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Climsom "Heatwave" mattress topper - PVC 70x190cm


Climsom "Heatwave" mattress topper - PVC 70x190cm

"Climsom Canicule" mattress topper 70x190cm fights against the heat at night in periods of peak heat.
Requires a Climsom thermocontroller.
Great coolness, ideal to sleep well on hot nights
Temperature adjustable from 15° to 48°C (59° to 118°F)
1.5 meter hose included (59")
Climsom thermocontroller needed - not included


surmatelas rafraichissant climsom canicule

A CLIMSOM thermo-controller (not included) is required to use this accessory.

Do you find it difficult to sleep during a heat wave because you are too hot at night? The "Climsom Canicule" mattress topper is made for you!
It allows you to reach very cool temperatures to cool your bed and your body efficiently, even in the highest outside temperatures!

How does the heatwave mattress topper reach the coolest temperatures?

  • Its material improves heat transfer and the feeling of coolness
  • It has a large quantity of water flowing through it: about 1.7 litres in total
  • Its size (70 x 190 cm // 27 x 75") and its grid pattern offer a large heat exchange surface, as close to the body as possible, over the entire surface occupied by your body, no more, no less.


If you already have a Climsom Personal, Climsom Double or Climsom Intense pack, you can plug the "Heatwave" mattress topper to the same thermocontroller. 

For example, you can keep your Personal or Double cotton mattress topper for periods of low to moderate temperatures, and then switch to the "Canicule mattress topper" during periods of high temperatures.
The temperatures felt will be much cooler with a Heat Wave mattress topper, offering the possibility to navigate between 15°C and 48°C.
Moreover, at the same temperature, for example 18°C, the temperature felt with the "Climsom Canicule" will be much cooler.

If you have an "Intense mattress topper", and you use it without its cover, you will already have an idea of how it feels.
If you want to enjoy this coolness all over your body during heatwaves, you can equip yourself with this Heatwave mattress topper and connect it to your thermocontroller!

If you don't have any of these packs, go for the "Climsom Canicule" pack in which you will find the "Canicule mattress topper".
You will then be able to enjoy the pleasure of efficient, ecological (no greenhouse gases) and economical (100W on average, i.e. 10x less than an air conditioner) bed cooling.


French Professor Damien Léger, from the Sleep and Vigilance Centre of the Hotel-Dieu (Paris, France) and Climsom have conducted the first pilot study on the link between sleep quality and the temperature of the immediate sleep environment: the bed.

Here are the main results and benefits of the Climsom water-conditioned mattress topper:

  • Improving the quality of the night: + 58%
  • Dynamism when waking up: +48%
  • Improving the quality of the day: + 19%
  • Quieter nights: -24,5% of night-time movements
  • Increased sleep time: +23 minutes

By controlling the temperature of your bed, "Climsom Canicule" will bring you many benefits:

  • Faster sleep and less sleep disorders
  • Improved thermal comfort during heat waves
  • Relief of heavy legs: the vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the freshness relieve pain and boost blood circulation.
  • Relief of the impatience of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), or Willis-Ekbom disease
  • Considerable reduction of hot flashes related to menopause or not
  • Reduction of nocturnal hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating at night. This concerns all age groups. For the elderly, excessive night sweating can aggravate the frequent problem of dehydration.
  • Freshness is also an ally for slimming diets: by activating brown fats (brown adipose tissue), which in turn consumes white fat.

The heat relieves back pain, lower back pain and Raynaud's syndrome.
It is also a good way to keep your feet warm during the winter!

Size70x190cm / 27x75"
CompositionPVC & Silicone
WashingCan be cleaned with a sponge and mild soap, without detergent.
Cooling and heating mattress topperWorks with a thermocontroller (not included)
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Customer Reviews
top posted the 19/07/2023 by Syl
Heureusement que j'ai le matelas pour surmonter cette chaleur

PARFAIT posted the 10/09/2022 by Adrien

Très bien posted the 27/08/2022 by Sofia
Très rafraîchissant en période de canicule, je le recommande

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