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Climseat - Cooling seat cushion


Climseat - Cooling seat cushion

Climseat is the first orthopedic cushion that relieves back pain, corrects posture and cools the seat with 2 interchangeable cooling pockets. Discover all its benefits!
For the back, blood circulation, well-being and much more...
Two interchangeable cooling pockets included
Orthopedic foam and U-shaped cushion


People are not physiologically programmed to sit for long periods of time.
This is why ClimSeat cooling seat cushion will become your best ally in your daily life.

ClimSeat will correct the harmful effects of sitting, such as postural and circulatory disorders, hyperthermia (increased temperature) and musculoskeletal problems due to the pressure of sitting on the spine and coccyx.

It is also suitable for specific conditions such as post-operative situations, recent childbirth, circulatory disorders or haemorrhoids.

Also forget about unpleasant sweat marks...

This is the first product to combine:

• An orthopedic foam and U-shaped cushion

• Innovative interchangeable cooling pockets.
One bag weighs 1.8 kg and can be used without cooling: it already absorbs excess body heat naturally and effectively.
For even more cooling, it can be folded in 3 and placed in the fridge.
> With two cooling bags, you will always have a cool one ready to replace the other one saturated with your body heat.



  • Back : lumbar support and spinal decompression

Prolonged sitting exerts a progressive compression on the spine.
The vertebrae become compressed and the whole back gradually starts to suffer.

One of the ideal pain-relieving solutions is the use of a U-shaped orthopedic cushion: by placing the coccyx (the tip of the spine) in the empty space of the "U", the spine relaxes.
The vertebrae are less compressed and have room for spinal decompression.
You naturally sit straighter and your back is relieved.

This makes the U-shaped cushion ideal for relieving back pain, correcting lumbar posture, relieving the coccyx and the weight of the body on the buttocks (50D density foam).

In this context, ClimSeat can be used without cooling bag while retaining all its benefits for the back.


  • Mechanical and thermal comfort for daily sitting

If you spend many hours sitting behind a desk, try this refreshing seat!
You will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The extra comfort is just amazing.

Mechanical comfort: your back is ideally positioned and your coccyx is not "crushed" against your chair

Thermal comfort: don't bathe in your heat anymore. Change from time to time, when you feel the need, the cooling pocket and feel an immediate relief and a renewal of energy.

You can get up from your seat confidently, without fear of getting sweat marks on your clothes.
In hot weather, you can even place one of the pockets in the fridge for extra cooling!


  • Circulatory disorders and cellulite

If you suffer from heavy legs, cellulite or other circulatory problems in the lower body, you will appreciate sitting :

  1. On a soft surface that limits any pressure sores and any compression of the venous circulation in the lower limbs
  2. On a cool surface, as coolness is analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive (helps venous circulation).

You thus contribute to improve venous circulation and reduce pain in the lower limbs as well as cellulite-type fatty deposits  that form as a result of these circulatory problems.

In addition, by stimulating your endogenous production of testosterone, you will also naturally increase the burning of body fat, while promoting the maintenance of muscle and bone capital.


  • Testosterone and male fertility

The testicles are the testosterone and spermatogenesis factory in men. Women also produce about 60% of testosterone via the adrenals and ovaries. In both men and women, testosterone is linked to dynamism and self-confidence.

Sitting is one of the most powerful and insidious enemies of this essential production!
It is known that scrotal hyperthermia (excess heat in the private parts) impairs the production of endogenous testosterone and the qualitative and quantitative production of sperm in men.

The action of testosterone in men and women is multiple: reduction of fat and increase in muscle density, improvement in the quality of sexuality (libido, erection, etc.) but also the will to power, general dynamism and quality of memory.

Therefore, every man and woman after the age of 30 should promote their natural production of testosterone.

Finally, numerous studies demonstrate that cold increases male fertility, as scrotal hyperthermia is often observed in the case of male infertility.

Sitting on a cool seat is a simple and effective way to boost testosterone and fertility and receive all the benefits listed above.

In Ian Fleming's "James Bond" series of books, the author describes how the Scottish gentleman always finished his shower with a few minutes in cold water.

In his book "Strength and How to Obtain It" written as early as 1897, the weightlifter Eugen Sandow describes his practice of the "magic bath": an ice bath taken immediately after training.

Similarly, Russian and Chinese weightlifters used to apply ice packs to their testicles after training and before competitions to improve their performance.

Man discovered early on, and empirically, that cold (water, bath, ice...) increases strength and testosterone.

For women, practices such as "detox baths" also go in the direction of using coolness on the seat with numerous health benefits.

  • Post-operative situation and childbirth

Following some operations (e.g. vasectomy, hydrocelectomy...), or after pregnancy, it is generally advised to apply ice packs to the painful areas for analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and to accelerate recovery and healing.
Relief is then fast.

It is often inconvenient to perform such manipulation for extended periods of time... It is now easier with Climseat!
In fact, it has never been so simple and practical!

Climseat allows both a cool application and the possibility to place a painful area in the hollow of the "U", in order to avoid direct pressure.

  • Special case of hemorrhoids

In case of hemorrhoids, it is often very painful to sit on a hard surface.
So with the Climseat, you can :

  1. sit on a soft texture (50D foam)
  2. position a painful area in the hollow of the "U" to avoid the pain linked to direct pressure, which is often unbearable
  3. apply freshness to the peripheral zone, which has an immediate pain-relieving effect, anti-inflammatory effect and vasoconstriction effect that will help recovery, as hemorrhoids are linked to excessive vasodilatation of the veins in the anal region.

  • Meditation cushion

If you find it difficult and uncomfortable to maintain a meditation posture, try the ClimSeat: the foam, U-shape and coolness will help you find comfort and let go.



ClimSeat is very easy to use.

The U-shaped seat cushion has a net on top to hold one of the two cooling pockets.
This net has Velcro fasteners to hold the cooling bag in place.

To prevent the seat cushion from slipping from the seat, it has a non-slip surface on the bottom.

The seat cushion should be positioned so that your tailbone is level with the empty part of the "U".
If you want the cushion to be cooler, just place one of the cooling bags (green or blue) in the fridge for about 1 hour.
Change the bags as soon as you feel the need to.

Cleaning and storage :

The seat cushion cover can be removed with a zip.
If necessary, this cover can be machine washed at 30°C on a gentle cycle.
The inner foam is not washable. However, you can ventilate it.
The cooling pockets can be washed by hand with a damp sponge over the surface.

Never expose the cooling bags to direct sunlight.

U-shaped cushion50D foam and removable cover with mesh and Velcro to easily slide in the cooler pocket.
2 interchangeable cooling pockets includedSelf-refreshing thanks to their mini-crystals.
1.8kg of crystals for each bag.
Pockets colors1 blue / 1 green
Cushion size (whitout pockets)47x35x9 cm / 18.5x14x3.5"
Weight of the complete package5kgs
Underside of the cushionNon-slip
User manual Download the ClimSeat user manual
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Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
coussin assise rafraichissant posted the 21/09/2023 by Vigier
je le trouve très bien, très efficace

Très confortable posted the 26/09/2020 by Tom
Très agréable surtout l'été, assis au bureau toute la journée.

Point de vue d'un Kinésithérapeute posted the 08/09/2020 by François Stévignon
Le coussin ClimSeat remplit bien sa fonction. Il antéverse le bassin ce qui améliore la posture assise. Le froid n’est pas désagréable et correspond aux indications d’utilisation. Je ne sais pas si j’aurai beaucoup de patients concernés par ces indications d’utilisation, mais je le prescrirai bien volontiers.

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