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Baby bottle blender for a lump-free milk


Baby bottle blender for a lump-free milk

The bottle blender will make your life easier. In just a few seconds, you can mix milk powder and water evenly without any lumps, whatever milk powder you're using! No more clogged teats.
Effective for all milk powders and thickeners
Speeds adapted to avoid splashes
Long autonomy thanks to its USB rechargeable battery
A single rod for even mixing

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Do you dream of a lump-free feeding bottle without wasting time?
Have you heard of the lump-free bottle mixer?

In just 20 seconds, your baby's milk will be perfectly mixed and homogeneous.
No more shaking the bottle for minutes on end, and no more crying...
No more lumps clogging up the bottle's teat. Your baby will take his bottle all the way!

How ?

The rod attached to the base of the bottle blender will rotate rapidly in a way that is impossible to do manually.
This is what allows the powder to mix perfectly with the water, whatever the powder used.

The lump-free bottle blender has 3 speeds : one slow, one moderate and one fast.
You will be able to adapt the speed of rotation according to the thickness and quantity of the mixture, as well as the size of the bottle.
To avoid splashing, we recommend starting with speed 1 (slow), especially when using for the first time.

The type of rod (whisk) has been specially chosen because its shape is perfect for mixing powder + liquid.
This specially-adapted rod will mix all powders perfectly in a liquid without forming foam!

Very easy to use and maintain
Once the speed has been set outside the bottle, simply insert the stem of the switched-off blender into the bottom of the bottle and press the ON button.
Once the mixture has been blended, you can run the rod under water (with a little washing-up liquid if you wish) and that's it!
Your bottle blender will be ready to use again for the next bottle.

Very practical, so you can take it with you wherever you go
Its amazing battery life means you'll be able to use it many times before you need to recharge it. Its battery is designed to last 5 to 6 hours... So you'll have plenty of time to prepare lots of bottles before you need to recharge it. You'll also know when it's time to recharge early because the mixer's intensity will drop.
Don't panic, you'll have plenty of time to finish the bottle you're feeding, or even the next one!
It can be recharged using the USB cable (supplied). It takes around 3 hours to charge.

For all types of milk powder
The bottle blender is suitable for blending all types of powdered milk (classic and specific), as well as powdered cereals:
Classic milks (1st, 2nd and 3rd age)
"Comfort" and anti-reflux (AR) milks
Hypoallergenic milks (HA)
Low-lactose milks
Hydrolysed protein substitutes
Soya protein milks
Milks for premature babies
Thickeners for infant milk
Powdered cereals

What else?
Once your baby has grown up and is no longer drinking from a bottle, don't put your bottle blender away! You may still find it useful...
You can use it to mix liquids with all sorts of powders (protein powder, chocolate powder with less sugar, soup powder, etc.).
You can also use it to beat egg whites or simply whisk your eggs to make a fluffy omelette, for example.

Gift ideas
The Climsom bottle blender is a great gift idea for new parents.
Thanks to you, they'll never have to worry about preparing a bottle... Fewer cries and fewer wasted bottles! Guaranteed success!
In the same spirit of useful gift ideas for baby and parents, we invite you to consider the BabyShusher.


"But why didn't I think of that before!"
These are the words you'll be saying once you've tried the bottle blender.

Time saving
The bottle blender saves precious time... You'll be able to spend more time looking after your baby, rather than spending endless minutes trying to prepare a bottle, which will never be perfect either.
In just a few seconds, the bottle will be ready, perfectly mixed and lump-free! What a relief!

Less stress
Hearing your baby cry can be a source of stress. When he's hungry, the minutes can be very long, the baby's crying intensifies and so does your stress... Preparing a bottle can be a real ordeal, especially if the mixture isn't perfect and lumps prevent the bottle from taking properly.
With the blender, the mixture is ready in 20 seconds. Your baby is less nervous and will take his bottle more easily and calmly. You're now calmer, and so is your baby!

Baby eats better
We know that for the most difficult babies to feed, the presence of lumps in the teat can "definitively" stop them taking the bottle.
But thanks to the homogenous mixture obtained with the bottle blender, this won't happen to you again!
Your baby will take his bottle more easily. He won't be stopped by those nasty lumps.
Your baby will finally be able to finish his bottle.



The blender is easy to use, with just one button, fast charging and easy maintenance!

Before first use:
You need to clip the stem to the base of the bottle blender.
Make sure you fully recharge the battery in your bottle blender. Charging takes 3 hours.
The USB port is on the underside of the unit and the USB cable is included.
You can also use your mobile phone's mains adapter to charge the blender.


How to use ?

To begin with, choose the 1st speed for use outside the feeding bottle.
Very easy to use, simply place the blender in the bottle and press the ON/OFF button to switch it on.
If you want to change speed, simply press the same button twice. The next speed will be activated.
Once the mixture is smooth, switch off the blender and remove the stem from the bottle.
Rinse the rod under clean water and your blender is ready for use again.



Once the bottle has been thoroughly blended, switch off the blender before removing it from the bottle.
To prevent residue from drying on the stem and to make it easier to clean, rinse the stem (only the stem) directly in clean water (with a little washing-up liquid if you wish).
You can clean the base of the blender with a clean, dry cloth.

For more intensive washing (once a month, for example), you can put hot water and washing-up liquid in a bowl and slide the blender rod into the water.
Once in the water, turn on the bottle blender.

When you feel the intensity of the bottle blender fading, it's time to recharge it.
The blender's USB port is located on the underside of the base. Connect the USB cable supplied to the blender via a USB plug adapter or to a computer USB port.
The red battery indicator will light up. Once the mixer is recharged, the light will turn green.
Charging time is approximately 3 hours.
You can then use your bottle blender for between 5 and 6 hours (bearing in mind that it generally takes between 10 and 30 seconds to blend a bottle).

Dimensions (base + stem)29,3 cm (l) x 4 cm (L) / 11.4x1.6in
Dimensions (stem only)16,3 cm (l) x 4 cm (L) / 6.2x1.6in
Weight105 gr
Batterylithium, 800 mAh, USB rechargeable
ContentBase + rod + USB cable + instructions FR/EN
CertificationsCE, WEEE
3 speedsslow (3300 rpm), moderate (4700 rpm), fast (6800 rpm)
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Customer Reviews
C'est bien ! posted the 23/05/2024 by Chantdeco
Ce petit outil est bien pratique pour l'usage qui en est recommandé. Je le recommande...

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