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Heated Cover for Cervical Traction Cushion


Heated Cover for Cervical Traction Cushion

Do you own a cervical decompression pillow?
Wrap it with the Climsom Flex full heated cover to enjoy even more benefits: comfort, relaxation of cervical tensions...
Integral heated cover, 3 temperature settings: 40 / 45 / 50°C
Compatible with most cervical traction cushions
Easy to use and practical: the case includes a 1.50 m USB cable
Recommended by F. Stévignon, physiotherapist and author of "En finir avec le mal de dos" (Ending back pain)
He tells you more about it below...



The Climsom Flex Heated Cover for Cervical Traction Cushion 

Do you practice cervical decompression using a cervical compression cushion?
Gain efficiency and comfort by covering it with the Climsom Flex full heated cover!

Unlike other devices you may find on the market, the Climsom Flex heated cover for cervical traction cushion fully wraps the cushion. A notable comfort gain that will prevent your neck from coming into contact with the cold synthetic material of market cervical traction cushions.
Other devices include a thin heating band, but without real integration into the cushion.

Also, it includes a 1.50m USB cable and comes with a wall plug adapter to facilitate its use!
The plug adapter is independent, so you can plug the heated cover into a portable battery or a computer using its USB plug if needed.


Is the Climsom Flex heated cover compatible with your cushion?

The Climsom Flex full heated cover is compatible with most cervical traction cushions.
To know if yours is compatible, look at it from the side: the cushion should be "folded over itself," and not in the shape of a "tongue": 

Are you unfamiliar with cervical decompression (or traction)?
Cervical decompression cushion: how does it work?

The cervical decompression cushion is a firm and curved cushion that allows you to stretch your neck by tilting your head backward.
The firmness of the cushion is essential for effective stretching of the cervical discs, but also for supporting your head.
The use is very simple: you just have to lie down on it and let it do its job!
Your head will then naturally tilt backward, still resting on the cushion: the device will work, not you.

By relaxing your muscles and cervical tensions, the cushion's heating function gently accompanies you in practicing cervical decompression...

Climsom also offers the complete device including the cushion and the heated cover.
Find all the information right here: Climsom Flex cervical traction cushion.


To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Climsom Flex cervical traction device, François Stévignon, a physiotherapist for over 30 years, graduated in osteopathy and vertebrotherapy and author of the method "Ending back pain" took the time to test it.
Here is an excerpt from his testimonial about the heating function:


"The effectiveness of this device is increased thanks to its heating function.
In addition to making the 10 minutes of practice even more comfortable and enjoyable, the heat deeply relaxes and releases tense muscles in the neck, eliminating pain, tension, and reflex contractions.
This perfect synergy thus offers a freed neck, capable again of healthy and aesthetic postures."

Find his full testimonial on the Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion page


See your cervical traction cushion as your at-home chiropractor, available whenever you need it for:

  • Promoting the return to a physiological cervical lordosis, the natural posture of the top of your spine (see the diagram opposite).
    By adopting bad postures, particularly with the head forward, this lordosis is not respected and the nerves are pinched between the vertebral discs. This is how pain and contractures arise... as well as an unesthetic head posture.

  • Relieving the vertebral discs and the nervous system through cervical decompression, thus alleviating occasional neck pain and chronic cervicalgia.

  • Releasing muscle tension related to stress.
    Stress exposes you to numerous pains in the upper body: stiff neck, blocked neck, headache, tight shoulder muscles... It can also trigger bad postures: the head lowered into the shoulders, for example, but also compensatory analgesic postures where we feel less pain in the short term, but which lead us into a vicious cycle in the medium term.
    Cervical decompression has the effect of reversing this process into a virtuous circle: by eliminating stress-related pain, you reduce the stress itself.
    Indeed, these tension pains can themselves be a source of additional annoyance and exhaustion, feeding the stress.
    In just a few minutes, the cervical traction cushion offers you an anti-stress relaxation session both musculoskeletal and psychological.

  • Correcting humps at the cervical level.
    With prolonged bad postures, you may notice the appearance of a hump in your neck, indicating that your cervicals are no longer following their physiological lordosis.
    It can also be a buffalo hump, a fatty mass forming at the top of the back, between the shoulders.
    These humps, bothersome and painful, can be relieved and corrected by cervical decompression.



Posture and heat, the perfect combination for:

  • Relieving reflex muscle contractures generated by the body to immobilize the cervicals and protect them from bad postures.
    You have surely already experienced the bad experience of these reflex contractures, falling asleep with your head forward or to the side in transportation, for example. No pain at the moment, but waking up is more complicated!
    Indeed, it is when you raise your head that cervical pains reveal themselves, sometimes up to torticollis!

  • Relaxing tense cervical muscles thanks to the gentle heat diffused by the cover along your neck, thus eliminating localized pain and tension in the cervical spine, but also adjacent areas like headaches or tense trapezius muscles.
    The application of heat will also boost blood flow, allowing for more effective toxin elimination and nutrient supply. This exchange will thus promote tissue healing.

  • Relieving migraines and headaches
    Cervical tension or adopting bad postures can cause recurring headaches.
    Thus, by untangling these tensions and returning to a physiological posture, you eliminate sources of migraine.

  • Releasing endorphins
    The application of heat releases endorphins, natural hormones of well-being with pain-relieving properties.


Using the heated cover:

  1. Slide the cover over your cervical cushion so that the USB cable is on the upper back part.
  2. Plug the cover's USB cable into the provided plug adapter and then into an electrical outlet, or directly into a computer or external battery.

  3. The cover has a single control button on its cable.
    It turns on by default at the highest temperature.
    Press the button to change the temperature.

  4. To turn off the heating mode, press the button several times until the indicator light is off.
    You can long press the button to program an automatic shut-off of the heating function after 30 minutes.
    Once programmed, the indicator light will blink.
Content1 full heated cover with a 1.50m USB cable
1 plug adapter
1 user manual in French/English
CompositionHeated cover: 14% elastane, 86% nylon-6
Heating band: graphene
Care InstructionsIsolate the heating band from the cover then wash the cover by hand with water and mild soap
OR use a cotton pad slightly moistened with hydrogen peroxide to rub on the cover.
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