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Acupressure and reflexology cushion


Acupressure and reflexology cushion

Better than an acupressure mat for the feet! The Climsom Zen acu-reflexology cushion effectively stimulates the arch of the foot and boosts blood circulation thanks to its adapted pimples. Organic textile.
An easy and effective self-massage for tired feet and heavy legs
Ideal bounce to simulate walking and activate blood circulation
100% organic cotton cover, high density inner foam
Supplied with an instruction manual and a carry bag


Organic cotton, hypoallergenic plastic


A new approach to relieve leg and foot pain, to recover from long days at work or after sports sessions...
And to offer yourself a moment of relaxation while, sitting, you go about your business.

Better than an acupressure mat for the feet: the 3 advantages of the acupressure foot reflexology cushion!

1. Suitable spikes
Have you ever tried standing on an acupressure mat? The feeling in the arch of the foot is really painful!
On the other hand, sitting with your feet on the acupressure mat has very little feeling and is therefore disappointing.
This is why the Climsom Zen acu-reflexology cushion has sharper spikes than our acupressure mats and cushions to better stimulate your arch while sitting!

2. A soft cushion
The acu-reflexology cushion has a memory foam for a mechanical massage that is not only effective but also very pleasant!
In the centre of the cushion, a more rounded part will allow you to target the arch of the foot easily and in a pleasant way.
Like an anti-stress ball, you can press the cushion with your feet and relax in the process. A spring effect for a relaxing self-massage thanks to a high density foam!

3. An active approach
Unlike an acupressure mat where you are immobilised during your session, the acu-reflexology cushion can be used while doing other things (reading, watching television and why not teleworking!).
It allows you to stimulate the underside of your feet, not only by its spikes but also by your own mechanical walking movement.
Thanks to this stimulation, you will release your deep tensions on your whole body and experience a deep moment of relaxation.


Efficient, practical and healthy: it ticks all the boxes!

This foot acupressure cushion is made up of 103 discs with 27 spikes, for a total of 2781 spikes.

It has an ideal foam density specially chosen to obtain a perfect bounce to simulate walking.
You will enjoy the immediate well-being of the contact with the spikes by choosing at any time the pressure you wish to exert to stimulate your arch of the foot.


The outer cover of the cushion is made of 100% organic cotton, the spikes are made of non-recycled, hypoallergenic plastic.
It is also easy to carry and manipulate thanks to its handle and its hessian bag.




Acupressure and reflexology: 2 complementary practices for your well-being

These foot acupressure self-sessions will allow you to stimulate acupressure AND reflexology points as if you were merging the acupressure mat with a foot reflexology mat to obtain a perfect foot massage mat!

Acupressure has been known for thousands of years and is a traditional Chinese medicine.
It acts on specific points throughout the body.
The stimulation of these specific points promotes the proper functioning of the various functions of the body.
It also leads to the release of well-being hormones, oxytocin and endorphins, which allow for deep relaxation, relief of pain and tension, and better management of stress, which is responsible for many of our daily ailments.


Reflexology stimulates the reflex zones on the hands, feet and ears.
It stimulates the internal organs and the lymphatic and endocrine systems.
The immune system is boosted and reflexology helps to maintain good health.

By stimulating the internal organs and our lymphatic and endocrine systems, reflexology supports our immune system and thus helps to maintain good health. It also has a preventive role in activating our self-healing capacities.

These two practices will form a powerful duo to boost your energy and free you from your tensions and pains for an optimal well-being!


A self-massage that boosts blood circulation

During your sessions, your blood circulation is activated thanks to acupressure and reflexology, but also thanks to foot movements that simulate walking.
In fact, it is a light physical exercise that you do while sitting and going about your business.
The light activation of your calves will promote venous return, i.e. the flow of blood from your feet to your heart, which in turn circulates the blood throughout your body.



Multiple benefits for the body and mind

These acu-reflexology self-sessions will :

  • Relieve your problems of heavy legs, venous insufficiency and varicose veins: blood circulation is reactivated.
  • Relieve your foot pain and swollen feet. No more tired feet!
  • Help with sports recovery: relax and stretch your muscles, relax your muscles. Try a session after a jog, it's amazing!
  • Relieve pain all over your body, especially back pain. Reflexology has effects beyond the feet and legs!
  • Release your deep tensions, by untying knots thanks to the reflexology points worked on and by improving the oxygenation of the cells.
  • Bring about an immediate feeling of well-being, relaxation and decompression to free you from the stress of the day.
  • Help your body to fight against anxiety, stress, fatigue and boost your energy.
  • Reduce your sleep disorders: the relaxation and release of your tensions will allow you to go to bed with a light and peaceful mind.



Use the cushion in a sitting position.
Ideally, you should be positioned on the front of your seat (not leaning back).
This allows you to have a straight back and to direct your body weight towards your legs to exert sufficient pressure from your feet on the cushion.
Your feet should preferably be bare, but socks can be worn if your feet are too sensitive, especially at the beginning of your practice.


Place your cushion in front of you, on the floor, just under your feet.
The hole in the cushion should be positioned towards you, like an "n" and not a "u".
This will make it easier and more effective to use the curved shape of your cushion. 

Once you have positioned your feet on each side of the cushion, make light movements with your feet that simulate walking by lightly pressing the heel and then the front of each foot alternately without taking them off the cushion for a few minutes.

Then, feel free to let your feet move freely and intuitively across the cushion.
Let yourself be carried away by the pleasure of exploring the cushion with your feet. Listen to your body, it will intuitively tell you what to do, just like you would with a stress ball.

A few minutes a day is enough to relax (about 15 minutes).
There is no contraindication if you wish to use it several times a day or for longer periods.

Excellent complement to the acupressure mat and cushion to continue your acupressure sessions outside the house and when you are sitting down to read, work, watch television...
You can therefore do your sessions while doing another activity.


External compositionOrganic cotton cover. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic plastics.
Internal compositionHigh density memory foam
Weight0.68 kg / 1.5lbs
Size43.5x36x5 cm / 17x14x2"
Number of spikes2781 (103 discs of 27 spikes)
IndicationsTired feet, heavy legs, loss of energy, stress, tension...
CertificationCE, Oeko-Tex standard 100
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Répond à mes attentes

Détente ! posted the 24/01/2022 by Anaïs R.
En travaillant, en lisant, devant un bon film, la détente assurée !

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