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Climsom Duo : 2 cooling and heating mattress toppers for 2 people


Climsom Duo : 2 cooling and heating mattress toppers for 2 people

2 single mattress toppers and 2 thermocontrollers to cool or heat each side of any double bed independently. The ideal temperature for every one and every day, even during heat waves or freezing nights!
For 2 people, 2 mattress toppers 70x190 cm (27 x 75")
Single mattress topper, for single or double bed
Installation and use are fast and easy
Comes with 2 wireless remotes (+ 2 UK plug adapters for UK delivery)
30-day money-back guarantee


Couple: improve your sleep with Climsom cooling/heating mattress toppers



Climsom knows that temperature is an essential part of comfortable sleep.
The management of heating and temperature in the bedroom is often a bone of contention in a couple.
When one is too hot and only wants a sheet, the other is freezing and wants to wrap himself in a thick duvet.

With Climsom Duo, in a bed with two people, each person can keep his or her own comfort temperature.
You will finally be able to choose your own comfort temperature without imposing it on your partner, whatever the temperature of the room, and whatever the size of your bed.

- In summertime, CLIMSOM eliminates excess heat and night sweats. You'll finally be in control of your nights again.
- CLIMSOM helps you say goodbye to icy beds and cold hands and feet in the winter.
- CLIMSOM can supplement or even replace bedroom air conditioning or heating.
- It's the only healthy and safe alternative to electric blankets.

With the cooling/heating Climsom Duo mattress toppers, sleep at the right temperature, anytime, in any season.
CLIMSOM installation takes just a few minutes, and it's easy to use.
Simply pour water into the tank of each water thermocontroller and choose your comfort temperature: Climsom takes care of the rest. The water, cooled or heated according to your request, from 18° to 48°C (64° to 118°F), circulates in the mattress topper through silicone tubes - they are so thin that you won't feel them! - to condition the surface of your bed.

 surmatelas couple


While it is recommended to sleep in a room heated between 16° and 18°C, it is essential to make a distinction between the temperature of a room situated between 16° and 18°C, and the temperature of body contact with a surface at 18°C.
For example, we have all had the experience of diving into seawater at 18°C... And it is much more striking than entering a room at the same temperature!

The heat exchange between your body and the water is much greater than the one between your body and the surrounding air.
So a water-conditioned mattress topper with water at 18°C will actually cool your body.

It is up to each person to determine his or her personal comfort temperature when using a water-conditioned mattress topper, in order to maximise the quality of sleep.


French Professor Damien Léger, from the Sleep and Vigilance Centre of the Hotel-Dieu (Paris, France) and Climsom have conducted the first pilot study on the link between sleep quality and the temperature of the immediate sleep environment: the bed.
Here are the main results and benefits of the Climsom water-conditioned mattress topper:

  • Improving the quality of the night: + 58%
  • Dynamism when waking up: +48%
  • Improving the quality of the day: + 19%
  • Quieter nights: -24,5% of night-time movements
  • Increased sleep time: +23 minutes


CLIMSOM improves your sleep
Tossing and turning all night and difficult mornings are things of the past.
Learn how your controlled personal comfort temperature promotes healthy sleep and easier waking.
Say goodbye to your sleep disorders, such as :
- Difficulty falling asleep and waking up at night
- Hot flashes due to menopause.
- Hyperhidrosis: excessive night sweating. This affects all age groups. For the elderly, excessive night sweating can aggravate the frequent problem of dehydration.

CLIMSOM relieves pain
- Heavy legs: the cooler settings provide a triple physiological effect (anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and analgesic) that provides quick, all-night relief from pain and stimulated blood circulation.
Restless Legs Syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease): a cool temperature can help relieve 75 percent of RLS cases. Muscle aches and pains: Heat quickly and effectively relaxes sore backs and muscles.
- Lumbago/back pain: use CLIMSOM’s pleasurable, efficient heating to relax and soothe the pain with thermo-therapy.
Heating brought by circulating water is far more penetrating and soothing than any other means such as electric blanket or the like.

- Freshness is also an ally for slimming diets: by activating brown fats (brown adipose tissue), which in turn consumes white fat.

- The heat relieves back pain, lower back pain and Raynaud's syndrome.
It is also a good way to keep your feet warm during the winter!


