a third one to adjust the volume. A voice and a control screen guide you in its use.

The Eye Massager fits all shapes of faces thanks to its adjustable elastic band and its degree of opening and closing that adapts to the curves of your face.

High technology for relaxation!
- integrated heating cushions with soothing heat between 38° and 42°C
- 6 intelligent massage airbags with 60 kilopascals of pressure
- vibration massage to target reflex zones around the eyes and temples




Eye reflexology

The Eye Massager is based on the principles of eye reflexology by activating the reflex zones around the eyes and temples, such as :

- Jing Ming (1V), Si Bai (2E), Zan Zhu (2V), Cheng Qi (1E) : relieve eye problems linked to an external cause (redness, swelling, tearing, itching, blurred vision, etc.).
- Tai yang (Ex-HN5) : relieves headaches, those felt after a day in front of screens for example.
- Si Zhu Kong (23 TF) : relieves headaches, migraines, ophthalmic migraines, dizziness, and eyelid or eyebrow twitching.

- Helps to relax your eyes and reduce eye strain
- Relieves dry eyes
- Protects against chronic and muscular tension
- Relieves sinus pressure to prevent colds and sinusitis



Natural anti-aging solution

Used regularly, this eye massager will :

  • stimulate and tone facial tissues
  • boost blood microcirculation 
  • boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity

As a result, a skin less marked by fatigue, wrinkles, bags and dark circles.

An aid to falling asleep

The Eye Massager helps to relax the muscles and nerves for a relaxing and anti-stress effect.
Relaxed, you will fall asleep faster and your sleep will be much more restful.

  • Reduces stress by providing deep relaxation
  • Makes it easier to fall asleep
  • Improves your sleep: deeper, more restful


  1. Remove contact lenses or glasses, adjust the mask to your head with the adjustable band.
    Depending on the tightness, the massage will be more or less intense.
  2. Choose a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.
  3. Turn on the device, close your eyes and... enjoy!

The Eye Massager runs on a rechargeable battery: before the first use, it must be charged with the USB cable provided.

Best moments to use the Eye Massager?

  • After long hours in front of a screen (computer, television, smartphone, etc.) to eliminate eye strain from work, study or video games
  • After an intense moment of concentration to clear your mind and start again
  • To rest eyes that are tired from wearing contact lenses
  • When you feel the first signs of a headache
  • To prevent and reduce ophthalmic migraines
  • As a preventive measure to relieve daily tensions
  • Just before going to bed, so that you can fall into a deep and restful sleep
  • Or simply when you feel the need to take a break!

How long should I use the Eye Massager?

The default massage time is 15 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, the device switches automatically off.
You can restart a session if you feel the need, even though one session is usually enough to fully experience the benefits of the massage.




30-day Money Back Guarantee

Test the Eye Massager and discover all its benefits!

As part of our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you can return the Eye Massager within 30 days of receipt if you are not completely satisfied.
We ask you to first send us an email to, we will then give you the return address. Once you have received the product (Eye Massager in its original box and packaging with all its accessories), you will be refunded for your order. Please keep the packaging box when you receive it!

Sizes21 cm (16 cm once folded) / 8.27 inches (6.30 inches once folded)
Weight354 grams / 0.78 pound
Charging modeMicro usb - rechargeable lithium battery (USB charging cable included)
Charging time3 to 5 hours
Massage techniques3 : air pressure / heat / vibration
Massage modes5 combinations
Music3 sound atmospheres / Bluetooth mode
What's in the box ?Eye Massager + micro usb cable + user manual (English/French) + storage box
CleaningUse clean water and wet cloth to wipe the dirty surface. Don’t use alcohol and other volatile liquid to wipe.
ContraindicationsEye diseases (glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, conjunctivitis...).
Heart disease, following a stroke or eye surgery.
Hypertension, hypotension, high sensitivity to heat, children and pregnant women.
Do not use in an environment subject to excessive temperature or humidity.
Users subject to sensitive skins, facial allergic dermatitis, facial cosmetic surgery are advised to use the product under the guidance of doctors.
Size of the bow23x15x10 cm / 10x6x4 inches
User manual Download the Eye Massager user manual
(*) Free delivery for Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland when above 149 €.
The delivery cost is deducted for the total sum to pay.
Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
Tellement agréable posted the 23/05/2024 by Chantdeco
Dès le 1er essai, j'ai été conquise par le bien-être du massage ; c'est apaisant. Je l'ai même prêté à une amie pour qu'elle le teste, et elle a été enchantée comme moi. Un seul petit bémol, la position au-dessus du nez est un peu gênante, parfois marquante. Je recommande ce massage oculaire sans problème.

La pause détente posted the 17/01/2024 by Lisa
Je suis très satisfaite de cette achat ! Que ce soit pour la fatigue oculaire ou tout simplement pour un moment de détente, ce masseur pour les yeux s'est avéré être très efficace et apaisant. Les différentes intensités de massage et la chaleur agréable ont un effet immédiat sur moi. Peut-être un peu bruyant (notamment les vibrations) mais ce n’est pas gênant avec les sons intégrés ou sa propre musique (ou méditation !).

très relaxant posted the 16/11/2023 by sylvie
je n'ai pas essayé moi même, il s'agit d'un cadeau pour quelqu'un, mais les retours sont que la personne apprécie bcp et le fait quasiment tous les jours.

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