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Hot/Cold Compress


Hot/Cold Compress

Made with medical-grade materials, it can be used in thermotherapy (heat) to reduce inflammations, edemas, or in cryotherapy (cooling) for a relaxing and soothing effect.
Useable in hot or cold
Relieves pain and reduces swelling

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The hot/cold compress can be used in thermotherapy (heat) or cryotherapy (cooling):

- When used cold, it reduces inflammations, edemas.

- When used hot, it has a relaxing and soothing effect.

This compress is made with medical-grade materials and is ISO 13485 certified. The product has been approved by the FDA.



- Relieves pain

- Temporarily desensitizes the affected area (cold's anti-inflammatory role)

- Reduces swelling and edemas

- Contracts blood vessels to minimize internal bleeding (vasoconstriction)

- Restrains inflammation and the risk of secondary injury

- Promotes muscle recovery

- Also ideal for toothaches, headaches, and fever


Instructions for use

  • Cold application

Place the compress in the freezer for one hour before use.

(Store it permanently in your freezer so it's always ready for use!)

  • Hot application

In the microwave: Heat your compress for 30s at 600W. If you find it not hot enough, repeat the process for 15s.

In a saucepan: Boil water and then immerse your compress in the boiling water, off the heat, for 4 to 10 minutes. After this time, check that the desired temperature is reached and that the compress is not too hot.

If your compress is pierced, do not reuse it.

In case of direct contact with the gel inside the compress, rinse with cold water.



Dimensions26x13 cm
Outer CompositionHypoallergenic PVC
Inner CompositionNon-toxic gel: Glycerin/ Carboxymethylcellulose/ Sodium/ Propanediol/ Disinfectant/ Water
InstructionsDownload the instructions for the Hot/Cold Compress
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