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Magnesium Oil 200ml

Au coeur des traditions

Magnesium Oil 200ml

Au coeur des traditions
Bottle containing a natural, relaxing, and soothing massage oil. This oil is extracted from the Zechstein Sea, water free from any pollutants, naturally enriched with magnesium chloride.
Unmatched Purity
100% Zechstein Water with a concentration of 31% magnesium chloride
200 mL bottle (two months supply)
Magnesium oil sourced from the Zechstein Sea

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Magnesium oil is used as a massage oil and has relaxing and soothing properties. Non-greasy and odorless, it is very pleasant to use.

To combat our magnesium-poor diet, one solution is to apply magnesium to the skin, much like our ancestors participated in thalassotherapy. The only problem is the cleanliness of the product, which must be free from impurities: that's why the oil offered by our partner is extracted from an ancient unpolluted underground sea. It is the purest terrestrial source of magnesium.

Magnesium oil is bottled without any additives directly at its source. The bottles are made of French blue glass, ensuring high-quality glass (made from clay). This oil is guaranteed Zechstein Inside®.

magnesium oil



Magnesium oil has a very ancient origin. It is extracted from the Zechstein Sea. This ancient underground sea, over 250 million years old, is located two kilometers deep in the Netherlands. This source is naturally rich in high-quality magnesium chloride and trace elements, free from atmospheric pollution and heavy metals.

Water is sent underground where it mixes with the sedimentary residues of this petrified sea. The water is then recovered at the surface. Naturally, it is diluted to 31% magnesium chloride. The extraction process is ecological, and the water used in the surroundings is replenished by the company, which is partly owned by the Dutch government.


The benefits of magnesium oil are numerous:

  • Relaxing effect and aids in sleep and falling asleep
  • Anti-stress and promotes overall relaxation
  • Relieves and reduces cramps and heavy legs
  • Alleviates nerve tension
  • Relaxes tired feet
  • Stimulates hair growth and strengthens nails
  • Promotes muscle recovery and joint flexibility
  • Relieves menstrual and premenstrual cramps and pain



Place a few drops of magnesium oil in the palm of your hand and massage the solar plexus at bedtime. For cramps or muscle tension, apply magnesium oil to the affected area.

Since magnesium oil is a dry and non-sticky oil, you can dress immediately after application.

A 200ml bottle typically lasts for approximately two months of use.

Children from 5 years old and pregnant women can use magnesium oil diluted with 50% water on their legs.

Sometimes, after applying magnesium oil, you may experience tingling sensations. These sensations are most commonly felt on sensitive, problematic, or red-prone skin. In such cases, you can initially dilute magnesium oil with water and gradually reduce the dilution over time. You can also mix magnesium oil with a bit of sweet almond oil or virgin coconut oil.

Ingredients100% Zechstein Water rich in trace elements and 31% magnesium chloride
Indicationsstress, relaxation, massage oil, heavy legs, cramps, muscle tension, muscle pain, dermatoses, sleep disorders, insomnia, hair care, joint pain, scar oil, cosmetics, magnesium cure
SourceZechstein Sea
CertificationZechstein Inside
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