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Climsom Acupressure Rings

Climsom Zen

Climsom Acupressure Rings

Climsom Zen
Relax down to your fingertips with acupressure rings! Roll a ring over your fingers to stimulate all nerve endings and acupressure points. Surprising but incredibly effective!
Pack of 5 Acupressure Rings with case
One size fits all, adapts to all finger sizes
Natural and sensory stress relief
Relieves joint pain and loosens fingers
An elegant case with integrated mirror included



Discover finger massage with this simple and... addictive stress-relief tool!

Whether you're at the office, traveling, or stuck in the subway, Feeling stress, anxiety, anger, or just the desire to relax for a few moments?

When certain emotions overwhelm us, it's often recommended to relax, find a quiet place, and do some breathing exercises to relax until everything calms down.

However, it's not always easy to practice this type of relaxation. Not the right place, not the right time, not the right technique... To help you relax discreetly, try the acupressure ring!

Beyond emotional management, the acupressure ring is recommended for people suffering from finger arthritis or for pianists and other musicians wishing to loosen and relax their fingers.




The Climsom Zen acupressure ring is ideal for:

  • taking a moment to center yourself
  • increasing flexibility and "loosening up" stiff and always cold fingers
  • providing some comfort to people suffering from joint problems like arthritis or neuralgia
  • serving as a natural and quick stress reliever
  • "waking up" your fingers every morning
  • treating yourself at any time of the day!


How to chase away stress in 2 minutes?


The acupressure ring is used in the form of massage, by making two to ten back-and-forth movements on each finger, making sure to roll it all along the finger. It will then stimulate all the nerve endings and acupressure points located on the fingers and directly linked to the brain. This will immediately bring a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Each pass of the ring on your fingers reduces tension and stiffness and helps you to center yourself on the present moment.

The use of the acupressure ring activates the blood microcirculation in the fingers. The ring can also be used for the toes to promote circulation in the extremities. A characteristic tingling sensation follows the use of the object.

Upon trying it out, the sensation is astonishing; once in hand, the object has something fascinating about it and makes you want to manipulate it... Those who are familiar with acupressure mats know that this type of accessory can generate various, sometimes unexpected benefits.

Recommended for relieving joint pain (arthritis, neuralgia)

The Climsom Zen acupressure rings are stimulating without being too sharp. This specificity will be particularly appreciated by people suffering from osteoarthritis or neuralgia. The pressure is already sufficient, and above all, the person will be able to adjust the pressure they exert on the ring and therefore on the areas they wish to stimulate.

Martine, a user, testifies:

"JI took it on a whim, and I am more than delighted with my purchase. My fingers are stiffened by arthritis, and not only does it feel good, but I also feel that my fingers are more 'flexible.' So what seemed like a simple gadget has become an indispensable accessory."


You play the piano? Read this carefully...

A piano teacher has equipped all his students with Climsom Zen acupressure rings to work on the flexibility of their fingers:

"Personally tested, I have equipped my entire piano class. A real help for finger flexibility and perfect for digital warm-ups before piano sessions."

Attention to enthusiasts...


A pretty box with an included mirror


The 5 acupressure rings come with a beautiful magnetic box with a mirror to facilitate transportation and storage. This small box will also be useful for storing small items that are easily lost or for taking with you your medications, jewelry, magnets without the risk of losing them.

The opening of the mini-box is easily controllable thanks to a small push button. The lid remains attached, making handling easy, even when on the move.

Small (4.70 cm in diameter) and lightweight, it easily slips into your pockets and bags... In addition to being practical, this mini metal box in silver color is an elegant object that one enjoys handling as well.


Pack Contents5 acupressure rings + mini case + cardboard
SizeUnique and unisex
MaterialStainless steel with silver coating
Usage PrecautionsDo not leave the ring on the finger without rolling it (risk of pain and circulation problems due to the pressure of the ring)
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