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Memory foam cervical heating pad

Climsom Zen

Memory foam cervical heating pad

Climsom Zen
Relieve your painful neck and stiff nape with this heating cushion. Its gentle warmth will soothe deep tensions and muscle stiffness caused by stress, screen work, and poor posture.
Heating cervical cushion: 3 temperature options: 37°C, 45°C, and 55°C
Cervical cushion with memory foam (50-60D)
Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
Black carrying bag included
USB power cable provided (1.5m)


In an often stressful daily life, the ClimsomZen memory foam heating pad is a valuable ally for soothing neck and cervical tension and pain. Its action is twofold: mechanical (gentle cervical traction and comfortable support of cervical lordosis) and thermal (adjustable heat). You thus act both on symptoms (pain and stiffness) thanks to heat AND on the cause (inflamed nerves and reflex contractions) through cervical traction and postural correction.

Here's why you'll appreciate it:

Gentle Cervical Traction

The memory foam is soft enough to perfectly fit the neck and firm enough to provide gentle continuous cervical traction.
As such, this memory foam heating pad is a complementary product to the Climsom Flex, which allows for more intense cervical traction but should be limited to a short exercise period.

Soothing Heat

The heating pad emits a gentle and comforting warmth perfect for relieving cervical pain.
It envelops you in a soothing sensation, ideal for chilly winter evenings or after a long day.
If you're stressed and/or spend a lot of time working on a screen, you'll particularly appreciate the dual sensation of stretching and heat diffusion from the Climsom Zen cushion. The same goes for heavy smartphone users. Bending the head over the screen is the source of many cervical pains (text-neck).

Muscle Relief

Thanks to thermotherapy, the heating pad targets tense and painful muscles.
It promotes blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and reduces the sensation of stiff neck.

Temperature Control

You can choose the most comfortable temperature according to your needs and preferences. Indeed, 3 temperatures can be selected: 37°C, 45°C, or 55°C. The Climsom Zen heated cervical cushion comes with a long cable (1.5m) so you can plug it into the nearest USB port (like a mobile phone charger, for example, or even a portable battery).


The inner foam of the heated cushion, with a density of 50-60D, provides appreciable comfort thanks to its memory foam.
It perfectly adapts to the curvature of your neck, providing optimal support and a feeling of well-being through the mechanical release of the cervical discs and the thermal relaxation of the surrounding muscles.


A black bag matching the dimensions of this cushion is included.
It will allow you to easily store or transport your cushion.
Furthermore, you may find other uses for this bag (sports, travel, etc.).


Below, you'll find all the benefits that the Climsom Zen ergonomic cervical heating cushion can offer you:

Soothing Heat
: Heating pads emit gentle warmth that helps relax muscles and reduce stiffness in the neck. Quickly adopt this cervical heating pad if you wake up with a stiff neck, for example!

Improved Blood Circulation: Heat promotes better blood circulation in the neck area. This can help reduce inflammation and bring oxygen to the tissues, thereby contributing to pain relief.

Chronic Pain Relief: For people suffering from chronic pain, regular use of a neck heating pad can be beneficial.
Heat helps soothe painful areas and improve comfort. Chronic pain is often related to neuralgia caused by pinched nerves. Thus, inflammation will disappear if you release the cervical discs and restore a physiological posture to your head and neck.

Muscle Relaxation: Heat penetrates deeply into the neck muscles, promoting muscle relaxation.
This can be particularly useful after a stressful day or when tension has built up.
Similarly, by releasing pinched nerves from the cervical spine, you will gradually eliminate reflex contractions that cause stiffness.

Gentle Cervical Traction: Suffering from a stiff and painful neck? Cervical traction helps decompress the cervical and vertebral spine, thus relieving the nervous system and therefore associated neuralgia and pain.
Rounded back postures or screen work often have the effect of tightening the discs of the spine, pinching nerves and causing pain and reflex contractions that make the neck and trapezius tense, often chronically.

Complementary to Climsom Flex: The Climsom Flex provides active cervical traction during short, intense sessions, typically lasting 5 to 15 minutes. It's like doing an "active" exercise.
The Climsom Zen memory foam heating pad, on the other hand, applies much lighter cervical traction, allowing for comfortable use over longer periods (1 to several hours). It's like doing a "passive" exercise, without effort. Thus, both devices help reduce pain and correct posture.

Why Use It?
Arthritic pain, stress-related neck pain, cervical neuralgia, tension, stiffness, contractures, soreness, migraines, stiff neck upon waking up, to relieve torticollis, scoliosis with "straight neck," screen work, excessive smartphone use...



You can use it for reading or watching television in bed or on a couch.
There's no problem if the relaxation induced by the cushion leads you to fall asleep on it; the heating function will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

The heating pad is very simple and quick to use:

  1. Plug the USB cable of the cushion into a power adapter (like a phone charger) or a portable battery.
  2. Perform a long press (3 seconds) on the cushion's single button to turn it on or off.
  3. Perform a short press to customize the mode:
  • Blue Light = mild heat (37°C)
  • Green Light = moderate heat (45°C)
  • Red Light = high heat (55°C)
The cushion will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, regardless of the selected temperature.
Content1 cervical heating pad + 1 long USB cable (1.5m) + 1 black carrying bag
MaintenanceDo not wash, bleach, or iron. In case of stains, treat only the affected area with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
SpecificationsAutomatic shutdown after 30 minutes
Interior compositionMemory foam 50-60D (polyurethane)
Exterior composition95% polyester + 5% elastane / Patch: PVC
Carrying bagOxford 600D fabric, waterproof interior treatment
Cushion dimensions16.5 x 9.1 x 4.7 inches (42 x 23 x 12cm)
Bag dimensions17.7 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches (45 x 25 x 15 cm)
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