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Compact UV Sterilizer


Compact UV Sterilizer

Disinfect masks, phones and all your small everyday objects in only 6 minutes! With its elegant design, the Climsom Pur portable UV steriliser will easily find its place in your home and could also perfume your objects.
Effective: eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria
Fast: sterilises your items in just 6 minutes
Safe: automatic shut-off when opened
Sole product on the market with long cable (1.20m) and wall plug (EU plug - not just USB)

49.90€ TTC
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Protective masks, phones, baby toys, pacifiers, glasses, car keys, pens, make-up brushes... Everyday objects are covered in germs!
That is why we developed the Compact UV Sterilizer

  • For those of you who are aware that washing masks is sometimes very irregular and always inconvenient...

  • For those of you who are aware that phones are the dirtiest objects and the ones we touch the most. Smartphones contain more bacteria than an underground bar or a toilet bowl!

  • For you who are parents and overwhelmed by the difficulty of regularly cleaning pacifiers, teething rings, and small baby objects...

  • And for all those who want to clean up their environment in a quick and easy way!



Eliminate 99.99% of Organic Cells in only 6 minutes!

Inside the sterilizer, 4 UV-C LEDs ensure the disinfection of your objects.
The UV-C light at wavelenght 260-280nm easily kills organic cells by damaging the molecular structure of the DNA or RNA, which is safe and eco-friendly. The whole process achieves a 99.99% strerilization effect.
The Climsom Pur steriliser is very compact and can therefore concentrate the UV-C rays in a small volume, which guarantees its efficiency on small objects. 

Caution! Some products on the market use hydrargyrum lamps, which emit ozone and are therefore polluting and not very environmentally friendly.

With the Climsom Pur Compact, disinfection is completely safe for all objects, including fragile or electronic ones, because UV rays only have an impact on organic cells such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Intelligent Disinfection, Safe and Reliable: the UV LEDs will turn off in case you open the device during the sterilization process, which avoids hurting human body. While the item is closed again, touching the switch will restart the process automatically.

Fast and efficient, the Compact Climsom Pur portable UV sterilizer eliminates 99.99% of bacteria or viruses in just 6 minutes.
CE certified, its efficiency has been validated by a microbiological analysis certificate:

Looking for the best UV sterilizer for smartphones and other everyday items?

With its elegant design, the Climsom Pur UV sterilizer is a discreet object that can be placed in an entrance hall, bedroom, office or living room.
Installed at the entrance of your home for example, it will blend in with your interior decoration to accommodate not only your phone but also your protective masks or car keys after your working day.

Its compact size (21 x 11.8 x 5 cm), long cable length (1.20 meter) and EU plug adapter make it easy to use in everyday life.
You can plug it in wherever it is most convenient for you and leave it plugged in.

Caution! Most of the products on the market can only be connected via USB (which is still possible here) but this greatly limits their practicality... They are also much less compact: the boxes are often thick, cumbersome with less space available inside for sterilisation...
The UE plug is not adapted to your country ? You can plug the sterilizer via USB like all similar device on the market, or even on a wall plug with your mobile phone adapter for instance.

DIY Aromatherapy: a hole at the bottom of sterilizer allows to freely add drops of fragance or essential oil to perfume your objetcs to be sterilized

Is Climsom Pur UV sterilizer safe for phones ?

Most people do not clean their mobile phones, although many are aware of the need to do so!
For those who are more sensitive to cleaning their phone, several methods are used: hydro-alcoholic gel, window cleaner, and even detergent products for some! Methods that can be risky for the device itself...

The Compact Climsom Pur sterilizer ensures complete disinfection without risk for phones, smartphones and other electronic objects: no liquid is used, which eliminates the risk of damaging electronic circuits. The UV-C rays, on the other hand, are safe for inert surfaces.


Protective masks: a practical and effective solution for frequent cleaning 

Honestly, who really cleans their mask in the washing machine every day for the whole family?
Here is an effective and practical solution for disinfecting your protective masks between two washes:

- blue surgical masks: they have been confirmed to be washable and reusable
- masks made of any kind of fabric. No risk of discoloration or degradation of the fabric with a sterilizer!

With the Compact Climsom Pur steriliser, the disinfection of protective masks is now simpler, faster and just as effective, if not more so!

Toys for babies and toddlers: a quick and safe solution to disinfect them

For you, parents who are worried about your baby's safety: the UV-C sterilizer Climsom Pur will make your life easier and will protect your children from all the microbes present on the various objects that he will put in his mouth: pacifiers, teething rings, toys... which are difficult to clean for some.

