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Mattress topper 70x190cm


Mattress topper 70x190cm

Single cooling/heating mattress topper for 1 person, part of the Climsom Personal package.
Compatible with CLIMSOM thermocontroller
Sized for one person
1 m (39") hose included
Fits single and double beds in all sizes


A CLIMSOM thermo-controller (not included) is required to use this accessory.

The CLIMSOM mattress topper can be connected to the CLIMSOM thermocontroller, which allows you to enjoy CLIMSOM comfort for one person on any size bed.
It comes with the CLIMSOM 'Personal'.

If you have already purchased a CLIMSOM Double, you can focus on one place with this additional topper without having to buy a new thermocontroller.

It's common for personal temperature between two people in a bed to vary by 3-4 °C (5-7 °F).
If you already have a CLIMSOM Double and wish to move to a CLIMSOM Couple so that each of you has your own mattress topper at your personal temperature, you can buy a CLIMSOM Personal plus a single mattress topper.
You'll then have two complete CLIMSOM Personals (which is the equivalent to the CLIMSOM Couple offer), one for each of you.

Some customers buy an extra mattress topper and remote control to keep at relatives' houses or vacation homes so that they only have to travel with the thermocontroller.

The CLIMSOM thermocontroller is NOT included in this offer.

The thermocontroller is necessary for programming the temperature and is sold with our complete offers.


French Professor Damien Léger, from the Sleep and Vigilance Centre of the Hotel-Dieu (Paris, France) and Climsom have conducted the first pilot study on the link between sleep quality and the temperature of the immediate sleep environment: the bed.
Here are the main results and benefits of the Climsom water-conditioned mattress topper:

  • Improving the quality of the night: + 58%
  • Dynamism when waking up: +48%
  • Improving the quality of the day: + 19%
  • Quieter nights: -24,5% of night-time movements
  • Increased sleep time: +23 minutes


CLIMSOM improves your sleep
Tossing and turning all night and difficult mornings are things of the past.
Learn how your controlled personal comfort temperature promotes healthy sleep and easier waking.
Say goodbye to your sleep disorders, such as :
- Difficulty falling asleep and waking up at night
- Hot flashes due to menopause.
- Hyperhidrosis: excessive night sweating. This affects all age groups. For the elderly, excessive night sweating can aggravate the frequent problem of dehydration.

CLIMSOM relieves pain
- Heavy legs: the cooler settings provide a triple physiological effect (anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and analgesic) that provides quick, all-night relief from pain and stimulated blood circulation.
Restless Legs Syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease): a cool temperature can help relieve 75 percent of RLS cases. Muscle aches and pains: Heat quickly and effectively relaxes sore backs and muscles.
- Lumbago/back pain: use CLIMSOM’s pleasurable, efficient heating to relax and soothe the pain with thermo-therapy.
Heating brought by circulating water is far more penetrating and soothing than any other means such as electric blanket or the like.

- Freshness is also an ally for slimming diets: by activating brown fats (brown adipose tissue), which in turn consumes white fat.

- The heat relieves back pain, lower back pain and Raynaud's syndrome.
It is also a good way to keep your feet warm during the winter!

Composition20% Cotton, 80% Polyester; tubing is constructed from medical-grade silicone
Dimensions70 cm x 190 cm/27x75"
Drop-stop systemThe drop-stop system prevents water spills when disconnecting the tubes.
WashingMachine wash: warm, delicate cycle. Do not dry clean.
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Customer Reviews
Efficacité posted the 22/04/2024 by Boulle Mireille
J’utilise Climsom depuis plusieurs années….  « l’essayer c’est l’adopter »… ne peux plus m’en passer. !

Excellent produit ! posted the 09/02/2023 by Henry
Depuis plus de 4 ans que j’ai investi dans un surmatelas climatisé CLIMSOM je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat et je ne peux plus m’en passer une seule nuit ! Quel plaisir d’avoir son lit chaud ou froid selon la saison et cela en pouvant régler la température au degré près selon ses besoins ! Fini les nuits inconfortables où je n’arrêtais pas de me réveiller soit pour me couvrir plus soit en sueur parce que j’avais bien trop chaud ! Et puis depuis que Read moreje l’utilise, je n’utilise plus le chauffage ou la clim dans ma chambre :-) !

très bien posted the 31/08/2021 by Michelsxm
J'ai eu à plusieurs reprises au cours de l'été à joindre les services techniques et j'ai toujours eu une écoute attentive et mes questions ont trouvé une réponse adaptée.

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