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Does it get on your nerves to have a headache?

  • ​Even before you lay your head on your pillow, your skull is throbbing painfully.

  • ​You dream of putting an end to this persistent pain that will ruin your night and tire you out even more.

  • ​Are you searching for a ​simple, inexpensive, and effective solution?

  • ​For over 15 years, we have been offering innovative solutions for relief and well-being under the French brand CLIMSOM, and we are well-placed to tell you that:

    ​No, nighttime migraines are not inevitable!

    There exists a powerful solution to relieve migraines, headaches, and tension headaches, while promoting sleep onset!

    ​This solution ​possesses 5 properties that guarantee its effectiveness :

  • Anti-inflammatory: reduction of inflammations responsible for or accompanying your migraines.
  • Analgesic: it acts as a natural and immediate pain reliever, literally soothing the nerves.
  • Vasoconstrictor: it energizes the microcirculation of blood.
  • Pro-sleep: it sends a signal to the brain for sleep and therefore facilitates your falling asleep.
  • Comfortable: it soothes and relaxes you almost instantly. Your face relaxes, and a smile appears.

  • This solution has nothing magical about its operation, but the benefits are nonetheless impressive!

    Relieve your migraines
    with the Climsom Gel Cap
    This medical-grade gel cap, comfortable and easy to use, will relieve your nighttime migraines and improve your sleep. Its coolness will literally alleviate your migraines and help you fall asleep, thanks in particular to the 5 cold properties described above. The opportunity to finally enjoy nights with fewer headaches!

    Long-lasting relief: 617 grams of gel distributed 360° ensure a strong thermal power for this cap!

    Its stretch elastane fabric ensures good support and adapts to all body types.

    ​Its cooling effect dissipates migraines and its gentle pressure targets the pain​​​​.

    ​​A solution that will save your nights AND your days for only 35 euros!

    Finally succeed in falling asleep!

    Poor sleep is both a cause and a consequence of migraines! A true vicious circle... which you can now turn into a virtuous circle:

    1/ Relieve your nighttime migraine
    2/ Reclaim restful sleep
    3/ Reduce your migraine attacks

    And this is all thanks to the Climsom Migraine Gel Cap... here's how:

    ​During the process of falling asleep, the brain's temperature drops by about 1°C. By assisting the brain in this temperature decrease, you are giving it the signal to fall asleep.

    Thus, your migraine relief cap will doubly assist you in falling asleep by alleviating pain AND sending the signal of sleepiness to the brain.

    How to use the Climsom Migraine Cap?
    It couldn't be simpler!

    Simply place the migraine gel cap in the refrigerator so it's ready to use when you need it most. Good to know: the gel cap can also be placed in the freezer for extreme coolness!

    ​When you feel the migraine coming on, wrap it around your head to immediately relieve the pain.

    The stretch elastane fabric adapts to all head sizes and provides the right compression.

    Even when frozen, the gel in the cap remains flexible.
    Thanks to the fabric material and the cap's design, the sensation will be pleasantly firm while effectively targeting pressure points to reduce local pain and release tension.

    Rest your head, take a deep breath, and feel the warmth and pain literally being absorbed by the cooling cap.

    Don't hesitate to position it over your eyes (it's large enough for that - 17 cm in height) to avoid any contact with light that could trigger the migraine. With its 3 cm thickness and opaque black color, it will easily cover the top of your head and eyes.
    Clever: this cap features a notch for the nose, so no light can pass through.

    Beyond migraines and headaches, the Climsom gel cap will be equally appreciated during heatwaves or in case of fever. Usable for warmth, it will also relieve neck or shoulder pain.

    Reusable, it is hand washable.

    Why choose the Climsom Migraine Gel Cap?

    ​Climsom Migraine Cap

  • Up to 1 hour of coolness

  • Medical-grade gel for 360°C enveloping coolness

  • Covers the entire head and adapts to every body type thanks to its stretch elastane fabric
  • Large enough to cover the top of the head and the eyes, effectively blocking out light (3 cm thick + opaque black color)

  • Nose notch, protective seams around the ears

  • Comfortable, soft, and plush: pleasant material to wear on the skin, cocooning

  • Well-known brand for over 15 years

  • ​​A company and customer service based in France

    The other gel caps

  • 5 to 20 minutes of average coolness

  • No gel at the back of the head, only at the front

  • No notch for the nose (light can pass from below)

  • Odor that permeates the cap and doesn't inspire confidence...

  • Eyes cannot be covered

  • ​Anonymous sellers or brands

  • Receive your Climsom Migraine Gel Cap within 48 hours

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