No need to boil them in water, the Compact UV Sterilizer will take care of them in only 6 minutes. User-friendly, you can use it every day for maximum safety of your baby's health.




The Compact UV Sterilizer makes your daily life easier by offering a disinfection solution in addition to cleaning for all everyday objects (such as make-up brushes, headphones or jewellery...).

With a 99.99% sterilisation rate, your objects will be healthier and will no longer be a vector for bacteria and viruses.

What objects can be sterilised?

  • Protective masks

  • Electronic devices: mobile phones, headphones, remote controls, electronic cigarettes (tank must be empty)

  • Small objects for babies: pacifiers, small toys or stuffed animals, teething rings, etc.

  • Beauty and hygiene products: toothbrushes, make-up brushes, hairbrushes, combs, scrunchies, tweezers... in the open air in your bathroom, they can take on moisture which encourages the development of micro-organisms.

  • Jewellery, watches...: washing your hands may not be enough to disinfect jewellery, especially rings. Why not take them off and run your steriliser for 6 minutes while you shower?

  • Eyeglasses, sunglasses and even cases: rather than quarantining them as recommended during the pandemic, you can now sterilise them easily and quickly! 

  • Keys, bank cards, transport cards...: they are at the bottom of your pockets or bag all day, next to your phone and your protective mask, a real sharing of bacteria!

  • Sex toys: a quick solution to disinfect them and avoid intimate infections.

  • ...and many other objects!



Really easy to use, the Compact UV Sterilizer can be connected to a computer with the supplied USB cable (1.20 meter) or to a power outlet with the adapter included (220V / EU plug), or any other adapter suitable in your country.

After the device is plugged, the orange indicator light will be always on.
Next, you will just have to open the lid and place inside the objects to be disinfected.

This UVC sterilization box has only one button, the colour of which changes according to use:

  • When the device is plugged in, the indicator light is orange

  • After pressing the button to start the sterilisation, the indicator light is flashing blue: it indicates that the sterilisation is in progress, the cycle lasts 6 minutes.

  • Once the sterilisation is finished, the indicator light turns back to a fixed orange: you can then open the appliance and take your objects back.



If the sterilizer is opened during the process of disinfection, the indicator light will come back to orange and the UV Leds will automatically turn off; after closing the lid, touching the switch will restart the device automatically for a full cycle.

For optimal efficiency, we recommend to use the UVC Sterilizer after washing your hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel.

Good to know:

- The machine has been designed to sterilise several objects at the same time.
You just have to make sure that there is a slight gap between the different objects so that the disinfection can take place.

- The sterilizer disinfects all sides of your products in one cycle.
There is no need to turn your products over and run a 6 minute cycle again.

Maintenance :

You can clean your sterilizer with warm, slightly soapy water (without detergent) from the outside only.
The interior is automatically disinfected during the disinfection cycle of any object!

Would you like to scent your objects during sterilisation?

Add a few drops of essential oil or perfume to the sterilizer (specific slot with absorbent foam) so that your favourite scent accompanies you with your everyday objects.

Inner dimensions20 x 10 x 3 cm // 7.9 x 3.9 x 1.2"
Outside dimensions21 x 11,8 x 5 cm // 8.3 x 4.3 x 1.9"
Weight264 g // 0.6 lbs
Number of LEDs4 UV-C LEDs - light output of 0.3 Watt per LED
LED life10 000 hours
LED Wavelenght260-280nm
Included with the sterilizer1.20 meter USB cable (39.4") + EU plug adapter + instructions manual in English and French
User ManualDowload the Compact UV Sterilizer user manual
(*)FREE shipping to France
The delivery cost is deducted for the total sum to pay.
Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
Tout y passe posted the 14/05/2024 by Philou
Excellent produit Pour stériliser les portables et câbles Une bonne habitude ….

posted the 14/05/2021 by Michel
Très bien mais pas de preuve qu'il y a bien stérilisation
Answer from Climsom :

Par définition, la preuve de l’invisible n’est pas simple ! 
Les certificats d’analyse microbiologique ainsi que la certification CE permettent de s’assurer du sérieux de l’approche.
Les principes physiques permettent également de comprendre pourquoi la stérilisation proposée est efficace : Stérilisateur UV : comment ça marche ?

Belle journée de l'équipe Climsom !

Très satisfaite posted the 10/03/2021 by Cat
J’utilise le stérilisateur pour désinfecter divers objets de taille moyenne et notamment des masques FFP2 qui ne peuvent être lavés. Cela me permet de les utiliser plusieurs fois et faire des économies. C’est simple , rapide et économique à long terme.

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