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Headache Hat for migraine relief

Headache Hat®

Headache Hat for migraine relief

Headache Hat®
The Headache Hat® was designed by a migraine sufferer to relieve migraine and headaches with its 24 removable ice packs.
Adapts to all body types thanks to its velcro fastening.
Patented and best-selling product in the USA, finally available and shipped from France!
Cold, enveloping and soft anti-migraine headband
Fits easily to all body types
24 fully removable ice packs
Relieves migraine, headache, fever, eye strain, inflammatory pain


The Headache Hat® migraine headband is an American bestseller with over 2000 monthly units sold across the Atlantic for over 10 years!
A patent was filed for it in 2013.
This innovative product allows a long-lasting, effective and precise cooling of the area to be relieved.

Like every good product, the Headache Hat was born out of a story told by its creator Sherri Pulie, a long-time migraine sufferer.
One morning, she wakes up with a horrible headache.
The crisis is near and she has to find a solution to relieve herself. Despite her attempts with a freezer bag filled with ice cubes, the headache does not go away and Sherri suffers...
She then dreams of a cooling cap filled with ice cubes that would put pressure on the various sore spots on her head...
During this terrible crisis, she promises herself to make this dream come true... And the project was born!
The name is found, it will be: the Headache Hat®.

It is the first anti-migraine hat that provides precise pain relief.

To relieve migraine, the cold is the key and Peter McAllister, M.D., Medical Director at the New England Institute for Neurology and Headache, has explained the cooling therapy of the ice wrap in medical terms: 

"We’re not entirely sure why people respond well to cold. Most likely in the face of a migraine, cold applied to the small subcutaneous pain nerve fibers in the forehead, temples and occipital area down regulates their firing in to the trigeminal ganglion, thereby suppressing the pain.  Of course your hat also provides dark, which is very helpful since most migraineurs are photophobic."

Dr. McAllister believes the Headache Hat is a great tool in battling migraines and tension headaches.


With 24 individual, removable ice packs, the coolness lasts a long time for effective pain relief.
The bags are fully flexible so you can move them individually to target localized pain.
They will also act as pressure points on the pain.
You will also have the option to remove some of them if you want less freshness on some spots.
The cooling time of the bags is about 2 hours which puts this anti-migraine cooling cap way ahead of all others.
The intensity of the freshness is appreciated by even the most demanding of us.


Thanks to its Velcro fastening, it fits easily to your morphology and allows you to exert the expected compression.

The Headache Hat comes with a carry bag and instructions so you can take it with you wherever you go.
The bag also serves as a protection for the headband in the refrigerator or freezer.

The refreshing hat is pleasant to wear thanks to its lightness and the softness of the fabric on the skin.
The fabric of the headband is made of 65% rayon (a silky, environmentally friendly textile fibre), 30% nylon (for strength) and 5% spandex (for elasticity).

The headband has 3 rows of 8 small bags that contain water and not gel like gel ice packs.
By putting it in the fridge, you will cool the water and therefore the band.
You can also put it in the freezer for even more freshness.



The Headache Hat® is a versatile headband that can be used for many different types of pain:

  • migraine
  • headache
  • fever
  • sunstroke, sunburn
  • eye strain
  • tension
  • stress
  • sinus pressure
  • sporains
  • inflammatory pains on different parts of the body (knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, elbow, hip...)
  • insomnia: rapid falling asleep => the brain has to drop in temperature for falling asleep to occur

Do you suffer from intense migraines and headaches?

Many migraine sufferers can't live without the Headache Hat® anymore... and some even wish they had used it sooner! This headband has changed their lives.

Once you take your Headache Hat® headband out of your fridge or freezer, place it around your head and you will experience immediate intense relief.
Unlike migraine masks, the headband will completely envelop your head.

This is because the cold is :

  • Anti-inflammatory: it will reduce the inflammation responsible for or accompanying your migraines
  • Analgesic: it acts as a natural and immediate painkiller, literally calming the nerves
  • Vasoconstrictor: it boosts blood microcirculation

The second you place it on your head, with more or less pressure thanks to the scratch, you will feel an immediate comfort and the striking freshness will act directly on the pain.
Thanks to its individual removable sachets, you will be able to move the freshness where you want it and target the pain more precisely.

In the event of an intense migraine, it is highly recommended that you place the headband over your eyes so that you are immersed in darkness.


Pressure points on pain

For some migraine sufferers, pressure on the pain relieves the migraine, as if the effect felt from this pressure replaces the pain of the headache.
Thanks to its ice packs, the headband will allow you to exert more or less strong pressure points on the pain depending on the scratch setting.


Ideal for falling asleep faster and for insomnia


As you probably know, this is an important point when you know that lack of sleep is conducive to headaches and migraines!
In order to fall asleep, your brain has to drop by about 1°C.
The anti-migraine headband will therefore help you to fall asleep easily by wrapping your head in cold.

To sleep, place the headband around your head or put it directly on your pillow.





Headache Hat® is very user-friendly.

  1. Slip the Headache Hat® into its supplied carry bag (do not use a freezer bag).

  2. Put it in the fridge or freezer if you want to use it for intense freshness.
    In the freezer, it will take about 5 hours to get the most intense freshness.

  3. Place the band around your head (or on the part of the body to be relieved) by tightening it more or less thanks to the scratch according to the desired pressure.

  4. We recommend using the Headache Hat® for 20 minutes.

to enjoy the freshness for longer, you can turn the band inside out.
Warning: the headband will be very cold when it comes out of the freezer. If you wish, use a cloth between your head and the ice pack to control the temperature.



Hand wash the headband (leaving the cubes inside) in warm water with mild soap.
Never machine wash.

Dry on a towel or rack, then turn over to finish drying.
Always air dry.

Textile composition65% rayon, 30% nylon, 5% spandex
Inside the headband24 removable plastic bags filled with water
Water bagsWater purified to over 99.99%, EarthTec® to less than 0.6ppm.
The water content and additives are non-toxic, non-flammable and completely safe.
The additive is a bactericide and algaecide, used for the treatment of drinking water without chlorine.
Headband dimensionsLength: 60 cm / 24'. Width: 14 cm / 5.5'. Thickness: 1.5 cm / 0.6'
Weight506 grams / 1 lbs
What's in the box ?Headband with 24 bags, a carrying bag, instructions in English and French.
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