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Instant Hot Compress


Instant Hot Compress

Single-use instant hot compress. It relieves sore and stiff muscles, ideal for muscle pain relief during mountain outings, sports recovery, or cozy camping sessions in nature.
Instant and effective heat
43°C // 109°F : heat for 30 min
Box of 2 compresses

9.90€ TTC
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This instant hot compress is for single use. Grab it with one hand and close your fist. This simple pressure will provide you with quick and effective warmth.

- Effective for 30 minutes

- Reaches a temperature of 43°C // 109°F


  • Relief for sore and stiff muscles
  • Relief for menstrual cramps
  • Instant warmth for mountain outings, sports recovery, or cozy camping sessions in nature.


Instructions for Use

  1. Grab the outer edges of the compress in your hand
  2. Knead the compress after activation to even out its contents
  3. Apply to the desired area for about 30 minutes
  4. Dispose of the compress after use



Precautions: Single-use product, for external use only. Do not reuse if the compress is pierced.

Store at room temperature (< 40°C)


QualityCE certification
Dimensions23x15 cm // 9x6''
Interior compositionNon-toxic content: Sodium, Dextrose, and Water
Number of units per box2
InstructionsDownload the instructions for the instant hot compress
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