The Climsom water-conditioned mattress topper is very thin and fits all bedding.
It only takes a few minutes to install your CLIMSOM. And it's very user-friendly !

The mattress topper is placed under your fitted sheet. As for the thermocontroller itself, it is placed under your bed.
Your remote control enables you to program your Climsom cooling/heating mattress topper without leaving your bed!



A UK plug adapter is included for UK delivery.

CLIMSOM improves your quality of life

  • In summertime, CLIMSOM eliminates excess heat and night sweats. You'll finally be in control of your nights again.
  • In the winter, CLIMSOM helps you say goodbye to icy beds and cold hands and feet
  • Safety: unlike electric blankets, CLIMSOM shields you from the contact of electricity.
    The revolutionary water system in the mattress topper brings it to the temperature you desire.
  • Savings: cut your nighttime heating and air-conditioning costs by up to 90 percent.
    It can supplement or even replace bedroom air conditioning or heating.
  • Ecological: the Climsom mattress topper does not emit any greenhouse gases.
  • Mites: CLIMSOM is a natural and effective deterrent to dust mites and bedbugs.
  • Personal: your spouse does not share your comfort temperature? With Climsom, you have the right to a different comfort temperature!



The CLIMSOM project was born from a meeting between the founders of NEO FACTORY and Dr. Tamburini. A French phlebotomist for over 25 years, Dr. Tamburini has seen patients suffering from sleep disorders due to venous insufficiency and impatient legs. He then had the idea and the dream of conditioning a bed to provide lasting relief for his patients. From 2005, with Dr Philippe Tamburini and the help of the NEO FACTORY team, the project gradually took shape.

This is how the CLIMSOM mattress topper was born, with an official launch in 2009. It met with a large public, meeting various needs beyond the initial project: sleep disorders, heavy legs, night sweating, restless legs, hot flashes, night comfort, back pain...



  • In summer: you can't sleep without a duvet or sheet even in summer?
    Program your Climsom 1 hour before going to bed using the "Timer" function and cover your bed with your duvet or sheet.
    You will then create a cool bubble, ideal in periods of high heat and heatwave!

  • In winter: program your Climsom in advance thanks to the "Timer" function and cover your bed with your duvet for a warm bubble at bedtime.

  • Take advantage of our 30-days money-back guarantee and free shipping to try it out at home.
    If it doesn't suit you, simply return it in its original packaging to the address we give you for a full refund!
    But we warn you, to try it is to adopt it: thousands of users can testify to that!


CLIMSOM 'Couple' will appear in your cart as '2 x CLIMSOM Personal' and will give you an automatic discount.




Electric power 160W (less than 100W average)
Temperatures18 to 48 degrees in normal conditions
Mattress topper Size70x190 cm/27 x 75"
WashingMachine wash: warm, delicate cycle. Do not dry clean.
CertificationsEuropean Certifications (EMC, LVD, DEEE, RoHS)
WarrantyTwo-year warranty
Money-back30-day money-back guarantee
Package contents2 x mattress topper (70 x 190 cm//27 x 75"), 2 x thermocontroller, 2 x 1 m (39") hose, 2 x remote control (two AAA batteries included), instructions
User manual Download the Climsom user manual
(*)FREE shipping to Osterreich Belgique Ceska Rep. Danmark Deutschland Espana Finland France Corse United Kingdom Greece Hungary Ireland Italia Lithuania Luxembourg Monaco Nederland Polska Portugal Romania Sverige Malta
The delivery cost is deducted for the total sum to pay.
Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
Bonne nuit posted the 28/09/2023 by Françoise
Le lit agréablement rafraichi en été et tout chaud en hiver, de plus, la chaleur bien répartie permet de détendre un dos douloureux. A recommander !

Astuce ! posted the 11/09/2023 by Lydie
Je possède un matelas climsom depuis un an, je vous donne un petit astuce pour rafraîchir mon lit, 2 h avant le coucher, je vide l eau de la partie du réservoir , je le met dans une casserole en métal une heure au congélateur, je le remet dans le réservoir, je vous assure que la fraîcheur est plus vite arrivée dans mon matelas s surtout en ces soirées de canicules Lydie de Vendée

Très bien posted the 07/09/2023 by Stephy
Utilisation en mode fraîcheur, c'est vraiment bien

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